40 Cheap Baby Shower Ideas – Tips on How to Host It On Budget

Baby showers are a lot of fun! And they don’t have to be expensive to be memorable. With these cheap baby shower ideas, you can host a fantastic baby shower on a budget.

You’ll find here cheap baby shower ideas, from invitations to favors. Everything you need to plan and host this baby shower.

I have some cool FREEbies for you as well… like 30 printable baby shower games. Explore this blog post like you were on a treasure hunt, and you’ll find them.

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How to host a lovely baby shower on budget. Over 40 tips. A glass jar filled with water and flowers.
image permission: Canva

With these tips, you can give a baby shower on a budget the mom-to-be will cherish.

How to Host a Beautiful Baby Shower on Budget

The best baby shower is the kind where the mom-to-be feels loved. Surround her with fabulous friends and family, serve delicious snacks and treats, and shower her with cute gifts.

Whether you are looking for girly ideas, baby shower ideas for boys on a budget, or perhaps gender-neutral ideas, I think you’ll be inspired by these tips!

Would you like to plan a virtual baby shower for friends and family far away? These ideas make it feel like they are right next to you.

Baby Shower On a Budget Tips

  1. Tips on Choosing a Theme
  2. Cute Invitations
  3. Best Time to Host a Baby Shower on a Budget
  4. Cheap Places to Host a Baby Shower
  5. Inexpensive Baby Shower Decorations
  6. Easy Baby Shower Food
  7. Cheap and Simple Baby Shower Games
  8. Inexpensive Baby Shower Prizes
  9. Fun Baby Shower Favors

1. Pick A Baby Shower Theme

There are so many fabulous options!

Color themes tend to be cheaper than a specific theme, like a baby animal or a prince. 

To make a theme cheaper, get one or two themed items and do the rest with colors that go with that theme.

Questions to ask when choosing a theme:

What is the mom-to-be’s favorite

  • flower
  • baby animal
  • place to visit
  • hobby
  • food
  • sports theme

What kind of colors does she prefer

  • strong and bold
  • soft
  • tropical
  • relaxing
  • nature inspired

What kind of patterns does she like

  • floral
  • stripes
  • polka dots
  • chevron
  • checkered


37 Baby Shower Themes with cool ideas for each theme. (I titled the post with the word “boys,” but many of these themes are great for girls too.)

Awesome Baby Shower Invitations. Looking at invitations can give you an idea for a theme.

2. Cheap Baby Shower Invitations

Invitations set the mood for the shower and get the guests excited about the baby shower theme you’ve chosen. You’ll have many choices, from free invites and cute DIY cards to inexpensive customized invitations.

1. Use Free E-Invites Or Make Your Own Invitations

No need to spend a ton of money on fancy invitations; use free e-invites from sites like Punchbowl. Lots of lovely invitation options.

Make your own with white or brown cards and decorate them to match your theme. Glue on a strip of lace, balloon, or ABC block cutouts.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording

  • Oh Boy! Let the Adventure Begin
  • There’s a New Tot Joining “the last name” Lot.
  • The Stork Is Coming “mom’s name” Way!
  • Sweet Baby Girl
  • Join us for Baby Shower in Honor of…
  • A Little Peanut Is Almost Here!
  •  A Little Lady Is On Her Way
  • Adventure Awaits
  • Hello World
  • Oh Deer! A Baby Boy Is Almost Here
  • Baby On Board
  • A Ray Of Sunshine Is Arriving
  • Magical Moments Await

2. Customize Inexpensive Invitations

You can save money on the invitations by making them yourself, but many customizable digital downloads don’t cost much more.

Just look at this cute invitation featuring a baby elephant.

Little Peanut Is On The Way

A little peanut is on the way invitation from DandyLionPaper
A Little Peanut Is On The Way from Dandy Lion Paper

A beautiful, inexpensive little peanut baby shower invitation is great for boys or girls. Customize easily with your information, print, and send to your guests.

This seller has many other adorable options as well.

3. Best Time to Host a Baby Shower on a Budget

You can cut back on the baby shower cost by choosing an inexpensive venue and the perfect time of the day.

1. Morning

Hosting the shower in the morning is a great way to save money. You can have a bagel or yogurt bar, and both can be done on a small budget.

2. Afternoon

If you host the baby shower in the afternoon, around 2 pm, no one will show up expecting a big meal. An afternoon tea is a lovely way to celebrate the mom-to-be.

3. After Dinner

Also, having the baby shower right after dinner is a great option; all you need is dessert.


  • 9.30-11.30 am: light breakfast or snacks and dessert
  •  2-4.30 pm: snacks and dessert
  •  7.30 pm and after: dessert

Hey! Let’s play games!

20 baby shower games. The games have images of pink hibiscus and ginger flowers surrounded by purple leaves and greenery.

20 Baby Shower Games

These games are great for a

  • luau baby shower
  • tropical baby shower
  • pink and purple themed baby shower
  • greenery baby shower
  • summer baby shower

Take a closer look at the lovely and inexpensive baby shower games!

Digital product. Only available in USA.

4. Cheap Places to Host a Baby Shower

Where to have a baby shower on a budget. A venue can cost a fortune, but finding a place to host a baby shower on a budget is possible.

Many of these places have everything you need, from tables to chairs. If they don’t, borrow tables and chairs from friends to avoid expensive rental fees.

Cheap Baby Shower Venue Ideas. Park, beach...
image permission: Canva

1. Home

What could be cheaper than hosting the shower at home. Baby showers hosted at home are also more intimate.

2. Church

If you are a church member you can probably use the facilities free of charge.

3. Club House

Perhaps you have a friend who lives in a condo or apartment complex with a clubhouse she can use free of charge or for a small fee.

4. Park

You could host the baby shower in a park on a beautiful day. Many neighborhoods also have gazebos at playgrounds you can use free of charge.

5. Small Shop

Local small shops like ceramic or art studios might rent spaces for a small fee. Small cafes are another great option to look into.

6. Non-Profit

Some non-profits might have a room or cafeteria you can rent.


YMCAs have spaces available for affordable prices.

8. Community Center

Community centers rent out rooms that won’t cost a fortune.

9. The Beach

If it is not too hot, a beach would be a great place to host a shower. You’ll have the perfect background for amazing pictures.

5. Cheap Baby Shower Decorations and Tips

Family and friends and, of course, the mom-to-be make the party, but creating lovely surroundings with decorations is still fun.

Decorations can get expensive, but you can make or purchase inexpensive baby shower decorations that look amazing and don’t break the bank.

1. Focal Points

One way to cut back on costs is to keep the decorations to a minimum. 

Focus on a couple of places and make them stand out. Decorate the food table and mom’s chair. Hang a garland or wreath above the gift table.

2. Cute Favors Make Fun Centerpieces

Inexpensive baby shower centerpiece idea: place baby shower favors such as succulents and candles on trays.
image permission: Canva

Arrange succulents and pretty candle holders in a lovely basket or serving tray. Give them as favors.

3. Theme or No Theme

Going with theme colors is often cheaper than planning another kind of theme. 

But there are many baby shower themes for boys and girls that can be done on a budget. Most of the ideas on that post work for either gender.

4. Printables

Printables are a cheap way to decorate the shower. Not only cheap but easy.

You can find or make fun signs, banners, coasters, water bottle labels, etc.

5. Always “shop” at your house.

Anything in your home that you can use as a decoration?

  • vases (wrap some tulle around them, flowers from your garden)
  • paintings (would look nice on a gift table)
  • candles (place on mirror squares or circles)
  • flowers

You might also have a good collection of baskets that can be used for cards, advice for mom notes, etc.

6. Create Dimension

An easy and cheap way to add dimension is by wrapping boxes with gift wrapping paper and placing centerpieces on top.

Succulents or candles can look flat but put them on a stand and change the look.

Make a stand that costs less than a few bucks by hot gluing a plate to a candle stick. Just make sure it is sturdy.

7. DIY Plastic Table Cloth Decorations

Cheap does not have to mean ugly. You’d be amazed at what you can do with plastic tablecloths!

a. Tassels

Twist plastic tablecloths into tassels and make a tassel garland with this tutorial.

b. Backdrops

Create stunning backdrops with plastic tablecloths (or use tulle or sheers). Take a look at this fun backdrop idea!

c. Streamers

Cut the plastic tablecloths into streamers.

d. Flowers

Cut up your tablecloth to the desired length. Roll up. Tie one end with elastic and fluff the other to form the petals.

e. Ribbons

Cut plastic tablecloths or fabric into long rectangles and make bows.

8. Balloon Bouquets

Balloons are an easy and inexpensive way to add color and cuteness to the baby shower.

This adorable balloon bouquet is from The Party Avenue, and they have various color combinations.

9. Balloon Garlands

I always thought balloon garlands were hard to make, but it isn’t so. If I can make one, anyone can make one!

All you need is

How to make:

Inflate the balloons into various sizes, and attach to the strip. Fill in the gaps with smaller balloons. Easy peasy!

A stunning look for few bucks.

10. Decorate With Baby Items

Cheap baby shower decorations: sparkly baby shoes on a sheer table runner.

A super cool way to decorate the baby shower is by using baby items you can give to the mom-to-be as a gift.

a. Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are absolutely adorable, like the sparkly ones pictured above. They look lovely placed on a pretty soft-colored cheesecloth table runner.

b. Onesies Garland

Get creative with baby clothes. Make a onesies garland.

You only need twine, clothes pins, and cute onesies or any other baby clothes.

Hang up the garland, and there you have it, an adorable inexpensive baby shower decoration!

c. Receiving Blanket Milkshakes

Receiving blankets are handy, and they also make awesome baby shower decorations.

You could start from scratch and make the blankets yourself or buy a package of adorable receiving blankets (yellow, gray, blue, pink).

With a few embellishments, you can make these receiving blanket milkshakes on a low budget. Watch this simple receiving blanket tutorial.

d. Toys

Greatest Adventure Baby Shower. Lovely ideas for a travel themed baby shower.

Toys are a perfect way to create inexpensive centerpieces

Either buy new ones, or if you have gently used toys such as trucks, dragons, dolls, teddy bears, blocks, or jack-in-the-box, use those.

Maybe you have a cute rocking horse or a kid’s rocking chair that can be used as decoration. Place a throw blanket and a cute bunny on it; it will be an awesome decoration!

Like the vintage travel theme? Check out all the fun ideas for Adventure Awaits Baby Shower.

e. Books

Kids’ books stacked on the table with a cute teddy bear on top make a fun centerpiece.

You could also make centerpieces inspired by a children’s book. For example, seashells, a “dinglehopper” fork, pearls, and Little Mermaid Book.

Check out mermaid party ideas for other delightful things for your baby shower.

f. Diaper Cakes

DIY mini diaper cake. A diaper cake block with flowers on top and a yellow butterfly attached to burlap that is wrapped around the diaper cake.

Diaper cakes are cute and easy to make, especially mini ones. 

Learn how to make a diaper cake with these easy steps. Ideas, and fun tips for various-size cakes.

10. Gifts as Centerpieces

You probably know at least one or two of the guests really well and could ask if they would like their gifts to be used as centerpieces.

11. Framed Baby Quotes and Table Top Signs

Girl baby shower ideas: a framed quote "of all the things my hands have held the best by far is you. Pink bib with lace.

How about writing Baby Girl or Baby Boy Quotes (from Paper Heart Family) on a canvas value pack. Or simply write them in Word or google docs and print them.

Framed quotes would be awesome as centerpieces. Place them also on the gift or food table.

Of all the things my hands have held the best by far is you.

12. Honeycombs and Lanterns

You can find inexpensive honeycombs from many stores, including dollar stores. You can find colors to go almost with any color scheme.

This 12-piece set has rose gold lanterns, honeycombs, and tissue flowers. It will help you to create a lovely atmosphere for the baby shower.

13. BABY Boxes

Transparent BABY boxes from Posh Party Kits, Etsy
Transparent BABY boxes from Posh Party Kits, Etsy

These fun, transparent BABY boxes make stunning decorations on a small budget. The set has four 12×12″ boxes and sixteen white letters with self-adhesive backing.

Showcase them as is or fill them with balloons that go with the baby shower color theme.

14. Mason Jar Centerpiece for Baby Shower

Beautiful baby blue mason jars make great centerpieces for baby showers for boys on a budget! You can, of course, get them in various colors.

If you are into DIY, these jars look like something you could easily make yourself. 

You could also use clear mason jars filled with colored water or plain water and flowers. 

Baby’s Breath is always a great flower choice for a baby shower.

15. Candles

Candle Centerpiece Ideas. Candles with pebbles on a glass plate. A candle. lemons and lime on terracotta plate. Text: baby shower centerpieces on a budget.
image permission: Canva

The tables at the baby shower will look amazing with candle centerpieces.

Surround the candles with pebbles or gems. Or create a refreshing look with limes and lemons on a terracotta plate.

16. Water Bottle Decor

The simple things make the baby shower unique, like decorated water bottles.

These water bottle tutus are adorable! You have many color options to choose from!

They would also make a cute centerpiece for tables. Place them around a vase filled with flowers.

Another fun idea is to use themed water bottle labels. Or you could get fun washi tape in the theme colors and turn the bottles into something cute.

17. Cute Backdrop

Banners, balloons, tablecloths, streamers, and tulle with lights behind it all make a cute backdrop for the gift or food table.

These gorgeous macrame wall hangings would look absolutely stunning with some pampas grass. 

Do you know what also makes a great backdrop? A shower curtain.

I used this marble texture shower curtain for my daughter’s birthday, and it was charming. It can be used later for other things, like a shower curtain… haha

Decor Summary:

  1. Create a couple of focal points
  2. Use favors as centerpieces
  3. Pick one or two themed items and the rest can be color themed
  4. Use printables
  5. Shop around the house
  6. Add dimension
  7. Create fun stuff with plastic table cloths
  8. Make balloon bouquets and garlands
  9. Use baby items (books, toys, clothes, diapers and so on) as decorations
  10. Place gifts on tables as centerpieces
  11. Frame quotes
  12. Hang up honeycombs and lanterns
  13. Stack up baby blocks
  14. Fill mason jars with water, colored water, gems, pebbles and flowers
  15. Create lovely centerpieces with candles
  16. Decorate water bottles
  17. Make a pretty backdrop with tulle and lights, shower curtain, streamers or banners

6. Cheap Baby Shower Food

Keep it simple and cute! You can really save money if you don’t overdo the desserts.

Baby shower beverage ideas for girls: pink lemonade, fruit infused water.

Pink lemonade is the perfect beverage for a girl baby shower. Add another option, such as fruit-infused water. Easy and delicious.

1. Create a Bar

Various bars are fun and impressive. And they can be done on a small budget.

Consider having one of these food bars:

  • ice cream bar (fun ideas for toppings and presentation)
  • pop corn bar
  • bagel bar
  • waffle bar
  • yogurt bar
  • coffee bar
  • donut bar
  • cookie bar

2. Ice Cream

Cheap Baby Shower Food Ideas: Ice Cream
image permission: Canva

This easy baby shower dessert is a delicious alternative to a cake. With a few simple toppings, you can create a dessert that can be cute, fun, or elegant.

You could also set up an ice cream bar and let the guests make their own creations.

Make a delightful ice cream bar sign, and fill the table with the yummiest toppings and cutest bowls. These rustic paper bowls would look fantastic with lovely lace tied around them.

This ice cream party post has many ideas for ice cream bar toppings and decorations.

3. Sugar Cookies

Cheap baby shower dessert ideas: decorated sugar cookies: letters that spell baby, flower cookies, fox cookies, leaf cookies
image permission: Canva

No matter which baby shower theme you have, you can always make sugar cookies that match the theme.

Flower cookies, fox cookies, snowman cookies, trucks, pumpkins, leaves, owls, suitcases… the options are endless.

Creating a cookie bar with homemade or store-bought cookies is easy. It’s all about the presentation; the simplest desserts become fantastic when served theme-fittingly.

4. Cupcakes

Cupcakes – Always in style. This popular baby shower dessert looks good and is easy and cheap to make. You can customize frosting, cupcake toppers, and liners to fit any baby shower.

These inexpensive, beautiful baby animal cupcake toppers create a magical woodland feel.

5. Cake Roll

You could make a cake roll filled with whipped cream and pink or blue m&m’s. Or use strawberries and blueberries.

6. Cake Pops

Cake Pops are an attractive alternative to cake and cupcakes. They are just the right bite size and will look impressive on the dessert table. It is incredible what a stick pushed into a cake ball can do :),

Follow the easy DIY cake pop instructions and customize them to fit the baby shower theme. Cake pops make also fun desserts for a gender reveal party. The inside of the cake could reveal the gender.

7. Parfaits

Cheap Baby Shower Food Ideas. Parfaits
image permission: Canva

Parfaits are easy to make and look fabulous in wine glasses. You can’t go wrong with brownie pieces, strawberries, and cool whip layered beautifully. Easy and cheap baby shower food!

8. Chocolate Dipped Cookies

Another easy baby shower food idea is cookies like Oreos dipped in icing and decorated to match your theme. Any store-bought cookie would work and will look awesome.

You could also make Oreo baby rattles. Just push in a lollipop stick and dip the cookie in icing, and push a tiny Oreo on the other end of a stick to create a baby-rattle look. A little bow below the bigger cookie would also look fun.

9. Chocolate

Easy Baby Shower Food Ideas. Chocolate!

10. Tiny Sandwiches or Croissants

Almost every woman likes chocolate, so it is a perfect treat for a baby shower on a budget! 

Buy a box of chocolate. Decorate the tops with icing and put them on a fancy serving plate or a cake stand.

Keep an eye on the after-Christmas, Valentine’s, and Easter sales, and you can snatch delicious chocolate at half-price.

I love Russell Stover Strawberry Cream Hearts (in stores around Valentine’s Day). Just unwrap them, write baby or baby’s name on them, and place them on a cake stand or wrap them in cellophane and use them as an inexpensive baby shower favor.

To satisfy the “savory tooth,” serve sandwiches or chips and popcorn. It sounds simple, but it is all about how you present it. Theme-fitting serving plates, boxes, etc., make chips and popcorn look perfect.

11. Fruit

Arrange fruit on a platter or make handy single servings using little glasses or bowls.

If someone offers to bring food, let them. Nothing wrong with accepting help :).

7. Cheap Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games and activities are a great way to provide little entertainment. There are many cheap baby shower games and activities to choose from.

1. Special Song for Mom

If you have musical talent on the guest list, ask her to sing a special song to mom.

2. Notes and Poems

Ask everyone to bring a little note to the mom, such as a bit of advice, a funny thing about motherhood, a poem, a bible verse…

3. Time Capsule for the Baby

Make a time capsule for the baby to open when she turns 18. Ask the guest to bring items like

  • comic book
  • newspaper
  • money
  • photos
  • notes and cards
  • etc.

4. Find the Guest

Find The Guest Baby Shower Game Free Printable
Free Find the Guest Baby Shower Game
  1. List fun, unique things about each guest before the party.
  2. Hand everyone a copy of the list.
  3. The guests must guess or mingle to match names with the facts,
  4. and whoever has the most correct matches wins.

Or use this FREE Find the Guest Baby Shower Game!

5. Headband Station

DIY baby headband kit with ivory gold, soft pink, and mauve roses and ribbons
DIY Headband Kit from RetroStuffShop, Etsy

Making headbands for the baby is a a popular baby shower activity. It’s simple, inexpensive, can be done while chatting, and the mom-to-be will be showered with extra gifts.

Many adorable choices for Baby Shower Headband Kits are available, like this one from Retro Stuff Shop.

This kit has instructions and enough material to make 25-28 headbands in gorgeous mauve, soft pink, ivory, and gold colors.

The mom-to-be will cherish the headbands lovingly made by her friends and family.

6. Bandana Drool Bib Station

Babies drool. Especially when they are teething.

These bandana drool bibs are a cool way to keep clothes dry!

The perfect length keeps them from covering the cute outfits, and the absorbent layers of cotton and fleece keep the clothes from getting wet.

These cool bandana drool bibs are awesome, and the guests will have a great time decorating them.

Get an inexpensive set of bandana bibs and fabric markers.

7. Pacifier Scavenger Hunt

Hide inexpensive plastic pacifiers from the dollar store around the party area. Whoever finds the most wins.

8. Dad Jokes FREE

For this one, you’ll need a collection of dad jokes. The guests try to guess the punchline for each.

30 sunflower baby shower games. Time capsule, dad jokes, bucket list. Pdf.

The sunflower baby shower games include dad jokes, time capsules, baby predictions, mom or dad’s memories, and many other fantastic games.

Floral-themed games go pretty much with any baby shower. Get 30 FREE baby shower games, and let the fun begin!

HELPFUL RESOURCES: These Easy Baby Shower Games will entertain the guests. They are fun and easy, and everyone will love to play them.

Lovely hibiscus and palm leaf luau baby shower game printables bring tropical aloha to any baby shower. (available only in the USA)

Hilarious baby shower games, such as a Day in the Life of a Mom, ensure you’ll have lots of fun and laughter at the event.

8. Cheap Baby Shower Prizes for Guests

Delight your game winners with inexpensive baby shower game prizes. Often the game prizes are a little more pricey than the favors since only one person per game gets one.

1. Make Any Prize Fit Your Theme With Matching Colors

It is great when the prizes and favors match your theme, but that can get expensive. Using your theme colors is an easy way to make them work with your theme.

You could tie some tulle or ribbon around the present and make a little tag that goes with the theme.

Lots of small items you can give to the winner:

Travel Theme Baby Shower Game Prizes. Reward your game winners with these cool and hilarious prizes. These could also be used as party favors.

9. Cheap Baby Shower Favors

Baby shower favors thank the guests for coming and making the baby shower special.

1. Check The Bins At the Checkouts for Favors

Many stores like H&M, Old Navy, and Home Goods have bins full of inexpensive and cute items near the checkouts. A great place to find creative baby shower favors or prizes on a small budget.

2. Inexpensive Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Inexpensive baby shower favor idea: succulents. Just attach a tag: watch me grow.
image permission: Canva
  • Succulents
  • Decorated Sugar Cookies
  • Pop Corn with “ready to pop”-tag
  • Peanuts
  • Hershey’s Kisses with a little sticker on the bottom announcing it’s a girl or a boy.
  • You rarely go wrong with chocolate; another sweet idea is to give Hershey’s chocolate bars. You’ve probably seen the ones with pink or blue letters… herSHEy’s or hersHEy’s
  • Wrap chocolate bars with cute wrappers.
  • Hair Ties: you can find some beautiful ones with a pretty notes like these from Love Mia Co .
  • Or make your own note and wrap one of these lovely ties around it.

Need more ideas? Check out these 45 awesome Baby Shower Favor ideas. You’ll find inexpensive gifts to give the guests as a thank-you for coming to the shower. And FREE favor tags.

Hosting a baby shower is an honor; you want it to be awesome. But it does not need to cost a fortune to be a beautiful, memorable event.

Have fun planning and hosting a stunning baby shower on a budget!


P.S. Save for later! My Tuesday Therapy is here to help you to make Great Memories!

Baby Shower Ideas On Budget
image permission from Canva

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