Travel Themed Baby Shower – Adventure Awaits

Send the mom to the amazing journey of motherhood with this vintage travel themed baby shower.

From beautiful invitations to cool game prize ideas, you’ll find here lovely ideas that will inspire you to plan and host an amazing shower.

An adventure awaits!

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1. Travel Themed Invitations

Send travel themed invitations to your lovely guests. You’ve got many options to choose from. I’ll present you a couple of my favorites.

a. Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Invitation

Hot Air Balloon Editable Invitation Kit. (SweetProvidence)
Hot Air Balloon Invitation from Sweet Providence, Etsy

These hot air balloon invitations go well with a vintage travel theme. The editable invitation kit comes with a “bring a book in lieu of a card” insert. It also includes a diaper raffle, and a favor tag.

b. A Map Invitation

Adventure Awaits Baby Shower Invitation. The invitation has a map background. The kit also includes books for a baby insert, a diaper raffle and a favor tag.
Adventure Awaits Invitations from MintedMemories, Etsy

Looking at a map gets you excited about all the possibilities.

Aren’t these map invitations cute! They remind me of the invitation I received for the adventure awaits baby shower that this post is about.

c. Post Card

Adventure Awaits Baby Shower Invitation. A cute post card invitation with an image of three vintage suitcases stacked and a globe on top of them. (kompostela)
Postcard Invitation from Kompostela, Etsy

Postcards from the far away places. So fun!

These postcard invitations with vintage suitcases are unique and adorable.

2. Adventure Awaits Baby Shower Decorations

a. Cute Entrance

A cute bunny sitting in a rocking chair welcomes the guests to the baby shower. The rocking chair also holds a lovely “Adventure Awaits” sign. And the vintage suitcase next to it makes the scene perfect!

Adventure Awaits Baby Shower Decorations. A vintage kids' rocking chair, a bunny and an adventure awaits chalkboard arrow sign. A vintage suitcase next to the rocking chair.

Create the Look:

Beautiful white rocking chair for kids as a baby shower decoration.
Rocking Chair from Amazon
Cute gray bunny.
Bunny from Amazon

Two green vintage suitcases.
Vintage Suitcases from Amazon
Chalkboard arrow sign with white washed wooden frame.
Chalkboard Sign from Amazon

b. Check-In Table for Travel Themed Baby Shower

As the guests arrive they go through the check-in.

Host a beautiful travel themed baby shower. A check in table with a banner, seating chart and a guess how many beans baby shower game.

At the check-in they will find a seating chart and the first activity: Guess How Many Beans in the Jar.

A tiny vintage suitcase holds the pens, paper slips and the jar to place your answer in.

Guess How Many Jelly Beans Baby Shower Game

The DIY check-in banner attached to the table adds a nice touch. The letters “c” “h” and so on can be printed on cardstock luggage tags.

Create the Look (all from Amazon):

Chalkboard easel.
Chalkboard Easel
Vintage suitcases.
Vintage Suitcases
Gorgeous glass jar for how many beans in a jar game.
Glass Jar with Lid
Glass vase with wide mouth.
Glass Vase
  • Chalkboard Easel for “Guess How Many Jelly Beans In The Jar”
  • Small Vintage Suitcase for holding the pens, paper slips and the “answer vase”. This is a set of two suitcases. You could put one on the “check-in table” and the other next to the rocking chair at the entrance.
  • Glass Jar for the Jelly Beans
  • Glass Vase for the answer slips
  • A Seating Chart. More about that below.

C. Seating Chart

A map themed seating chart completes the check-in table.

The tables were labeled with country names and on this chart the guests were able to see which “country” they should go to.

This is perfect for any map themed baby shower!

DIY Seating chart for vintage travel themed baby shower.

This cool seating chart “Adventure is Out There” is a fabric covered corkboard. The chart could of course be made with cardboard. But the mom wanted to use this in her child’s room as a place to put photos etc. so a corkboard worked better for her.

It looks really nice and will add a fun detail to your travel themed baby shower.

Create the Look (all from Amazon):

24 x 12 Corkboard for making a seating chart.
24*12 corkboard
Map themed fabric.
Retro World Map Fabric
Decorative metal stand for holding the chart.
Iron on letters in three sizes
Iron On Letters

d. Gift Table Idea for a Vintage Travel Baby Shower

Gift table idea for a vintage travel theme baby shower: Precious cargo banner, itinerary (time table for the shower), a suitcase with books and cards banner.

The gift table had a cute “Precious Cargo” – banner.

The vintage suitcases really come in handy! Another one of those was placed on the table to hold cards and books.

On the gift table was also the Itinerary – the timetable of the baby shower.

I’m not quite sure how this was made but looks like wood blanks painted with chalkboard paint.

e. Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Decoration

DIY hot air balloon baby shower decoration.

DIY hot air balloon baby shower decoration that can also be used for the nursery. I love party decorations that are not just one time use.

It looks complicated but you can master creating these.

So, at this baby shower these creations were centerpieces. They each had a country name banner which was used to name the tables.

Remember the seating chart above… Some of the tables had these hot air balloons and the others gorgeous flower arrangements. I’ll show you a picture of those in a moment.

DIY Hot Air Balloon

These were made with

You’ll also need

  • hot glue gun
  • ribbon
  • decorations
  • travel themed paper
  • real or fake flowers. The flowers in the picture are real and they were placed in a glass inside the box.

f. Flower Arrangements With Country Banners

Life is full of adventures and who knows maybe this baby will go around the world someday!

So, here are the other centerpiece: Gorgeous flowers with a country banner.

Flower centerpiece for baby shower. Travel themed baby shower: a country name spelled with little tags hanging between dowels. Flowers in a vase decorated with travel themed paper or fabric.

Isn’t that lovely!

The vases were covered with map themed paper and decorated with ribbon.

g. Suitcase Cookies as Place Cards

Suitcase cookies in various styles function as place cards and favors.

Firstly, the seating chart told the guests which “country” they each would go to. Then the centerpieces marked the country, and finally these fun suitcase cookies worked as place cards.

How awesome is that!

The personalized cookies were wrapped and ready to go home as a baby shower favor.

3. Food For Travel Themed Baby Shower

a. Main Course

In the baby shower these pictures are from, they served the most amazing broccoli-cheese soup and delicious sandwiches.

But you could also do something travel themed like food from various countries.

  • Swedish Meatballs
  • Pizza
  • Moussaka
  • Samosas
  • Tacos
  • Schnitzel

b. Travel Themed Baby Shower Cake

Fun cake ideas for a vintage travel themed baby shower: suitcase cake :). Two round cakes made to look like leather suitcases with an vintage toy airplane on top.

White cake with lemon buttercream and strawberry mousse filling…  just the thought of that makes your mouth water. The other tier of the cake was chocolate but I cant’ remember what else was in it. I just know it tasted heavenly!

These amazing cakes were made to look like vintage suitcases! That is an absolutely fantastic idea for a travel themed baby shower cake!

A vintage toy air plane acted as a cake topper. The planes also adorned the tables and windowsills.

c. In-Flight Snacks & Complimentary Drinks

In-Flight Snacks sign (squishydesignbyme)
In-Flight Snacks Sign from Squishy Design By Me, Etsy
Complimentary Drinks Sign (miarosestudio)
Complimentary Drinks Sign from Mia Rose Studio, Etsy

Serve tasty snacks and complimentary beverages during the baby shower.

It could be anything:

  • fruit cups
  • veggie sticks
  • chips
  • chocolate
  • popcorn
  • pretzels
  • mini desserts
  • soda
  • juice
  • sparkling juice
  • mimosas

4. Baby Shower Games

You need some entertainment for the baby shower besides eating cake.

a. Baby Traditions Around The World

Can you match the baby-related tradition with its country of origin.

b. Baby Around The World

What is a baby called in various countries around the world. If you don’t know, you’ll find out.

Click here for more Baby Shower Games that are sure to entertain the guests and the mom-to-be.

c. Turbulences Ahead

Write a message for the parents-to-be for the middle of the night diaper changes. Get a fun sign “Turbulences Ahead” to go with this activity.

d. Games That Go With Any Baby Shower

You’ll love this baby shower game toolkit!

Baby Shower Games In Neutral Design

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  3. what’s in your purse
  4. how sweet it is
  5. baby animals
  6. price is right
  7. mom or dad
  8. who knows mommy best
  9. who knows daddy best
  10. baby scattergories (abc, boy, girl)
  11. old wives tales
  12. over or under
  13. baby bingo
  14. baby word scramble
  15. TV show moms and dads
  16. baby names
  17. baby items
  18. mommy’s phrase
  19. daddy’s phrase

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e. Gender Reveal

Turn it into a game and ask the guests to guess the gender.

At the shower I attended, the mom-to-be did a gender reveal. She had prepared a pretty pink hot air balloon to indicate that she was having a girl.

Pink hot air balloon as a gender reveal idea.

5. Travel Theme Baby Shower Prizes

Can you guess what’s in these bags for

  • germophobic traveler
  • let me be traveler
  • nervous traveler?
Fun game prizes for vintage travel themed baby shower. Brown paper bags adorned with travel themed images and tags.

1. Germophobic Traveler

  • Handsanitizer
  • Wipes
  • Pair of Socks to walk through the security check

2. Let Me Be Traveler

  • Sleeping Mask
  • Ear Plugs
  • Activity Book

3. Nervous Traveler

  • 3 tiny liquor bottles

6. Travel Themed Baby Shower Favors

Baggage claim sign (seacovestudio)
Baggage Claim Sign from Sea Cove Studio, Etsy

As the guests leave the baby shower, they will go through the baggage claim and pick up a favor. This fun baggage claim sign tells them what to do.

a. Adventure Awaits Luggage Tags

The guests will be happy to use these beautiful luggage tags on their next adventure wherever it might lead them.

b. Suitcase Boxes

Fill these cute suitcase boxes with little candies.

c. Hot Air Balloon Candles

Adorable candles with a hot air balloon image on the lid will delight anyone.

e. Compass

A lovely vintage style compass to guide your guests on their way… though a GPS might be easier to use.

Adventure Begins theme is the perfect way to celebrate the mom-to-be and to shower her with gifts and love.

The images at the Adventure Awaits Baby Shower were taken by Alexandria Kokx.

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