Party Games For Teenagers

Hilarious games, active games, simple games, printable games. Games for teenagers.

These games are great for teen parties or game nights. Some of them will require speedy reflexes, some attention to detail, and others will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

You’ll find here games for outdoors and indoors, so you’ll be ready for fun no matter the weather.

I’ll list the indoor games first.

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23 fun party games for teens.

1. Head Shoulders Knees CUP

My teenage girls love this game. It’s a fast-paced game for teenagers that is fun with a large group.

Items Needed

  • plastic cups

How to Play

The object of the game is to grab the cup when told to do so.

  • Choose a “caller.”
  • Ask the players to pair up and face each other.
  • Each pair gets a cup that is placed between them.
  • The “caller” shouts commands like head, shoulders, knees, toes, waist, back, and neck. At the end of the command list, the “caller” throws the word “cup.”
  • The players try to grab the cup.
  • Whoever gets the cup is the winner of that round. He goes and finds a new partner to play with. The others are out and sit down.
  • The game goes on until you have only one player left.

2. Laundry Day

Not sure how many teens have hung up laundry, but they’ll get to practice that skill in this game. No dryers allowed.

Items Needed

  • clothespins
  • rope for clothesline
  • clothes or towels
  • laundry basket (optional)

How To Play

The object of the game is to be the first to hang up all your laundry.

  • You could play this as a minute-to-win-it game or as teams racing against each other.
  • Give each team clothespins and a laundry basket full of clothes and towels.
  • The team that hangs up all their items first wins.

3. Medusa

A simple yet entertaining game for teenagers. This game works best if you have at least ten players.

How To Play

  • The players stand in a circle with their arms around their neighbors’ shoulders.
  • At first, everyone puts their heads down.
  • On the count of three, the players look up at another player.
  • If two people look at each other, they scream and fall down.
  • The game continues until there are only two people left.

4. Categories – Scattergories

Scattergories, also known as categories, provide easy entertainment for teens and tweens.

Scattergories for Teen Girls in person or virtual game (cutiepartyetsy)
Scattergories for Teens from Cutie Party, Etsy

Girl Talk version of this game brings on some interesting conversations. It has 100 questions to tackle in six rounds. Play in-person or virtually.

5. Movie Emoji Game

Teens are masters at using emojis, and in this Movie Emoji Pictionary game, they can put those skills to good use.

You could also play the Pictionary as a minute-to-win-it game.

Another way to use emojis is to give the players a list of movies or songs. And ask them to come up with emojis for each thing on the list.

6. What’s On Your Phone

You have probably played this game if you have attended baby or bridal showers.

The teenagers too will have fun with this game. 

If you are not familiar with this game, it is really simple. The players collect points for the things they have on their phones, for example three points for two unopened voicemails.

Get a fun What’s On Your Phone printable from Love to Partay.

7. The Snap

You’ve got 5 seconds…

Virtual party game for teens: the snap (pamspartyprintables)
The Snap Game from Pam’s Party Printables, Etsy

If you are one of those people who can soak in the details of your surroundings, then you have a great chance to win this game! That would so not be me.

Play the Snap PowerPoint Game in-person at a teenage birthday party or virtual game night. Either way, it will be awesome!

8. Slapjack

A classic card game that the teens will have fun playing together.

Items Needed

  • a deck of cards

How To Play

The goal of the game is to get all the cards, and you win them by being the first to slap each jack as it is played.

  • Deal all the cards face down to the players. Some players might end up with more cards than others.
  • Take turns playing one card at a time. Place the card face up on the center of the table.
  • Once a jack is played, slap your hand on it.
  • The one who slaps it first wins it and all the cards under it. The player then shuffles all his cards and forms a new pile.
  • If more than one player slaps the jack. The one whose hand is directly on top of it wins.
  • If a player slaps a card, that is not a jack. He must give one of his cards, face down, to the player who played the card.
  • When a player has no more cards, he remains in the game until the next jack is played. If he loses that round, he is out.
  • Continue playing until one player has all the cards.

9. Escape Room In A Box

Imagine being stuck at the dentist’s office… sounds pretty creepy. In this thrilling escape room game – The Dentist, the teens get to use their creativity and attention to detail to solve the riddles and puzzles.

The game is for 3-5 players, ages 16 and up.

There are numerous escape room games available. You’ll surely find something that your teenager likes.

10. Llamas Unleashed

Llamas are in! And they are unleashed and crazy!

A hilarious board game for a teen party. Collect llamas, rams, and goats while attempting to destroy the other players’ farms.

You can have up to 8 players in this one, and it is for ages 14 and up.

Check out Llamas Unleashed!

11. Moose Master

A hysterically funny card game for teens. Set it up in seconds and start playing.

Be prepared for some loud laughter.

Best for 4-10 players.

Grab the awesome icebreaker game: Moose Master.

12. Text Message

You probably have played a game called telephone, and this one is like that but with texting.

Items Needed

  • cellphone for each player
  • timer

How To Play

  • Sit in a circle or line.
  • The first person writes a two or three-sentence text message.
  • He shows it to the person next to him, who has fifteen seconds to memorize it.
  • Then she writes the text message on her phone and shows it to the next player, who has fifteen seconds to memorize it.
  • The last person reads the text message out loud.

Make the game more challenging by shortening the time for reading the message.

You can play the game without phones by writing the message on a piece of paper.

13. Build A Tower

You’ll need some room for this game since these towers will come tumbling down loudly. Less noisy if you play it outside on the grass.

Items Needed

  • assortment of rectangle or square items like cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, books, pantry items
  • dice (one for each team)
  • rules

As a game prep, come up with the rules.

For example, if the team rolls the number 3, they will add an item to their tower. Here are a few more suggestions:

  • 1 – add an item in any direction
  • 2 – add an item vertically
  • 3 – add an item horizontally
  • 4 – remove one item
  • 5 – remove two items
  • 6 – add any two items in any direction

How To Play

The object of the game is to build the tallest tower.

  • Place all the items in the middle of the game area.
  • The teams roll the dice and do what the rules say.

You could have them go as fast as possible or take turns rolling the die.

14. Lap Game

This is a fun game for a large group.

Items Needed

  • chairs for everyone
  • list of statements

How To Play

The object of the game is to get back to your chair.

  • Choose a person to be the “caller.”
  • Form a circle of chairs facing inwards.
  • The players sit in the chairs.
  • The “caller” reads the statements, and the players move accordingly. For example, “if your birthday is in September, move 2 spaces (to your left)”.
  • Those players whose birthday is in September get up and move, sitting on the chair or the lap of the person already there. Don’t squash the smaller players.
  • You could also include statements that make the players move back a step or two.
  • The player who circles back to their seat first wins.

15. Clothespin Snatch

This is a great outdoor game that can also be played indoors in a large party area. You’ll need space to run around.

Items Needed

  • clothespins (2-5 for each player)
  • timer

How to Play

The object of the game is to have the most clothespins.

  • Set a timer for how long you want the game to last.
  • Each player attaches the clothespins to their clothes.
  • The players try to snatch pins from others. If all theirs are gone, they are out of the game.
  • The winner is the one who has the most clothespins in the end.

16. Balloon In The Air

Some call this “baby in the air,” but that sounds too cruel to me. So, I’ll call it a “balloon in the air.”

Items Needed

  • water balloons (or a ball)

How To Play

  • Assign each player a number. (The highest number is the number of people you have playing.)
  • The players form a circle.
  • One person goes in the middle. He throws the water balloon straight up and calls a number.
  • The one whose number is called runs to the middle to catch the balloon. If he catches the balloon, he gets to throw it and call a number. If he drops it or the balloon breaks, he is out.

17. Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a classic game enjoyed by teens and tweens. It’s a fun, active game for a large group.

Items Needed

  • Flag for each team (a bandana or scarf)

How To Play

  • Divide the group into two to four teams.
  • Set up territory for each team. Mark the areas with cones, tape, or chalk, or use landmarks.
  • Each team places a flag on their territory. The flag can be partially hidden. Once a place is chosen, they can’t move the flag.
  • The teams can assign seekers and guards. They can switch jobs in the middle of the game as needed.
  • The seekers try to sneak into the enemy’s territory and capture their flag. They need to bring it to their territory to win the game.
  • The guards try to defend the flag. They should not be allowed to hover over the flag but stay at least 10 feet away from it.
  • The guards capture the opposing players by tagging them when they enter the territory. 
  • If the guards tag the flag stealer, they capture the stealer, take the flag and immediately return it to its original place.
  • Jail: Captured players go to jail. To get out of jail, they must be tagged by a teammate.
  • Stuck: Instead of going to jail, the tagged player could be stuck in place to wait to be unstuck by a teammate.
  • Make it more fun by adding tasks to complete. The teams must complete specific tasks before trying to steal the flag or release others from jail. The tasks could include finding hidden objects, knocking down things, and tossing beanbags into a target.

18. Dragon Tail

This game for teens is best played outdoors or in a large party area. The dragons need space to run around.

Items Needed

  • bandanas for each team

How To Play

  • Each team should have at least 4 players.
  • The team members form a “dragon” by linking arms. The last player in the link places a bandana hanging in his back pocket. That’s the tail. The first player is the head.
  • The dragons chase each other. The heads try to capture the other dragon’s tail.
  • If the dragon becomes detached, the separated tail end can’t move. The head and those still attached to it must go back to the separated part and reconnect before continuing the chase.
  • The detached part can try to protect itself by curling up around the tail.
  • The dragon that loses its tail (bandana) is out.

19. Wizards and Werewolves

Perfect game for all fantasy lovers! This glow-in-the-dark game combines hide and seek, tag, and a scavenger hunt.

The Wizards and Werewolves game has three levels, and it will surely entertain those with lively imaginations.

20. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Many teens love to take pictures, so this game is right up their alley.

The players need a list of things to take photos of.

You could also do this as a selfie scavenger hunt.

Neighborhood photo scavenger hunt game for teenagers (31flavorsofdesign)
Photo Scavenger Hunt form 31 Flavors of Design, Etsy

This photo scavenger hunt printable takes the party outside looking for photo opportunities. Split into teams and see which team collects the most points.

21. Noodle Hockey

Choosing party games for teenagers can be challenging, but many enjoy the fast-paced running-around type of games. Pool noodle hockey is one of those games.

This is a perfect game for teen summer parties like a luau. Take a look at the fun ideas, from games and decorations to delicious luau food. Summers are not the same without a luau party.

Items Needed

  • pool noodles
  • wiffle ball
  • 2 brooms
  • cones, poles, or something to mark the goals

How To Play

Well, it’s like hockey but with pool noodles and a wiffle ball. The goalies use the brooms to block the ball.

22. Cups and Downs

Easy entertainment with cups!

Cups and downs is an energetic game that can get chaotic, but it is a blast.

You can play this game inside, too, if you have a smaller group.

Outside on the grass, the “downs” can have an advantage since it is way easier to put the cups upside down on the unlevel ground.

Items Needed

  • plastic cups

How To Play

  • Place the cups in the play area, half of them upside down.
  • Divide the group into the “ups” and the “downs” teams.
  • The “ups”-team tries to turn cups the right way up and the “downs” upside down. Give them a minute or two to do that.
  • Whichever team has the most cups their way wins.

23. Nuke ‘Em

Blast fun music and have an amazing time with this outdoor party game.

Items Needed

  • volleyball
  • volleyball net or rope

How To Play

Blast fun music and have a fantastic time with this outdoor party game.

Items Needed

  • volleyball
  • volleyball net or rope

How To Play

The game’s goal is to throw the ball over the net and hit the ground. Each hit is a point. Collect a certain amount of points to win.

  • Form two teams
  • A team throws the ball over the net, trying to hit the ground.
  • The other team catches the ball and throws it back.
  • (You can’t hold the ball for more than 3 seconds.)
  • You may pass it once to a teammate.
  • If a player fails to catch the ball, he is out.
  • If a player throws the ball out of bounds, he is out.
  • Also, if he can’t throw it over the net, he is out.
  • A player can reenter the game if a teammate catches the ball with one hand or a teammate throws an ace (the ball hits the ground AND no one from the other team touched it.)

Party games for teenagers.

Ideas for having fun with teenage daughter or son.

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