Cool Party Themes For Teens

Choosing a birthday party theme for a teenager can seem hard. But it does not need to be.

Many of the teens still like a fun costume party or a fairy tale theme. And those who don’t might enjoy an awesome birthday activity or simply having friends over for donuts or other sweets.

I collected fantastic teen party ideas for you to go through. With these themes you can host an awesome birthday party for your teen!

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Fun Party Ideas For Teens

21. Cool Party Themes for Teenagers

Obviously, everyone’s interests are different but this list should get you started.

Many of these ideas work for either guys or girls. Since I only have girls it is little bit harder for me to think what boys might like but I hope you’ll find bday ideas here that work also for your teen boy.

1. Mystery Party for Teens

I hosted a mystery party as a 16th birthday party for my daughter. It was a lot of fun.

It was so great how everyone got into their roles and dressed up for the part. I like the mysteries that are not pre-scripted. Every guest gets plenty of info on their role before the party and at the party. Leaves room for creativity and spontaneity.

Murder Mystery for Teens from Party Time Mysteries.
Talent Show Tragedy from Party Time Mysteries

Talent Show Tragedy from Party Time Mysteries is for 8 – 20 people. It has several gender neutral roles so you can throw a party for girls and guys.

Your teen and the guests will talk about this party for a long time.

2. Outdoor Movie Night

A movie night outdoors or indoors is a perfect way to celebrate a teen birthday.

If you don’t already have an outdoor screen this one has pretty good reviews.

2.1. Popcorn Bar

Movies and pop corn. Yes! Popcorn bar with lots of options for creative servings will delight the teens.

  • caramel sauce
  • strawberry sauce
  • chocolate chips
  • pretzels
  • marshmallows
  • cranberries
  • coconut flakes
  • sprinkles
  • cinnamon
  • sugar
  • garlic powder
  • chili powder
  • salt
  • pepper

I love the idea of using paper bags for serving pop corn! Easy clean up.

Pop corn bar sign. Birthday party ideas for teens: outdoor movie night. Image credit the Doodle Coop.
Popcorn Bar sign from The Doodle Coop, Etsy

This pop corn bar sign from the Doodle Coop is awesome addition to the bar. You can also get the download with a black background and white letters.

You’ll just needs lots of seasonings and toppings and you are ready to go. Make your own labels or purchase pop corn topping printables, (16 pop corn bar labels.)

When you are young you can sit on the grass or blanket with no problems but it might be fun to have some Inflatable Loungers for the teens to launch on during the outdoor movie night.

This one has a cool side pocket for a water bottle. And you don’t even need a pump to fill up this lounger!

Inflatable lounger for teen movie night
Inflatable Lounger from Amazon

If if gets chili where you are, maybe a few extra blankets for the guests to keep warm.

You could also plan games like movie trivia or glow in the dark bowling.

And don’t forget the bug spray. Bug bites can really ruin the fun. Mosquito plants are supposed to work well in keeping the mosquitoes away.

3. Downhill Skiing

Host an awesomely action packed teen birthday party at a ski area.

Or you could, of course, have a Ski Theme party indoors with snow and ski decorations, ski pass invitations, and some yummy theme related desserts like ski shaped cookies, a ski hill cake etc.

I assume many downhill ski places have a lodge. So, take a break in the lodge enjoy some hot chocolate and cupcakes. Some lodges might have a room you could rent for your birthday party. And maybe they will even let you bring your own food.

3.1. Food Ideas

  • Powdered Donuts (snow balls)
  • Coconut cupcakes
  • Andes Mints
  • Toblerone

4. Beach Party

If the wintery skiing birthday party does not work out for your teen how about a beach party.

Maybe you own a cottage that would work perfectly. You could also rent a cabin for a night (adult supervision of course) or take the teens to a public beach.

4.1. Beach Games For Teens

  1. Volleyball
  2. Bucket Ball
  3. Water Bucket Relay
  4. Beach Bowling
  5. Tug of War
  6. Jazzminton
  7. Capture the Flag
  8. Spike Ball
Spike Ball, beach game for teens and young adults.
Spike Ball
Jazzminton, a fun beach party game for teens.
Inflatable bowling giant bowling set
Giant Bowling Set
Bucket Ball, a beach party game for teens
Bucket Ball

4.2. Beach Party Food

Bring yummy beverages and treats to be enjoyed at the beach.

  • Fruit Salad
  • Chex Mix
  • Granola Bars
  • Taquitos
  • Fried Chicken
  • Guacamole and Chips

Since we are talking about teens, what would be a better cake or cupcake topper than an edible one!

Fondant Sunglasses, edible cupcake topper for beach party (kandykoncepts)
Fondant Sunglasses from Kandy Koncepts, Etsy

Edible Shark Cupcake Topper (sugarsweetprintshop)
Edible Shark Cupcake Topper from Sugarsweet Printshop, Etsy
Edible Surfboard Cupcake Topper for Beach Parties (ChristyMaries83)
Edible Surfboard Cupcake Topper from Christy Maries 83, Etsy

And don’t forget the music! Beach, sunshine, volleyball and music.

5. All About Sports

Get tickets to a game. The birthday teen and the friends will have a great time cheering for their favorite team.

And all the food is right there… hotdogs, chips, ice cream and all that wonderful food that goes well with the theme.

You could of course host a sports themed party at home or watch a game at home. Serve fries and wings and have a snack bar with all kinds of goodies.

Decorate with the teens favorite team colors and perhaps you can even get everyone to wear the colors too.

During the half time play cool games:

Double Dribble basketball party game for teenagers.
Double Dribble from Amazon
NFL Game Day board game for teen boys or girls.
NFL Game Day from Amazon
Super Stadium Baseball Game. Teen Boy Birthday Party Game.
Super Stadium Baseball Game from Amazon

6. Museum

It is true. Even teens can enjoy museums. So this made it to the list of ideas for teen birthday parties.

  • Art Museum
  • Sports Museum
  • Science Museum
  • General Museum
  • History Museum

Some museums have a cafeteria or maybe a room you can rent for the birthday party. You can enjoy some cookies, cakes, and other pastries. Play a few games. Maybe a trivia or a theme related board game.

And I wonder if the museum would allow you to have a scavenger hunt…

The Grand Museum of Art board game.
The Grand Museum of Art from Amazon

7. Amusement Park

A day at an amusement or water park. Fun Fun Fun!

Since amusement parks don’t usually allow you to bring your own food you could have a picnic outside the gate.

Or if that does not appeal to you there is always the option to eat at one of the dining places in the park.

This teen party will be memorable and provide a good amount of thrills to the birthday star and friends!

Go on rides, take some awesome photos, eat, do a scavenger hunt… if those are allowed in the park.

When searching for teen birthday ideas I came across these cool shirts!

Birthday Squad and Queen Shirt for Teens (viberack)
Birthday Squad and Queen Shirts from Viberack, Etsy

Birthday parties for teens. A birthday t shirt for guys. Image oTZIshirts
Birthday Dude T-shirt from oTZIshirts

8. Harry Potter – The Boy Who Lived

Hogwarts House Banners.

After all these years the tale of Harry Potter still intrigues the crowd. And maybe your teenager is one of them.

With Harry Potter theme your teen can enter the world of magic and wonder on his birthday.

This party can be done on a small budget. I’m hoping that the ideas in Magical Harry Potter Party On Small Budget will help you to host the most amazing and memorable party for your teen.

Your teen Harry Potter fan might enjoy camping in the Forest of Dean or all the other fun ideas from Quidditch World Cup to Yule Ball intriguing.

9. Luau For Teens

Aloha, put on your grass skirts, grab a refreshing beverage from the Tiki bar and let’s hula!

Luau Banner DIY. Luau Decoration Ideas.
50+ Awesome Luau Party Printables

Luau parties bring smile on everyone’s face whether it is winter or summer. Hawaiian music, awesome decorations, delicious treats put you in the aloha mood and you’ll feel like you are in paradise.

This collection of Luau Printables make hosting Luau for teens a breeze. From photo props to water bottle labels, the set has it all.

A DIY banner is also included (You’ll get all the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and several images to make any kind of banner you want. Make a bunch of banners!)

You’ll find ideas for luau food and fun games in the Luau Party Ideas article.

10. Alice In Wonderland

We're All Mad Here. Alice in Wonderland Party Sign.
Alice In Wonderland Party (image Alexandria Kokx)

A fun evening or afternoon with the curious characters from Alice In Wonderland.

Fairy tales are cool and pretty popular among the teens too with all the movies that have come out.

The Alice In Wonderland Party Ideas will help you to throw the most enchanting birthday party for your teen.

11. Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast Rose (magic princess whitney) A teen birthday party idea.
Beauty and The Beast Rose from Magic Princess Whitney, Etsy

Another awesome fairy tale is the story of the Beauty and The Beast. Decorate the party area with blue and yellow colors, add roses and “enchanted” items.

Make the party area or a part of it to look like the West Wing... especially if you have guys attending the party.

12. I Love New York!

New York… Statue of Liberty, taxis, Manhattan, Time Square, Broadway, Central Park… do it all or focus on a thing or two.

Host a birthday brunch with bagels and cream cheese.

Take pictures in front of Time Square photo backdrop.

13. Ancient Greece

A fun costume party for teens!

Create the look of ancient Greece with white columns, cool photo props and greenery.

Host Olympics with various fun activities: bowling, Pindaloo (a new game for teens), lawn darts, races etc.

14. Laser Tag

Whether you want to take the whole gang to a laser tag place or play this cool game at home it will surely get the teens moving. They will have a blast.

When I was a kid we played flash light tag but having laser tag set makes the game so much more fun!

This laser tag set is cool enough for teens too.

Laser Tag for Teen Birthday Party
Laser Tag Set from Amazon

15. Theater

Take the birthday star and friends to a theater. Take them to a restaurant, coffee shop or something after so they can hang out and chat.

Or bring the theater to you and watch a musical together!

16. Hiking

Nature Scavenger Hunt (studio 20 designs) Teen party ideas.
Nature Scavenger Hunt from Studio 20 Designs, Etsy

If your teen is an outdoorsy type then a hiking trip would be something he might like. Bring along nutritious snacks or lunch. Cupcakes probably don’t travel well but pies and other pastries do :).

Combine the hike with fun activities such as swimming or a scavenger hunt.

Party game ideas for teenagers.

Parties Are More Fun With Games!

Check out this collection of party games for teenagers.

Snag awesome indoor and outdoor game ideas so, the fun can go on no matter the weather.

17. Camping

Camping Party Printables (pink paper trail)
Camping Party Signs from Pink Paper Trail, Etsy

Camping… I’ve been told it is fun :). I know many families who love it and the teens are usually more excited about it when they get to bring friends along. Then it is actually pretty cool.

Set up a tent in your backyard if camping sites are not your thing. Sit around bonfire roasting marshmallows, sing a few songs, play capture the flag or glow in the dark games.

The cool camping signs will help to create the perfect atmosphere at your backyard camping site!


18. Chocolate Factory Tour

Who would not like that! Especially if they offer samples. I went to one as a teenager and they had an all-you-can-eat chocolate station!! That was a long time ago though and it was in Finland. So, before you book a tour find out whether there will be free treats.

As an alternative host a choco-holic birthday party at home.

Everything chocolate!

  • Chocolate cupcakes
  • chocolate cookies
  • chocolate covered popcorn
  • strawberries and oranges dipped in chocolate

Play “name that chocolate”. Blindfold the contestants and ask them to identify various chocolate samples.

19. Cookie Decorating

Talking about sweets. How about a cookie decorating class! Teach it yourself, ask a friend to do it or take the birthday crew to a local cookie decorating class. Afterwards it is cookies and milk time!

20. Dr. Seuss – Not Only For Little Kids



Dr. Seuss Party for teens. Fun ideas for Dr. Seuss birthday party.

For my daughters 19th birthday I planned a Dr. Seuss party. And why we chose this theme… well, it was my idea…

She has always loved books and by the time she was two something, she had Hop On Pop book memorized.

She is also super playful and hopefully always will be.

I’ve got a fun Dr. Seuss party plan for you so you can plan a seussibration for your playful, fun-loving teen.

21. Stranger Things

Stranger Things Party For Teens

This popular, creepy TV series provides lots of fun for teens from awesome decorations to cool games.

My middle daughter picked a Stranger Things party theme for her sweet 16. It was fun to plan even though I have never seen any of the episodes, too creepy for me.

I’ve got a whole Stranger Things party plan for you. You’ll love it!

Bonus Idea for a Teen Birthday Party

Younger teens like 13 or 14 could still like a theme like this: Cruise theme. This party takes them on a imaginary cruise with lots of good food, games and other entertainment.

And hey, maybe there are still some older ones too who are super playful and would enjoy it too.

Need Gift Ideas? Check out Gift Ideas for Teen Girls at Cheerful Daisy. She has fun gift idea lists for sloth lovers, bookworms, beach bums etc.

Teen parties should not make you feel like you need therapy unless it is My Tuesday Therapy!

Choose the perfect party theme for your teen and have a wonderful time hosting it.

Save For Later! My Tuesday Therapy is here for your party needs.

Fantastic Party Themes for Teens

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