Cool Teenage Birthday Party Tips

Hosting a birthday party for a teenager can seem hard but it does not need to be so.

There are many awesome places you can host a party. And based on what I see many teens still like a cool theme party at home too.

In this post you’ll find several cool tips for teen birthday party

  1. themes (and tips on choosing one)
  2. venues
  3. games
  4. food
  5. favors

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Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers

Teen Birthday Party Ideas for Boys and Girls.

We all love it when someone does something special for us and your teen is no exception. When he was younger it probably felt easier to make the birthday magical.

No worries, hosting a teenage birthday party is nothing to lose sleep over. With these “how to plan a teenage birthday party ideas” you’ll have a party planned in no time.


1. How Much to Spend – the Budget

Yeah, it’s a good idea to have a budget :). Let your teen know what the budget is when you start planning the party.

Obviously, your budget depends on your financial situation. Some like to throw several thousand dollar parties mine would be around $100 – $500.

Whatever you decide stick to it.

Some teens might just want the money and no party or just a small get together with friends. Some prefer the party experience with friends over receiving a bigger gift. You know your teen and if in doubt, ask.

2. When to Host the Party

Evening parties are always fun and pretty much the only way to go if the party is during the week. Unless the party is in the summer or during the Christmas break.

A cool way to celebrate the birthday is by hosting a brunch whether you’ll do that at home, in a park or restaurant.

Teens have lots of energy so an all-day party is an idea too.

Many teens have a busy schedule. If you are inviting only a couple of people it is probably best to check with them what day would work.

3. How to Choose a Theme for Teen Party
Fun Teen Party Themes.

Unless this is a surprise party it is a good idea to consult your teen and figure out the theme together.

Perhaps you could have a list of suggested themes to get the conversation started. I’ll give you several ideas in a moment.

Things to ask your teen when figuring out the party theme:

1. What’s your favorite

  • movie
  • book
  • color
  • hobby
  • activity
  • way to travel
  • food
  • vacation destination
  • season

You can build a theme around any of those things.

2. Do you want a “theme party” or do you prefer an activity?

Any activity can be considered a theme but let’s say your teen wants to go to an amusement park with a couple of friends, no theme is really necessary. Just a day to hang out with friends.

Cookie decorating class is a “cookie theme” but does not require any cookie decorations. Simple fun with friends at a class.

3. How many people are you thinking about inviting?

Knowing whether you are talking about 2 or 50 people can determine what kind of party you are hosting.

Awesome teen party themes/activities include

  1. bonfire
  2. emoji
  3. glow in the dark
  4. slumber party
  5. sports
  6. escape room
  7. skating
  8. scavenger hunt
  9. video games
  10. karaoke
  11. trail ride
  12. board games
  13. movie night


In a moment I’ll give you ideas for over 30 places you can host a teenage birthday party. Many of those function as a theme as well.

Of course, parties don’t require a theme but it makes it easier when it comes to decorations, food etc.

An activity with a few friends can be easier and cheaper than hosting a theme party.

4. Fun Places to Host a Teenage Birthday Party

Birthday Party Venues For Teenagers.

Brainstorm with your teen where to host the party. A teen might feel like having a party at home is not too cool anymore. But you’d be surprised how many still like a simple fun party at home.

Sometimes the theme can limit the location and the other way around.

Here is a list of 33 places to consider some of these can function also as a theme.

Where to Have a Teenage Party:

  1. home
  2. backyard
  3. park
  4. art studio
  5. coffee shop
  6. hotel (ask the hotel about their rules for using a room and the pool for the guests)
  7. museum
  8. theater
  9. spa
  10. mall – food court
  11. ice cream parlor
  12. martial arts studio
  13. amusement park
  14. non-profit (some non-profits have a cafeteria or meeting space you can rent)
  15. community center
  16. club house
  17. beach
  18. movie theater party room
  19. pool/aquatic center
  20. restaurant
  21. ranch
  22. cottage/cabin
  23. ski lodge
  24. skating rink
  25. YMCA
  26. craft stores
  27. sports event
  28. bowling/entertainment center
  29. church (gym/ministry center)
  30. game stores
  31. concert
  32. carnival
  33. dance studio
  34. corn maze

5. Guests

The more the merrier… or is it…

Well, the guest list depends on multiple factors here are few:

  • how many teens are you able to keep under control
  • how much noise can you take
  • how many guests can you fit in the party area
  • how many guests can you host with your budget
  • who does your teen want to invite
  • who do you feel comfortable inviting

Making a guest list can be quite tough. The space and your budget set the limits.

There might be kids you don’t feel comfortable inviting yet you don’t want to make anyone feel left out. But you should never feel obligated to invite anyone who makes you uncomfortable.

Ask a friend or a couple of the parents to come to the party and supervise with you all the awesome teens.

6. Invites

Send invitations 2-3 weeks before the party.

Good old-fashioned invitations by snail mail are always fun to receive. But whether you choose to text, email or send invites via social media be clear about who is invited and by what date they need to RSVP.

7. Teen Party Food

Birthday Party Food Ideas For Teenagers.

As you know teens love to eat. Present a variety of foods buffet style or prepare a specific food bar.

You can make any food match the party theme with theme fitting serving dishes, cupcake wrappers, and food toppers. It’s all about presentation!

What Do You Serve at a Teenage Party:

  1. Taco Bar
  2. Wrap / Sandwich Bar
  3. Pizza – “put your own toppings”
  4. Nachos
  5. Hamburgers
  6. Sloppy Joes
  7. Quesadilla
  8. Tortilla Pinwheels
  9. Fruit Kababs
  10. Veggie Cups with Dip
  11. Chips and Dip
  12. Pop Corn Bar
  13. Donut Bar
  14. Cookie Bar
  15. Ice Cream Bar

8. Teen Party Games

What kind of games do teens like to play?

  1. 4 On the Couch
  2. Wink Murder
  3. Mafia
  4. Capture the Flag
  5. Never Have I Ever
  6. Ghost in the Graveyard
  7. Who Am I?
  8. Pictionary
  9. Spoons
  10. Photo Scavenger Hunt


9. Teen Party Favors

Easy Party Favors for Teens

Do guys want party favors? I’m curious. I don’t have any boys and my husband says that guys don’t care about party favors. But I doubt they would say no to a bag of popcorn or candy.

  1. Rock Candy Lollipops (great selection at Amazon)
  2. PopSockets
  3. Popcorn
  4. Game Cards (personalize with a wrapper)
  5. Hot Chocolate
  6. Mug
  7. Travel Mug
  8. Personalized Pens
  9. Stress Ball
  10. Light Up Flying Disc (Amazon)
  11. Soda Bottle
  12. Silicone Bracelet (Amazon)
  13. Sticky Wallet for Back of the Phone (Amazon)

Parties, including teenage birthday parties, should not make you feel like you need therapy unless it is My Tuesday Therapy.

Plan the party with the ease. All you need is a place to host the party and the guests. Well, little bit of food and fun games won’t hurt either.

Go to the Teen Fun Guide for more party ideas or check out 19 Awesome Party Themes For Teens.

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