6 Simple Ways To Make A Teen’s Birthday Special

Do you struggle making your teenagers birthday special?

Do you feel that it is hard and expensive to do so?

You might even think that it has to be something grand and more and more spectacular each year.

It can be grand. It can be spectacular. But often it is also the small things that count and create everlasting memories.

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How to Make Teen’s Birthday Special

Teenager Birthday Ideas. Simple ways to make teen's birthday special.

We all love to feel special and being pampered. There are some who say they don’t need it but have the biggest smile on their faces when you do something sweet for them.

If you host a party on a different day make the actual birthday special too with small things.

I know these ideas can sound babyish to some but hey, I’d love it if someone did these for me!

1. Special Breakfast

Birthday Breakfast for Teenager.

Who would not love to wake up to delicious aromas from the kitchen.

And as you know, teens LOVE to eat. I hear teen boys can empty the fridge in seconds.

Maybe food is not in the 5 Love Languages but having a special breakfast waiting for you definitely makes you feel loved.

So, start the birthday by preparing your teens favorite breakfast and serve it on the deck… well, if it is not warm outside then serve the breakfast inside but you already knew that.

Maybe your mornings are hectic and you might even be out the door before your teen makes his entrance to the kitchen. These ideas would still be doable:

  • a sweet note at the breakfast table
  • a flower in a vase
  • a birthday sign (a small sign attached to a dowel or chopstick). Stick it in the vase with the flower or put it in a candy filled little bucket  you can get from Walmart or Party City.
  • confetti or curling ribbon sprinkled around the birthday stars plate

2. Something New

Your teen will love having something new for the day.

Purchase or ask your teen to pick a new shirt or a whole outfit for birthday. Get it ready to be worn on the birthday.

Other ideas to consider include:

  • socks
  • shoes
  • scarf
  • gloves

Put together a beauty basket and place it in the bathroom:

  • new towel
  • bath puff
  • hair bands
  • hair clips
  • body wash

Finding a new towel rolled up and tied with a cute ribbon makes you smile.

3. “Stepping Stones”

I don’t know what these could be called but I call them stepping stones for now. Cut out shapes or images and tape them to the floor leading from bedroom to the kitchen or any room.

  • stars
  • flowers
  • numbers (from 1 to whatever age your teen is)
  • hearts

Maybe your tough guy won’t go for this thing but who knows maybe on the inside he thinks “Mom, you are so weird but I luv ya”.

4. Hanging Surprises

Birthday Ideas For Teenagers: Surprise Jungle of balloons, candy, money etc.

Pump up balloons and hang from the ceiling. Make a cluster or arrange them to guide the birthday star to the special breakfast.

Write letters on the balloons to spell “Happy Birthday” or write numbers and sweet notes.

Other things to hang up

  • money
  • pictures
  • numbers
  • candy

Your teen will love to walk through this surprise jungle! After all, there is money and candy to be found!

5. School Day Surprises

If it happens to be a school day pack a special lunch with sweet or funny birthday note.

  • Wrap a chocolate bar with a Happy Birthday wrapper.
  • Tie a ribbon or note to a lollipop.
  • Insert a toothpick with a birthday flag to a sandwich.
  • Use a fun wrapper for a cupcake.

If you pick up your kid from the school play his favorite music or radio station in the car. Stop to grab hot chocolate, ice tea or something.

6. Birthday Dinner

The day began with special breakfast and comes to a full circle and ends with a delicious dinner.

  • Decorate the dining room or birthday star’s chair.
  • Invite your teen’s best friend for dinner.
  • Prepare your teen’s favorite food… or make it easy and serve popcorn, pizza, ice cream, donuts…
  • Make a fun popcorn mix with popcorn and her favorite color M&M’s
  • Tell stories from the past and listen to your teen’s favorite music.
  • Watch a movie together while eating dinner… sometimes we are just too wiped out when the evening comes and dinner in front of the screen sounds awesome. You’re together and celebrating!

Birthdays should not make you feel like you need therapy unless it is My Tuesday Therapy!

Have fun with your teen, it really is the small things that count and make you feel special.

Go to the Teen Fun Guide or check out How To Plan a Birthday Party For A Teen (venues, food, themes, games…)

P.S. Save for later! My Tuesday Therapy is here to help you to make Great Memories!

Teenager Birthday Ideas. Simple ways to make teen's birthday special.

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