Luau Printables – 50+ Pages of Hawaiian Fun

Planning a luau? These luau party printables will help you to host it with ease.

Our NEW designs are now available!

We have one set that is more colorful and fun and the other pretty and elegant. Either one is great for a luau birthday party, luau baby shower, or a luau party at office.

Luau Party Games and Signs. 12 games, 44 banner flags, 16 signs. 2 styles (fun and colorful: a toucan with a pineapple, coconut, and flowers. Elegant floral arrangement: pink hibiscus, purple leaves, greenery.
Tropical Fun and Elegant Luau

Here is the Tropical Fun:

Luau banner and signs. All the letters and numbers are included in this printable pdf file. Fun tropical images of a toucan surrounded by flowers, pineapple and a coconut. Also a flamingo with colorful flowers and a splash of yellow.
Luau Banner Flags and Signs – Fun
Luau party games. Fun tropical images: a toucan with a pineapple, coconut and flowers, a flamingo with flowers.
Luau Party Games – Tropical Fun

Take a closer look at the Tropical Fun Luau Party Signs and Luau Games! (Currently, available only in the USA.)

And here is the Elegant Luau Collection:

Luau banner and luau party signs with hibiscus surrounded with purple leaves and greenery.
Luau Banner Flags and Signs – Elegant
Printable luau party games for adults. Lovely images of a pink hibiscus, purple leaves, and greenery. Finish my phrase, selfie scavenger hunt this or that, Hawaiian words, trivia.
Luau Party Games – Elegant

Take a closer look at the Elegant Luau Party Signs and Luau Games! (Currently, available only in the USA.)

Create a wonderful aloha-filled atmosphere and feel like you’re in paradise.

Save time and decorate with Hawaiian themed printables.

Play luau games that bring laughter and fun to your Hawaiian luau.

Luau Printables

1. Luau Games

Fun ice breakers, such as find the guest. In this game everyone get’s to flamingle and meet new people or learn new things about each other.

48 Hawaiian luau pictionary words! Use them for pictionary™, charades, or as story starters. You’ll will have a great time making memories!

12 awesome Hawaii-themed printable games provide easy entertainment.

  • find the guest
  • who is most likely to
  • categories
  • selfie scavenger hunt
  • finish my phrase
  • how many words
  • word scramble
  • a to z challenge
  • trivia
  • draw and guess (48 words)
  • what would___ choose?
  • from Hawaiian to English


Hosting your party just got simpler!

NEW games & NEW design!!

12 luau party games, printable pdf file. Games include Hawaii trivia, Hawaiian words, who is most likely to, selfie scavenger hunt, this or that, finish my phrase. The games have an image of a pink hibiscus surrounded by greenery and purple leaves.

  • 12 luau party games

Take a look at the luau party games.

Digital product; Available to customers in USA.

2. Luau Banner Flags

Make a cute banner for a luau party.

It comes with

  • letters from A to Z
  • numbers from 0 to 9
  • and st, nd, rd, th, ‘, ! flags.

The flags are about 4″x6″ with the flap folded.

Each flag is by itself on a page so you’ll only print the ones that you need. They are placed side ways so you can print two on a page to save money on card stock.

DIY Luau Banner Ideas:

  • Aloha
  • Tiki Bar
  • Mahalo
  • Happy Birthday / Hau’oli La Hanau
  • Sophia’s Luau
  • Happy 3rd Birthday
  • Congratulations

2. Luau Signs

The NEW signs will look awesome at your summer party! Display them to greet and direct the guests. The old ones look fun but they used a LOT of ink. So, I made some new ones for you!

  • aloha, take a lei
  • gifts & cards
  • please, sign our guest book
  • photo booth, grab a prop, strike a pose
  • favors, please take one
  • mahalo for coming, please take one
  • dessert bar
  • tiki bar
  • parfait bar
  • mimosa bar, pour the bubbly, splash some juice, garnish with fruit
  • momosa bar, pour the bubbly, splash some juice, garnish with fruit 
  • party like a pineapple
  • shaka brah
  • drink in hand, toes in the sand
  • let’s flamingle
  • on island time
  • here for the hula

Get the Luau Banners and Signs and Games. (Currently, available only in the USA.)

The old design is not available any more. I leave the pictures here in case you came for these… so that you know you are in the right place.

The NEW designs are more printer friendly and inexpensive.

Take a look at the Luau Banners and Signs and Games. (Currently, available only in the USA.)

Old Designs:

luau party signs
Luau game printables. Hawaiian trivia, Hawaiian word match, word scramble and what would he choose.
Luau party printables. Luau banner, signs, water bottle labels, donut toppers etc.
Luau Banner DIY. Luau Decoration Ideas.
Luau party game printables and coloring pages
Luau Photo Booth Ideas. Luau party ideas DIY.
Hawaiian Luau Pictionary Word Cards. A fun game for summer luau party.
Luau Party Printables: water bottle labels, food tents, straw flags, favor tags all in fun luau party colors.
Luau Cupcake Toppers. Luau party food.
Luau Party Decorations DIY. Luau party printables.
Luau Party Printables

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