Awesome Summer Bucket List for Teens – Summer Fun With Friends

School is out summer is in! Make the most of it. These summer bucket ideas will keep your teens busy and having a good time.

And that’s what summer is all about!

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16 Fun things to do in the summer with teens

Fun-Filled Summer Bucket List for Besties

Get ready to have a super awesome summer with your best friends!

1. Neighborhood Game Night

Have a blast by hosting a game night for the neighborhood teens/tweens. All you need is simple snacks and awesome games.

Play a round of

  • capture the flag
  • ghost in the grave yard
  • balloon stump (Pump up balloons and tie one to everyone’s ankle. Try to pop the other’s balloons. Whoever has his balloon in the end wins.)
  • nukem
  • four corners
  • dodge ball

Check out these lawn games. They are pretty fantastic. A couple of them work for a bigger group too.

Throw beach blankets on the grass and play totally awesome board games for teens.

2. Spontaneous Trip

Summer Bucket List For Teens 2019.

Grab a map of your state or nearby area and randomly pick a place to visit. Or write down a few places on paper slips and pick one.

It will be fun for the whole family to go on this adventure.

Need some car game ideas?

3. Outdoor Concert

Many towns hold free summer concerts in the parks. It is a great way to spend time with family and friends.

Maybe you can bring snacks and a card game or two. Or just kick back and relax and enjoy the music.

4. Ice Cream Party

What is summer without an ice cream party!

It does not have to be anything big. Ice cream and friends and you have a party!

If you want to do something little more check out these ideas for a Fun-Filled Ice Cream Party.

5. Dinner at the Beach

Summer Bucket List For Best Friends

Beautiful beach, delicious food, volley ball and swimming. An awesome way to spend a summer evening!

Play your favorite beach music and hang out with the friends. Make summer memories.

6. Fireworks

Go see the fireworks on the 4th or during a festival that many smaller towns hold throughout the summer.

7. Free Festival

And talking about festivals. Ton of options to choose from: music festivals, food festivals, film festivals…

Find a couple to attend. Will be lots of fun!

Summer bucket list for teens.

8. Outdoor Movie Night

There is something special about watching movies outside. Some towns have free movie nights too. And what’s stopping you from having your own.

Well, we all don’t have a big screen for the outdoors but if you only have a handful of people, get cozy and watch on a laptop.

Ask everyone to bring their favorite popcorn or prepare a pop corn bar.

9. Glow in the Dark Games

Summers are for staying up late and playing glow in the dark games.

Glow In the Dark Scavenger Hunt

  1. Get a set of glow sticks with connectors and various washi tape.
  2. Wrap a piece of washi tape around the connector (make one or several of each kind depending how you want to play the game)
  3. Make the bracelets.
  4. Prepare a scavenger hunt list for each player.
  • Either asking them to find every kind of washi tape pattern or specific ones.
  • You could also see who can find most different ones. Give minus points for grabbing more than one of the same.

Glow In the Dark Bowling

You’ll need water bottles, glow sticks, and a ball (sturdy enough to knock over the bottles)

Put a glow stick in the water bottle (the water helps to keep the bottles up so they won’t be blown over by breeze.)

Other glow in the dark games:

10. Bike Ride and a Picnic

Go for a bike ride and bring along a picnic lunch!

11. Amusement Park

Who does not love roller coasters?! Me! I just like to watch BUT many others love those rides!

12. Luau Party

Aloha! Time for some hula.

Gather your friends for a fun summer party: Hawaiian Luau! Put on your grass skirts, play cool luau games and eat delicious food.

With these fabulous luau party ideas you’ll have your luau planned in no time.

Luau party printables from cool signs to pineapple donut toppers will make hosting a luau easy.

13. Star Gazing

Blanket and a beautiful star filled sky… that’s all you need.

14. Bonfire and Smores

Summer Fun With Friends and Family.

Sit around the fire, eat S’mores and chat with friends. You could of course play  glow in the dark games or flashlight tag!

Make the S’mores fun with a S’mores Bar!

Sure, you can make the good ol’ original S’mores but you might want to try out new variations too.

  • Peaches and Cream: graham cracker, marshmallow, peach slice, white chocolate
  • Cookies and Cream: chocolate graham cracker, marshmallow, cookies and cream chocolate
  • Birthday Cake: graham cracker, marshmallow, icing, sprinkles, white chocolate
  • Gone Nuts: graham cracker, marshmallow, peanut butter cup
  • Aloha!: graham cracker, marshmallow, pineapple, almond joy
  • Jungle Time: chocolate graham cracker, marshmallow, banana slices, milk chocolate
  • Grasshopper: chocolate graham cracker, marshmallow, peppermint patty

Creative Smores Bar Ideas

Interested in a smokeless fire pit? Or making s’mores in cones? Check out the June Teen Fun ideas for tips!

15. Water Fun

Water balloons, sprinklers, water guns, sponges… all that fun stuff! Plan an afternoon of fun with siblings or friends. Play water tag, have a water balloon race (hold it on your head, between your legs, under your arms… see how many you can carry at one time.

You’ll have a great time.

16. Explore Your Home Town

Pretend you’re a tourist in your home town. Where would you go?

Visit a cafe you’ve never been to. Take pictures in front of monuments, statues, and landmarks.

17. Do Fun DIY Projects

Rain or shine, these summer crafts and DIY ideas give you something cool to do.

P.S. Save for later! My Tuesday Therapy is here to help you to make Great Memories!

16 fun things to do in the summer with teens. Summer fun ideas for teens.

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