Backyard Games for Family

Time to put the phones and other electronics down and play easy lawn games as a family!

When the sun is shining and birds singing you and the kids will enjoy the time outdoors.

These games will entertain the young and the old. So have a family fun night or gather around the neighborhood kids and provide them hours of fun!

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Fun backyard games for family
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Some of these games will require a specific set to be bought some are good old fashioned fun that can be played with things you (more than likely) already have.

Backyard Games for Family

Let’s have fun and make summer memories!

1. Jumbo Pick Up Sticks

These Pick Up Sticks really are jumbo size. Each wooden stick measures at 31.5 inches! This family outdoor game comes with a case so you can bring it wherever you go.

I like that this is easy enough for anyone to play. Just toss the sticks in a pile and start playing.

2. Mölkky Original Game

I might be a little biased since this game is from my homeland, Finland, but I’d say it is an awesome backyard game for the whole family.

The object of the game is to get to 50 points by knocking down the pins with the throwing pin. You just can’t go past 50 points otherwise you’ll go back down to 25 points.

Molkky is about luck and throwing talent. As you knock down the pins, they are raised back up in the spot they landed so they will be further apart as the game progresses.

You can have 2-26 players so this lawn game is a fantastic game for a group! This is a great outdoor game for teens to play while chatting with friends.

3. DIY Backyard Tic Tac Toe

Make this fun outdoor Tic Tac Toe game for the whole family to enjoy.

4. Kubb Empire Standard Edition

Kubb from Sweden is a great outdoor game for kids and adults. It won’t take long for you to learn the rules for this strategy-based game.

Kubb is a lawn game for 2-12 players. The first team to knock down the King will win but it is not as easy as it looks. You will first need to get through the defense and that can be challenging.

This set is made of a good quality hardwood and it comes with a backpack so you can easily store it or bring it along.


Boredom busters: backyard games for kids. Keep the kids moving! Fun outdoor games
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5. Backyard Obstacle Course

I love the idea of an obstacle course! We have made obstacle courses indoors and outside. They are always so much fun.

Obstacle courses are easy to adjust for each age level. And you can always add more steps to it for variety and fun.

  • hula hoops
  • water play station
  • ball throw/bounce
  • jump rope

Build the most fantastic obstacle course this summer! Awesome way to spend time together and get some exercise as well!

6. Lawn Domino Set

Dominos! Who has not played this game as a smaller version. I thought it was always so cool to line them up and knock them down.

Play this classic game outdoors with the giant size game pieces! It includes 28 pieces and is a great activity idea for any outdoor party. Or bring it to your next camping trip. It comes with a hand carrying case.

7. Rollors

Rollors: An easy backyard game for the whole family that combines horseshoe, bocce ball and outdoor bowling.

Even small kids can play this game at your next picnic or outdoor party. Players roll the disks towards the targets and are awarded points.

8. Egg and Spoon Relay

An entertaining relay game for the young and the old. Get moving and just try to keep the “egg” on the spoon. Not as easy as it looks.

Egg and Spoon Race is a great game for a backyard birthday party!

9. Premium Croquet Set

I used to play corquet as a kid and it was so much fun. But this game is not only for kids. GoSports Premium Croquet Set is another awesome lawn game for the whole family.

The 36-inch handles are suitable for everyone and the handles are also wrapped in leather so they are pretty comfortable.

The set includes 6 mallets, 6 balls, 9 wickets, and 2 end posts. This classic lawn game provides entertainment that can last hours. You’ll also get a case with this one so it is easy to carry with you.


10. Balloon Relay

As a kid you really like the sound of popping balloons so that gives them an advantage in this game. But of course having more weight makes the popping easier so adults have that on their side.

Form teams, give each team a few inflated balloons. If you have a ton of people then only one balloon per person but if you have only a couple of people per team you might want to have 2 or three balloons for everyone.

One player from each team runs to the designated spot and sits or steps on the balloon to pop it. The he runs back to the start and the next person goes.

The team that pops their balloons first, wins.

To make it more challenging put a piece of candy in the balloon (something that does not pose a choking hazard). The player pops the balloon, eats the candy, and then runs back to the start line.

You could also insert a piece of paper with a task to be done like 6 jumping jacks or 3 push ups.

11. Boochie Game

A fun action packed game the whole family enjoys. This game is highly rated and loved. And for a good reason. The hilarious throwing challenging will keep everyone on their toes while trying to score the highest points.

Get your Boochie game for your next family reunion or backyard party.

12. Blanket Drag Race

Who wants to fly on the magic carpet? Or more likely have a bumpy ride on blanket across the lawn…

Each team needs a blanket or contractor trash bag. Anything thinner might leave the team mate on the start line.

Pull your team mate on the blanket to the designated spot as fast as you can. If your team mate is not a tiny toddler you might need two people to do the pulling so you don’t hurt yourself.

This would be a fun game for Aladdin and Jasmin birthday party.

Good Old Fashioned Games That Never Go Out of Style

You don’t really need any fancy stuff for these games but they entertain kids of all ages.

1. Hide and Seek

I don’t think this game needs any explanation but just for fun I’ll write something down.

In this came one person is “it”. He closes his eyes and counts to a certain number while the others hide. Then he goes looking for them.

For a variety and fun you can have a “home base” or “safe” where the hiders try to get to before found.

Players: this game can be played with any number of people.

Ages: pretty much anyone who can walk knows how to play this one. Just as a disclaimer: it is not a good idea to have a tiny tot to be an “it” or to hide by himself.

2. Kick the Ball

A variation of Hide and Seek.

One person is “it”. One person from the group kicks the ball and “it” goes to get it (without looking back) while the others hide. “It” brings the ball back to home base.

The “it” begins to look for the players.

When a player is found he goes to the “jail”. Another player can release those in the jail by kicking the ball.

You can add a little more difficulty to the game with this variation: when a hider is found he races the “it” to the ball and if he gets there first he kicks the ball (and also releases those in jail) and they all can hide again.

Players: at least three.

Ages: Anyone who can understand the rules.

3. Red Light, Green Light

One person is the traffic light and the others stand in line far away from him. The object of the game is to tag the traffic light.

When the traffic light says Green Light he turns away from the group. This gives the group an opportunity to get closer to the traffic light. Then the traffic light turns around and says Red Light. The others freeze. If the traffic light sees someone moving then that person has to go back to the start line.

Once someone tags the traffic light she becomes the next traffic light.

Players: a small group

Ages: from toddlers to adults

4. Change

I don’t know the official name for this game but again in this one you need a person who is an “it”.

You will need “safe” places for all the others. You can use chalk, hula hoops or draw circles in a sand to mark the safes. The players stand in a safe.

The “it” calls “change” and everyone has to move to another “safe”. The “it” tries to get to one of the “safes”. If he gets into one then a person who did not get into any of the “safes” is the next “it”.

Players: a small group

Ages: from toddlers to adults

Make awesome memories with family and friends by playing fun and beloved backyard games at any outdoor party or get together.

Join me and others on our journey’s for making great memories, I’ll send you fun, easy ideas anyone can do. You’ll also receive 4 Easy Ways to Make Daily Life Fun ebook.


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