Spring Party Ideas for Kids

Celebrate the spring by hosting a Spring Party for your kids or friends and family.

My daughters and I have a tradition to welcome the spring by having a Spring Party on the first day of spring. 

The ideas here are great for Easter too. Easter fun for kids!

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Spring Fun for Kids: crafts, treats, games, books. Children having fun in the spring.
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We also have a Fall Party on the first day of autumn. It is always a fun day of getting ready for the fall.

Spring Party & Cleaning…

Traditionally the first day of spring is the day when we get the home ready for the spring. We put all the winter decorations away and bring out the spring decorations.

So for us it is an all day celebration. Yeah, cleaning is a part of our party. If you invite friends they may only want to join in the other fun…

Spring Party Decorations

Anything spring goes! Bring out the pastel colored curtains, table runners, pillows, and blankets. Buy some fresh flowers or get the fake ones that are available in many stores. You might even find some cute ones at a dollar store.

1. Spring Banner

Make a beautiful spring banner. Hang it on the wall or in the doorway and be greeted by this happy banner whenever you walk by.

Spring Banner Ideas:

2. Butterflies

Hang a few cute butterflies the children’s bedrooms. Or maybe they would like to make their own from card stock. Imagine how lovely the room will look with butterflies hanging from the ceiling.

If butterflies are your thing, then you should flutter over here and check out these easy butterfly decoration ideas.

3. Spring Block Letters

Spring is in the air! Yes, it surely is or will be when it is spring.

Spring is such a fun time with all the trees coming to life and flowers beginning to bloom. Celebrate the season with fun spring block letters from ZAM Handmade Market.

4. Paper Flowers

Cute spring flower set from Sew Love The Day makes it easy to create a fun backdrop for taking spring photos.

Don’t be a wallflower but bring the spring inside by having a flower wall.

Spring Party Food

Spring Party Food. A cake with bunny marhsmallows and candy coated chocolate eggs.

1. Bunny Cake

Last time we had the party we only made a cake. As you can see I’m not professional cake decorator or gifted in that area in any way.

Notice the cute bunny plate? The plastic eggs on it were filled with chocolate. That was another little treat in addition to the cake.

Here are some other fun ideas for Spring Party Food:

2. Spring Confetti Bars

Spring Confetti Bars from Chelsea’s Messy Apron. These bars with pastel colored M&M’s and sprinkles are a perfect spring party dessert.

3. Flower-Shaped Anything

Flower-shaped cucumbers, cheese, bread. Use cookie cutters to make cute “flower” sandwiches.

4. Flower Pretzel Bites

Flower pretzel bites from Dessert Now Dinner Later would be a lovely and delicious addition to your Spring Party menu.

Spring Party Activities

1. Prepare Easy Spring Party Food

Preparing all the fun spring treats together is, of course, a must-do activity.

2. Egg Hunt

Spring Party Activity: Easter Egg Hunt. Easter eggs next to a tree.

When my kids were younger we did our egg hunt at the Spring Party because they often had other egg hunts during the Easter.

31 Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

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Easter scavenger hunt clues for tweens. Solve riddles, unscramble words and figure out codes that lead to Easter eggs or a basket. Images of Easter chicks, eggs, gnome and bunny.

3. Spring Party Craft

  1. Check out this pretty flower crown craft at Paper and Glue. I’m sure your little spring fairy would love to make and wear this one!

2. Thumbprint flower pots from Mom Always Finds Out will delight your Spring Party guests for months to come!

3. A cool collection of easy butterfly crafts anyone can do.

4. Lady Bug Board Game

This cute ladybug board game is for preschoolers. No reading is required. Your little ones will have fun going on adventures with the ladybugs.

5. Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course. Create a fun course either inside or outside with various stations on the way.

Here are some ideas:

  • throw jelly beans in a cup
  • hold a popsicle stick in mouth and balance jelly beans on it
  • jump from flower to flower (use flower cut outs from paper or foam)
  • hop like a bunny

6. Flower Musical Chairs

Use paper of foam flower cutouts for a fun spring themed musical chairs. So, instead of trying to sit in a chair, the players try to step on a flower.

7. Spring Books

It’s always fun to get cozy and read some books. These all would be awesome to read at a Spring Party:

Spring for Sophie is a lovely book about a little girl named Sophie who sees the signs of spring. The books has pretty illustrations and an engaging story that is sure to catch you little ones attention. It is intended for 4-8 year old.

Spectacular Spring is aimed for the 4-8 year old and it contains facts about spring and some fun craft ideas.

Spring Stinks. A grumpy bear, Bruce, is not too crazy about the spring smells.

8. Other Games

  1. These dance games make any party a blast!
  2. Relay race games keep you moving and having fun.
  3. Minute to win it games test your speed and skill.


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