Creative Butterfly Crafts For Kids

Hey! Looking for easy butterfly crafts preschoolers and older kids can make? Creative butterfly crafts? You’ve come to the right place.

Explore the 13 most amazing butterfly crafts your kids will love to make. With few inexpensive materials you’ll have butterflies flittering around in your home.

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Creative butterfly crafts for kids, preschoolers.
I had to check whether butterflies like evergreen trees (the boy in the picture is cutting one…). And yes, butterflies like evergreen trees, maybe not spruce but other kinds of trees.

1. Cupcake Liner Butterfly

Cupcake liners are cute so it’s no wonder they make also super cute butterflies.

Since you can find all sorts of fun cupcake liners you can make awesome butterflies for everyone’s taste.

Hang them up from curtain rod or ceiling with clear cord for a fun summer room decor.

This adorable cupcake liner butterfly with big cute eyes is from The Joy of Sharing.

Easy butterfly crafts for kids with cupcake liners and toilet paper rolls.
1. Cupcake Liner Butterfly & 2. Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

2. Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

My daughter used to have a pile of toilet paper rolls waiting to be turned into fun crafts. I think most of the rolls ended up in trash but she did make a super cute pencil holder and some other stuff with them.

Anyway, toilet paper rolls come handy when making toilet paper roll butterflies. This is an entertaining craft for preschool age kids.

Look We Are Learning will show you how.

3. Washi Tape Butterfly

There is something nerdy about these washi tape butterflies from Artsy Momma. It must be the big googly eyes. These are perfect gifts for any nerdy relatives.

Attach a magnet in the back so you can put these cuties right on your fridge.

Washi Tape Butterfly Craft and Tissue Paper Butterfly Craft
3. Washi Tape Butterfly & 4. Tissue Paper Butterfly

4. Tissue Paper Butterfly

In the Playroom brings you these lovely tissue paper butterflies. A fun way to use the tissue paper after a birthday party.

These would look adorable hanging from your dining room chandelier.

5. Faux Stained Glass Butterfly

This is such a fun idea from Crayons and Cravings! She mixes black paint with glue to highlight the lines and prevent the paint from mixing with other colors. How cool is that!

Check it out: faux stained glass butterfly.

6. Butterfly Coloring Pages

Butterfly coloring pages for adults and kids from Kiddy Charts. Print on cardstock, color and cut out the butterflies. Tape to the doors.

Butterfly coloring pages and yarn butterfly diy.
6. Butterfly Coloring Pages & 7. Yarn Butterfly

7. DIY Yarn Butterfly

This is such a cool idea. Older kids and even adults will have fun finger-knitting butterflies. It is not as difficult as it might sound.

8. Sea Shell Butterfly Craft

Have you ever bought a bag of seashells thinking that it would be fun to do something with those?

No? Well, I guess it’s time to go to the beach to find some or head to the closest craft store to grab a few.

Paint the seashells and turn them into butterflies with the awesome instructions from Artsy Craftsy Mom.

Sea Shell Butterfly Craft and Sponge Butterfly Craft
8. Seashell Butterflies & 9. Sponge Butterflies

9. Sponge Butterflies

I bet dollar stores have cheap sponges that are perfect for this project.

These sponge butterflies from The Craft Train look adorable. The jewels and glitter glue make them sparkle.

10. DIY Butterfly Feeder

Not exactly a butterfly craft but a DIY project for butterflies.

I bet seeing all the pretty butterflies flittering around this feeder will inspire your kids to make cute butterflies crafts.

You find the instructions for the butterfly feeder at Finding Myself Young.

11. Cardstock Butterfly

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft
11. Cardstock Butterfly (image credit: Canva)

This is adorable!

All you need is cardstock and pompoms. Cut out your shapes and glue them on. You could use a toilet paper roll for the body but rolled up cardstock works well too.

12. Cork Butterfly

Perhaps you’ve been wondering what to do with all those wine bottle corks… turn them into butterflies!

You can also get craft corks from Amazon without having to buy wine.

So, grab a few corks and make cute cork butterflies with your kids. Brought to you by Kids Crafts.

Cork Butterfly Craft and Pony Bead Butterfly Craft
12. Cork Butterflies & 13 Pony Bead Butterflies

13. Pony Bead Butterflies

We definitely have all the things needed for this bead butterfly from Where Imagination Grows! Pipe cleaners and beads. That’s it! I love easy crafts.

Add in the mixture beads with letters and spell out your kid’s name.

Make a bead butterfly with the

  • birthstone colors
  • favorite colors
  • rainbow colors
  • team colors

So many options!

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Easy butterfly crafts entertain your kids from preschoolers to elementary age kids. And maybe even beyond.

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Creative butterfly crafts for kids. Summer fun!

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