Cutest Unicorn Easter Basket Ideas

Unicorns have enchanted kids for a long time and they’re still super popular. It’s no wonder you’re considering putting together a unicorn Easter basket.

So, let’s gallop into the magical world of unicorns to find the cutest ideas for

  • unicorn Easter baskets and
  • unicorn Easter basket fillers.

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How to make the most magical unicorn Easter basket for kids.

Unicorn Easter Baskets

Every Easter basket needs a basket, bucket or something you can put things in. I spent some time looking around and I’m presenting to you my findings.

1. Personalized Unicorn Bin

This cute personalized unicorn Easter basket has it all! Pretty ribbons, fun polka dots, sparkles and bling.

The bin is personalized on both sides so no matter which way you look at it, it’s awesome.

You can fit a quite a lot of stuff in this one which can of course get pricey. But the cool thing about Easter baskets is that you can fill it mostly with Easter grass to make it less expensive but still super fun.

This basket idea might just sparkle an inspiration in you to make one yourself!

2. Personalized Unicorn Easter Bucket

This is lovely! With a ton of color options you are sure to find one that your daughter will love. This unicorn Easter bucket is perfect for storing books, toys and all sorts of treasures.

3. Unicorn Easter Basket Crate DIY

You might be just itching to make your own unicorn basket. And this white crate is a great way to do it!

The chalkboard makes the crate special and totally awesome! Let your creativity soar and draw a unicorn with chalk or write your child’s name.

Decorate the slats with sparkly unicorn stickers or paint swirls and polka dots.

You child will love this crate she can put her toys or extra blankets in it.

4. Unicorn Horn Easter Basket DIY

Seriously? Yes! Cornucopias are not only for harvest time.

Grab one and paint it gold. Glue on flowers for additional fun.

That’s it.


5. Unicorn Plush Easter Basket

Could it get any cuter than this!!

Made with soft fabric this cute and cuddly unicorn plush basket will delight your little unicorn fan. Perfect for preschoolers.

And yes, it can be personalized.

What to Put In Unicorn Easter Basket

If it’s just a basket, it’s not an Easter basket, right?

So, let’s figure out what to put in unicorn Easter basket. I have a list of the coolest unicorn ideas from garden tools to unicorn jokes.

But anything unicorn related or in pastel colors goes.

What to put in unicorn Easter basket. Cute unicorn gift ideas.
Image Permission: Canva

1. Unicorn Bathrobe

This sweet comfy unicorn bathrobe will be your daughter’s favorite! Pick one from several options. It’s a great filler for the basket.

2. Unicorn Accessories Set

It’s like a basket in a bag! Ha ha. And look at all the fun things you’ll get:

  • charm bracelet
  • drawstring backpack
  • coin purse
  • necklace
  • key chain
  • stickers
  • hair ties
  • slap bracelets

You actually don’t even need a basket the drawstring backpack can replace it. But of course you could arrange these unicorn accessories beautifully in any of the adorable basket ideas I mentioned above.

3. Unicorn Dream Catcher

This is BEAUTIFUL! Your daughter will squeal with delight when she sees this unicorn dream catcher in her Easter basket.

The lovely feathers, beads, and ribbons give this dream catcher a sweet dreamy look.

4. Unicorn Slime

For some reason kids love slime! Unicorn lovers will love this sparkly slime kit that will remind them of rainbows and magical times with unicorns.

5. Unicorn Jokes

No corn-y jokes in this unicorn joke book. A perfect and fun addition to a unicorn Easter basket.

Giggle together at the sparkling awesome jokes.

6. Advice From Unicorn

We all could use a little advice from unicorn and live a magical life.

7. Unicorn Mug

Get ready to show your best dance moves with the dancing unicorn! You can actually customize this unicorn mug.

Personalize the other side with your child’s name.

8. Unicorn Party Dress

No party is perfect without a unicorn party dress. A gorgeous dress for those magical moments.

Your daughter will love to dance around in this dress. If pink is not her thing, no worries, there are other styles available as well.

9. Multicolor Unicorn Pen

I had a multicolor pen as a kid and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. It was not even a unicorn multicolor pen but just a plain pen with 10 colors.

I’m thinking that any kid would find these pens fun, especially when they feature magical unicorns.

10. Unicorn Coloring Book

Beautiful unicorn coloring book pages are waiting for your child to make them sparkle.

Whether she likes to color within the lines or outside the lines she’ll have a fabulous time coloring these unicorn pictures.

11. Unicorn Toothbrush

Who would not want to brush teeth with this cool unicorn toothbrush! It even comes with a sand timer to encourage the kids to brush their teeth well.

I checked and yes, replacement brushes are available.

This would be a very fun and practical thing to put in an Easter basket. Brush those teeth after indulging in Easter treats.

12. Personalized Unicorn Night Light

Loving this!

A sweet unicorn night light for your daughter’s room.

This night light works with batteries or with a USB cord, which is included.

Any unicorn fan will love to find this in her Easter basket.

This night light has fun features! It comes with a remote control you can use to choose all the wonderful options.

13. Unicorn Tea Set

With this unicorn tea set you don’t even need a basket! Throw some colorful tissue paper or Easter paper shred in the tea set bag to give it the Easter basket look.

And Easter treats sprinkled here and there make it just perfect.

The tea set is non-toxic and made of durable materials so you and your child can have many tea parties together inside and out in the backyard.

14. Unicorn Gardening Tools

Your little unicorn is ready to help you with the garden this year.

This unicorn gardening tool set has a fun unicorn watering can, shovel, rake and trowel. The little gardening gloves are just the right size for little hands.

Store and carry all the supplies in the cute canvas bag with pockets for all the tools.

Put in the bag also some seeds for your child to plant her very own flower or vegetable garden.

15. Unicorn Games

Nobody wants to step in the poop even if it’s unicorn poop.

Hilarious Don’t Step In It game entertains the young and the old.

How to play: Place the colorful soft clay “poop piles” on the floor mat, spin the spinner, and while blindfolded, take that many steps, trying not to step in the unicorn poop…

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Live a great life and make great memories… the easy way.

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Awesome Easter Baskets for Unicorn Fans
Image Permission: Canva

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