27 Sparkling Fun Unicorn Party Ideas

Unicorns – These magnificent, mystical creatures have fascinated people for centuries.

Today they are more popular than ever. You might have even attended a unicorn birthday party or baby shower. And now you’ll get to host one yourself!

You’ll be inspired by these ideas to throw the most magical unicorn party!

Enter the world of unicorns, dreams and wonder. Gallop over the rainbow and relish desserts covered in sprinkles.

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Unicorn Party Ideas
Image Permission: Canva

Unicorn Party Ideas To Make Your Party Sparkle

Fabulous, glittering fun ideas for your unicorn party.

  1. Stunning Invitations
  2. Sparkling Decorations
  3. Delicious Treats
  4. Magical Games
  5. Epic Favors

1. Stunning Unicorn Party Invitations

Get your guests excited about the party with astonishing invitations.

Let me present you with three different options that all have a special feeling to them.

  1. Magical Day. A gorgeous unicorn invitation from RaspberryPartyCo.
  2. It is PARTY time! Cool Unicorn Invitation from HappyInvitationStore.
  3. Precious Little One.  A super cute Unicorn Invitation from FavouritePrinting

2. Sparkling Decorations

Unicorn parties are all about pretty colors, sparkles, and glitter. Create a magical atmosphere with these fabulous ideas.

1. Unicorn Letters

Spell your child’s name with these adorable Unicorn Letters from MommyCreationsAGS. Adds a great touch to your party.

And as an added bonus: after the party place it on a shelf in your daughter’s room and use it for years to come.

2. Whimsical Unicorn Eggs

Whimsical Unicorn Egg. An adorable unicorn craft.
Whimsical Unicorn Eggs from Real and Quirky

Adorable! I just love these.

Whimsical Unicorn Eggs from Real and Quirky will bring smiles to your guests faces.

Make them before hand to use as decorations or together as a party activity.

These eggs would be awesome at Unicorn Baby Shower!

3. Unicorn Quotes

Inspiring Unicorn Quotes. Cute and funny quotes. (3boysandadog)
Unicorn Quotes from 3 Boys and A Dog

“Be a unicorn in the field of horses”.

Frame cute unicorn quotes and place them on the tables or walls to entertain the party crowd. More cool unicorn quotes at 3 Boys and A Dog.

Or come up with your own quotes… yes, I’m actually going to attempt to say something cool: “Unicorns Sparkle, So Do I”

4. Darling Unicorn Slime Jars

Unicorn Slime Jars
Unicorn Slime Jars DIY from The Best Ideas For Kids

Prepare these delightful unicorn slime jars form The Best Ideas For Kids and use them as decorations. And as you might guess I’ll suggest that you give them as party favors. Your guests will love these. Too cute!

You could make these jars and fill them up with other goodies too like cotton candy or other colorful treats.

5. Stunning Backdrop

Hang this stunning ribbon backdrop behind the cake or gift table or use it as a spectacular backdrop for photos. Your girl will love this one.

Soft layers of beautiful fabric create a truly magical feel.

6. Unicorn Teepee

Turn a kids’ teepee into a special unicorn retreat!

I received this fantastic kids’ teepee from A Mustard Seed Toys. I love it! It’s sturdy and pretty.

Unicorn party ideas: style a teepee! Grey and white striped kids' teepee.
Kids’ teepee from A Mustard Seed Toys

The base of this fabulous teepee is 48×48, and it’s about 62″ tall. A fun special place for the unicorns to gather at the party.

The teepee is made with washable, quality materials. (No toxic chemicals!)

The striped one comes in three colors: pink, navy, and grey.

Decorate the teepee to match your unicorn party!

Teepee for unicorn party. Style a basic teepee with sheers and flowers.
How would you decorate a unicorn party teepee?

Ideas for Teepee decorations

  • lace tablecloth
  • lace curtains
  • chiffon
  • ribbon
  • stars
  • flowers
  • rainbows
  • felt ball garland
  • sign: Unicorn Barn

This teepee will provide hours of fun even after the party!

Check out all the fun teepees at A Mustard Seed Toys. If you purchase from their site, they will also donate one to someone in need.

You can also buy various teepees at their Amazon store: kids teepees.

7. Cupcake Toppers

Unicorn Cupcake Topper Printable
Unicorn Cupcake Topper from Printable Crush

Transform any cupcake into a unicorn cupcake with pretty toppers from Printable Crush. Cupcakes are easy to serve and just the right size of sweetness.

8. Photo Booth Frame

Beautiful frame you can use as a decoration and a photo booth prop. Take adorable photos of the birthday girl and her friends with a Photo Booth Frame from Adoro Studio.

9. Pastel Balloons

Unicorn Party Decorations. Rainbow unicorn party decoration.
Unicorn Balloon Idea from Teach Me Mommy

Simple things can look really pretty.

Balloons in unicorn colors.

Clear jars and serving bowls filled with rainbow colored treats. This lovely idea is from Teach Me Mommy.

10. Adorable Backdrop

This would be a totally cute focal point for the whole party.

The astonishing unicorn paper flower arrangement from WishUponAFlowerShop is amazing.

Use it as a backdrop behind the dessert table and later on in your child’s room.

11. Colorful Lanterns and Pom Poms

  • Colorful lanterns
  • A canopy over the table made with tulle, sheers or plastic table cloths
  • Pillows with pastel pillowcases
  • Rainbow arch over a doorway. You can make this with tulle, sheers, or tablecloths. A little bit wire would be helpful to form the shape.
  • Rainbow cut outs at windows

12. Unicorn Party Kit

Make it easy on yourself and get a unicorn party kit from Target. With these cute ideas you’ll have your party ready in no time.

Use the image as an inspiration for setting up the dessert table.

  1. flutes for holding treats (tie a purple ribbon around the stem)
  2. lace cake stand (you could tape a piece of lace around a regular cake stand
  3. fans and flowers as backdrop

3. Delicious Unicorn Desserts

Bring on the sprinkles!

Got to have desserts at a birthday party. These magnificent creations will charm your birthday girl and her guests.

1. Unicorn Cupcakes, Unicorn Ice Cream, and Unicorn Kisses Cookies

Unicorn Treats: Unicorn Cupcake, Unicorn Ice Cream, Unicorn Kisses Cookies

Unicorn desserts are going to be adorable. Take a look at these Unicorn Cupcakes by Stacey from My Kids Lick the Bowl. She will even show you how to make the unicorn horn!

The super easy recipe for Unicorn Ice Cream is from 3 Boys and a Dog. Even if you are not master baker you can make this unicorn dessert.

Real and Quirky brings you the easy recipe for delicious sparkly Unicorn Kisses Cookies. Kids will love these rainbow cookies!

2. Unicorn Pretzel Sticks, Unicorn Cupcakes, and Unicorn Bark

Unicorn Desserts. Unicorn Pretzels. Unicorn Cupcakes. Unicorn Bark Candy

Another set of wonderful Unicorn Treats.

Candy coated pretzel rods are easy to make and so pretty. They are the perfect treat for a birthday party. Angela from The Inspiration Edit will show you how to make these lovely Unicorn Pretzel Rods.

Unicorn Cupcakes from Teach Me Mommy don’t need frosting. They are cute and sweet without it.

Nerdy Mamma made this awesome Unicorn Bark Candy. Magical food for your magical unicorn party.

3. Unicorn Ice Cream, Unicorn Cupcakes, Unicorn Dough

Unicorn Desserts: Unicorn Ice Cream, Unicorn Cupcakes and Unicorn Dough

Cake or ice cream? You’ll get both in the awesome No-Churn Ice Cream Treat from Spaceships and Laser Beams.

Unicorn Cupcakes with a Cute Cupcake Topper from Artsy Fartsy Mama. You can use any kind of cupcakes when you have unicorn cupcake toppers.

Who wouldn’t want to eat cookie dough. Especially, colorful rainbow Unicorn Cookie Dough. Nerdy Mamma has a fun recipe for you.

4. Unicorn Cupcakes, Unicorn Donuts, Unicorn Cheesecake

Unicorn Desserts: Unicorn Cupcake with and edible horn, Unicorn Donuts, and Unicorn Cheesecake.

Unicorn Cupcakes are popular! The delightful Cupcakes with Edible Cupcake Toppers are from Kimspired DIY. Birthday sweets don’t have to be complicated to look awesome.

Unicorn Donuts! That’s something fabulous!  Savvy Saving Couple will show you how to make these Easy but Stunning Donuts for you unicorn birthday party.

I love cheesecake so of course I’d think that Unicorn Mini Cheesecakes from My Home Based Life are a must for a Unicorn Party.

5. Unicorn Cupcake Toppers

These cute unicorn cupcake toppers turn any cupcake into a unicorn cupcake!

NEW DESIGN!! printable unicorn cupcake toppers

They work well also as favor tags or can be printed on a sticker paper and used for decorating invitations or water bottles etc.

4. Magical Unicorn Games

This party needs magical unicorn games and activities.

1. Unicorn Wishes Bottles

Unicorn Wishes Necklace.
Unicorn Wishes Necklace from Projects with Kids

Sparkling fun Unicorn Wishes Bottles from Projects With Kids. These bottles make great decorations for girls bedrooms.

2. Unicorn Memory Game

Unicorn Memory Game
Unicorn Memory Game from Unicorns, Fairies, Glitter

Unicorns, Fairies & Glitter has a fun Memory Game printable that is just perfect for the younger kids. Play a few rounds of this classic game. Have a splendid time looking for the matching pictures.

This works well also as a party favor.

3. What’s Your Unicorn Name

A beautiful printable poster from Paper Sparkles DIY. It comes with cute badges you can wear at the party.

Every little girl will be so happy to figure out her unicorn name!

Of course, I had to check what my name would be and I am Twinkle Buttercup Dream. What’s your unicorn name?

4. Pin The Horn On The Unicorn

Cover your eyes with a pretty unicorn mask and Pin the Horn On The Unicorn. This game from Big Dot Of Happiness comes with 20 horns and is made of corrugated plastic. Use it more than once!

5. Get Creative – Unicorn T-Shirt

Color your own unicorn t-shirts from The Tigers Trunk. A fun way to keep the girls busy at the party. They can work on art and chat while being creative.

6. Glitter Unicorn Slime

All this slime stuff is so popular now. The recipe from See Vanessa Craft is super simple and will be a fun activity to do at your party.

7. Unicorn Coloring Pages

NEW unicorn coloring pages!

Have fun coloring them at the party! You could also ask the birthday star to color them before the party. Put them in frames and use as party decorations.

8. Make A Stick Unicorn

Loving this! The party guests will have a great time stuffing their own unicorns. Attach to dowels with hot glue and you are ready to gallop over the rainbow.

You can get these adorable unicorns from SEWnSoHandmade.

9. Unicorn Race

Unicorn Games. Unicorn Race.
Image Permission: Canva
  • 5 (or any amount you choose) plastic egg halves for each participant
  • traffic cones or bowling pins
  • Mark a starting point. Place the traffic cones “horns” far away from the starting point.
  • The kids put a half of an egg on top of their heads. Run around the horn and come back to the starting point.
  • They add another egg half on top of the other and go around the horn again.
  • Continue until they have gone around the horn with all the eggs. The one who finishes first is the winner.


5. Epic Unicorn Favors

Send your guests home with magical memories and unicorn party favors!

1. Colorful Unicorn Treat Bags

Easy and inexpensive unicorn party treat bags favor idea from Natural Beach Living. Kids love sweets and they will be excited to receive a goodie bag filled with

  • Colorful marshmallows
  • Rainbow lollipops
  • Cotton candy

2. Unicorn Sugar Scrub

Sweet smelling, attractive Unicorn Sugar Scrub from My Printly. Easy to make, fun to give and so amazing to use.


3. Adorable Unicorn Pouch

Unicorn Craft. Unicorn Favor Bag. DIY Unicorn party. You'll have a great time hosting a unicorn party. I have lots of ideas to inspire you!
Unicorn Pouch from Artsy Craftsy Mom

No Sew Unicorn Pouch. You could make these and use them as favor bags… and instead of a contour stick  put a chapstick or candy inside :).

Another fun way to use this pouch from Artsy Craftsy Mom is to give the pouch supplies along with instructions as a party favor.

4. Cute Unicorn Key Ring

An adorable set of key rings. The girls will be excited to have these hanging from their backpacks!

5. Magical Unicorn Hair Ties

An easy and cheap unicorn party favor: unicorn hair ties. The guests will love these!

6. Tasty Unicorn Popcorn

You have five flavors such as Confetti and Cotton Candy Mix to choose from. Each bag of popcorn from PopCentralPopcorn is sealed for freshness and come with a personalized sticker.



How To Host Magnificent Unicorn Party.
Image Permission: Canva

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