Unicorn Party Games

Unicorn party games create those hilarious moments that turn into fantastic memories. These games and activities are simple to set up and so much fun!

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exciting unicorn party games

1. Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t like fun, swirly straws. These even have a rainbow on them!!

Wrap the straws with cellophane or put them in fun favor bags and tie with ribbons of rainbow colors. Hide the straws in the party area, and send the kids looking for them.

Alternatively, you could print out rainbow images and hide those.

2. Unicorn Scavenger Hunt

If your child likes unicorns with a scoop of humor, these unicorn figurines are spot on for her party. Hide them in the party area, and send the kids looking for them.

Once a child finds one, that unicorn becomes her party favor!

3. Unicorn Memory Game

Unicorn Memory Game
Unicorn Memory Game from Unicorns, Fairies, Glitter (KBN)

Unicorns, Fairies & Glitter has a fun Unicorn Memory Game printable for younger kids. Play a few rounds of this classic game, and have a splendid time looking for the matching pictures.

You could also use this as a party favor. Print every guest their very own unicorn memory game, and put them in little boxes.

4. Rainbow Hop

Hop over the rainbow! Create an obstacle course with colorful pool noodles, streamers, or whatever works for you.

Hopping over them will be a challenge enough for the youngest kids. But if your party group is ready for a challenge, have them balance plastic eggs on spoons while going through the obstacle course.

I found these rainbow honeycombs on Amazon that would be perfect for this game. They are about 20 inches wide and 8 inches high. The little ones could simply run around them ensuring their safety.

5. What’s Your Unicorn Name

Grab a What’s Your Unicorn Name poster from Paper Sparkles DIY. It comes with cute name badges you can wear at the party.

Every little girl will be so happy to figure out her unicorn name!

I had to check what my name would be, and I am Twinkle Buttercup Dream. What’s your unicorn name?

6. Pin The Horn On The Unicorn

Cover your eyes with a pretty unicorn mask and Pin the Horn On The Unicorn.

7. Get Creative – Unicorn T-Shirt

Add an element of creativity to your unicorn party with this fabulous activity!

Chat and color your own unicorn t-shirts. A fun way to keep the girls busy at the party.

8. Glitter Unicorn Slime

All this slime stuff is so popular now. The unicorn slime recipe from See Vanessa Craft is super simple and will be a fun activity to do at your party.

9. Unicorn Coloring Pages

Free unicorn coloring pages (featured two pages: be as unique as... and unicorn party)

NEW unicorn coloring pages!

Have fun coloring them at the party! You could also ask the birthday star to color them before the party. Put her creations in frames and use them as party decorations.

10. Make Your Own Unicorn

Make-your-own unicorn activity will be a hit and spark some magic at the party. The party guests will have fun stuffing their very own unicorns – no sewing required. Each unicorn comes with an adoption certificate and a cute felt heart.

Complete the look with adorable white T-shirts for the unicorns. The kids will have a blast using the included markers to design unique shirts for their unicorns.

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11. Unicorn Wishes Bottles

Unicorn Wishes Necklace.
Unicorn Wishes Necklace from Projects with Kids (KBN)

How fun it would be to have a bottle of unicorn wishes!

The party-goers will love this sparkling fun Unicorn Wishes Bottles activity from Projects with Kids. These bottles are also fantastic party favors and great decorations for girls bedrooms.

12. Unicorn Race

Unicorn Games. Unicorn Race.
Image Permission: Canva

What You Need

  • 5 (or any amount you choose) plastic egg halves for each participant
  • traffic cones or bowling pins

How to Play

  • Mark a starting point. Place the traffic cones “horns” far away from the starting point.
  • The kids put half of an egg on top of their heads. Run around the horn and come back to the starting point.
  • They add another egg half on top of the other and go around the horn again.
  • Continue until they have gone around the horn with all the eggs. The one who finishes first is the winner.

13. Unicorn Freeze Dance

Play the most awesome dance music and have the kids dance like unicorns. When the music stops, they freeze into fun unicorn poses.

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14. Rainbow Bowling

Don’t worry if you don’t have colorful bowling pin. Get creative and use empty water bottles. Wrap ribbon or colorful paper around the bottles to transform them into your very own rainbow bowling pins.

Take turns knocking down the pins and collecting points and prizes.

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