25 Easy Unicorn Crafts To Bring Magic To Your Child’s Day

Let the creativity soar and bring rainbows and sunshine to your child’s day with cute Unicorn Crafts!

She can make gift boxes and rainbow t-shirts. And learn about numbers and shapes with unicorns. And she will know how to draw the cutest unicorn step by step!

Many of these crafts are easy enough for the kids to do by themselves.

And they also work well as a birthday party activity. Keeps the kids busy and gives them something to bring home to spread the magic!

So, bring out the craft materials and start making striking but easy unicorn crafts.

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Easy Unicorn Crafts for Kids

Glittering Fun Unicorn Crafts

Unicorns are unique and so are you.

I have never been very crafty. And whenever I do crafts with my kids I want them to be easy. Whether you are a craft lover or not you’ll find here pretty cool craft ideas to do with your kids.

  1. Marvelous Unicorn Slime Recipes
  2. Easy Unicorn Paper Plate Crafts
  3. Awesome Painting Ideas
  4. Fun Unicorn Coloring Pages
  5. Cute Draw Your Own Unicorn
  6. Stunning Unicorn T-Shirts
  7. Cool Unicorn Puppets
  8. Creative Unicorn Paper Crafts

Marvelous Unicorn Slime

Unicorn Slime DIY

Easy slime recipes anyone can do!

Twisted Unicorn Slime

Little twinkle in the eye, lots of twinkle in the Twisted Slime From The Best Ideas For Kids. Slime does not sound beautiful but this slime certainly is!

Glitter Slime With Contact Solution

Another lovely slime… sounds so weird but it is true. Sparkling fabulous Glitter Slime from Natural Beach Living is fun to make. Make a bunch and give them as party favors.

Unicorn Slime Recipe.

Princess Luna Slime

Princess Luna from my Little Ponies. She is kind of like a unicorn but is actually an alicorn. Alicorns have a horn and wings. At least that is what my daughters told me years ago when I referred to her as a unicorn.

The pretty blue and purple Princess Luna Slime from Schooling Active Monkeys is cool whether she is a unicorn or an alicorn.

Unicorn Poop Slime

Schooling Active Monkeys has also another fun unicorn slime: Unicorn Poop Slime. Interesting. What else can you say!

Easy Unicorn Paper Plate Crafts

Unicorn Paper Plate Crafts

It is amazing what you can make with simple materials. Your kids will have a blast making these paper plate unicorn crafts.

By varying the materials, colors and expressions you can create a variety of unicorns.

Fancy Unicorn

With feathers, sparkles, and paper flowers you can make this Fancy Unicorn Paper Plate Craft from Kids Craft Room

Spunky Unicorn

Colorful mane, those big eyes make this Unicorn looking pretty Spunky. A Paper Plate Craft from Stylish Cravings

Cute Unicorn

Soft colored flowers, glittery cheeks, long eye lashes and you have cuteness! Cute Unicorn Paper Plate Craft from Real and Quirky

Awesome Unicorn Painting Ideas

Unicorn Carfts

All or at least most kids love to paint. The gentle strokes of the brush leaving behind amazing creations. Yeah, maybe many times the paintings aren’t exactly gallery worthy unless we are talking about the gallery in your hall but those paintings are special. They are meaningful.

Painting recognizable unicorns on a rock can require some talent but these watercolor unicorns… all you need to be able to do is to hold a paintbrush or use finger paints! A great craft to do with a tiny tot!

Rock Painting

You can probably do rock painting on the spur-of-the-moment unless it is winter and your rocks are covered with snow. In the tutorial at Ruffles & Rain Boots you’ll also find instructions on how to sketch the unicorn.

Watercolor Unicorns

Bring out the watercolors and paper. It is time to make art! Create magical unicorn scenes. Or paint the paper and cut out unicorn shapes like these in the Watercolor Craft from Rowdy Rascals

Fun Unicorn Coloring PagesUnicorn Coloring Pages

Pretty Unicorn Coloring Pages

Your kids will have a great time coloring these Pages from Natural Beach Living. With those sweet words like “you make me smile” these would be super cute framed and hung up on the wall.

Math with Unicorns

Once your kids have decorated their rooms with the coloring pages you can use the Coloring Pages Numbers 1-5 From Real & Quirky to teach your little ones numbers.

Cute Unicorn Coloring Pages

Unicorn Coloring Pages

I have a cute set of unicorn coloring pages free for you to print. Use them as unicorn party decorations or as a fun party activity.

You don’t even need to sign up to get these 🙂 but of course, I’d be delighted to send you party and activity ideas.


How to Draw a Unicorn

How To Draw a Unicorn

Drawing a Unicorn

You’ll love these step by step instructions on how to draw a unicorn by Koko from Fun Kawaii!! You and your child can draw this cute unicorn in no time! Get creative and make several with various poses and expressions.

Diamonds, Squares, and Triangles

Unicorn Shapes Printable
The Inspiration Edit

Unicorn Shapes

You can learn to draw unicorns, do math with unicorns and learn shapes!

Unicorn Shapes Printable from the Inspiration Edit

Stunning Unicorn T-Shirts

Unicorn Shirts DIY

These crafts are easy if you have the awesome craft tool Cricut. Even if you don’t you could draw and color a cute unicorn on a t-shirt with fabric markers.

Unicorn T-Shirt DIY

I’m sure all the kids would love to wear a t-shirt they made by themselves!

-“Nice shirt.”

-” I made it!!”

Check out the sweet Unicorn Coloring Shirt from Artsy Fartsy Mama

Unicorn Spray Paint Shirt

The rainbow colors on this Unicorn Spray Paint Shirt from Artsy Fartsy Mama are so cool! Who knew that there is such a thing as fabric spray paint!

Cool Unicorn Puppets

Unicorn Crafts. Unicorn Puppets DIY.

I think even the kids nowadays who are used to the digital entertainment would enjoy a puppet show especially one they can put together by themselves. Make these awesome unicorn puppets and then it is show time!

Clothes Pin Unicorn

The clothes pin with the rounded end are just perfect for making easy puppets. You’ll find the tutorial for Clothes Pin Puppets at Kids Craft Room

Easy Unicorn Puppet

I bet you have all the needed materials in your home for these Unicorn Puppets from I Heart Crafty Things. Make them, stick your fingers through the holes and gallop over the rainbow to eat ice cream covered with sprinkles.

Valentine Unicorn Puppet

You don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to make these adorable Valentine Puppets from Artsy Craftsy Mom. Heart shapes are always in and so are these heart shaped unicorns.

Creative Unicorn Paper Crafts

Unicorn Paper Crafts. Unicorn Card. Unicorn Origami. Unicorn Gift Box.

Here it is the whole party: invitations, craft and treat boxes!

Unicorn Card

Your kids could make these cute cards to invite friends over or send them as thank you cards. Unicorn Card from I Heart Crafty Things.

Unicorn Paper Origami

A fun and easy origami would be a perfect unicorn craft to do at a birthday party. You can find the tutorial for this Origami at Pink Stripey Socks

Unicorn Gift Box

Fill these lovely easy to make Unicorn Gift Boxes from Pink Stripey Socks with candy, stickers etc. and hand out as party favors or as a for-no-reason treats.

Unicorn Crafts. Unicorn felt activity. Unicorn Mask. Paper Roll Unicorn and Unicorn Popsicle Holder.

Paper or Felt Unicorn Shapes

Give your unicorns different looks with various mane colors. The kids have a lot of fun putting different expressions on these unicorns faces.

Paper or Felt Unicorn Craft from Artsy Craftsy Mom

Unicorn Mask

Get ready for a unicorn masquerade ball with a pretty Unicorn Mask from Ruffles and Rain Boots.

Unicorn Decor

These cute Paper Roll Unicorns from Kids Craft Room are awesome. Make them in various colors and use them as party decorations or to decorate your child’s room.

Popsicle Holder

No more messy fingers with these Unicorn Popsicle Holder from Spaceships and Laser Beams. Don’t you just love crafts that are super useful too! Though, I have to say it would be hard to mess these up with popsicles…

Unicorn Sugar Scrub

Unicorn Sugar Scrub DIY
Happiness Is Homemade

As a special bonus activity that is not exactly a craft but a fun unicorn activity. A glittering, shimmering Unicorn Sugar Scrub from Happiness is Homemade.

Your kids will have a great time making this beautiful sugar scrub and use it on their hands. Sugar scrub would also be a lovely gift to a friend.

Always Ready For Unicorn Crafts

If you have a child who is crazy about unicorns or just loves to do crafts. Have these materials ready for her. Put together a unicorn craft basket! That way when it is craft time you don’t need to run around looking for craft materials.

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