31 Beautiful Mermaid Party – Under The Sea Ideas

Under the Sea World is an intriguing place with all the colorful plants, fish, and unique imaginary creatures like mermaids. No wonder you have chosen to host a mermaid party.

This birthday party is full of fun activities, and awesome decorations fit for an amazing fantasy world under the sea. Many of these ideas can be done on a small budget.

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Simple mermaid party ideas. Mermaid Party Ideas. Two mermaids hanging out by coral reef

Mermaid Party Ideas

You’ll find here:

  1. Awesome Invitations
  2. Beautiful Decorations
  3. Mermaid Cupcakes and Other Treats
  4. Splashing Fun Games
  5. Lovely Favors

1. Awesome Mermaid Invitations

Mermaid party invitations can be super simple. Seashell, fish, and mermaid cutouts. Make your own or purchase one of the many ready made ones.

a. Cute Mermaid Holding Her Sea Friends

Looking for something different from the typical mermaid tail invitation? You’ll love this one!

Take a look at this adorable mermaid having fun with her under-the-sea friends: mermaid party invitation.

b. Colorful Mermaid Tail

Mermaid tail invitations are fun too! Especially this colorful mermaid birthday invitation with gorgeous font.

2. Beautiful Mermaid Decorations

Though invitations set the initial excitement for the party, the decorations give your party the feeling of being “Under the Sea.”

I know it can get to be expensive to do it all.

To keep it simple, pick a focal point or two, for example, an enchanting entrance and captivating dessert table.

2.1. Enter the World Under the Sea

Create an enchanting entrance with lanterns, pom poms, and balloons. Mix in a few jellyfish lanterns for extra excitement.

Hang the lanterns and pom poms low enough for the kids to really feel like they are “swimming” into a magical world of mermaids.

What colors should you use? Aqua, turquoise, and blue are always a good choice. But you could also combine those colors with pink, purple, gold, and transparent balloons.

The little guests will have fun going through the colorful entrance to reach the mermaid party in the magical world under the sea.

2.2. Easy DIY Mermaid Backdrop

With sheers, tulle, and ribbon you can create a beautiful inexpensive backdrop for your mermaid dessert table.

Put strings of Christmas or fairy lights behind the sheers for added sparkle. Adorn the whole thing with seashells and pearls.

Grab the backdrop materials:

2.3. Beautiful Under the Sea Backdrop

Why have only one backdrop when you can have two. Place this 7×5 ft beautiful Under the Sea World backdrop somewhere in the party area and use it as a photo backdrop.

You could hang sheers, satin, or tulle on both sides to frame this beauty.

2.4. Treasure Chest

A real attention grabber: a treasure chest lined with tulle and filled with

  • pearls
  • chocolate coins
  • rings
  • tiaras
  • bracelets
  • bubbles

Place a the trunk on a table and you’ll have mermaids gathered around it in no time.

Use it to display game prizes or party favors!

2.5. Cute Mermaid Quotes

Once you have picked your focal points you can add the small details that make the party even more amazing.

Mermaid Quotes. Mermaid Kisses & Starwish Wishes.
Image used with permission from Artsy Momma

Frame cute mermaid images and quotes to delight your birthday girl and her friends.

You can find fun mermaid printables at Artsy Momma or you could come up with your own quotes. Maybe your daughter has a few sweet mermaid quotes too.

2.6. Mermaid Eggs

Mermaid Birthday Party Decoration: Mermaid Eggs DIY.
Image permission: Mermaid Eggs DIY by Adventure In A Box

What a cute idea! Mermaid eggs! This easy Mermaid DIY project is from Adventure In A Box.

Find out how how to make these pretty mermaid eggs. Use them as party decorations or favors. These would be perfect also for a Mermaid Baby Shower!

2.7. Mermaid Dream Catcher DIY

Mermaid Dreamcatcher DIY
Image permission: Red Ted Art

Dream catchers are pretty popular. Make a few to display at the party or put together mini size dream catchers to be used as party favors. You’ll find the Mermaid Dream Catcher instructions at Red Ted Art.

This would be a fun mermaid party activity!

2.8. Twirls and Polka Dots

You can easily create a magical feel to your mermaid party by hanging polka dot garlands from the ceiling. Or use them as a backdrop behind the gift table.

These garlands are easy and inexpensive to make yourself.

2.9. Fish and Sea Weed

Mermaid Party Decorations. Fish And Sea Weed Under the Sea Decoration.

And don’t stop with polka dots. Hang up streamers or attach fish cutouts to curling ribbon and it will look like you are surrounded by a school of fish.

The little mermaids at your party will love to hang out with the fish.

Free Under the Sea party printables. Currently, unavailable. A new design is coming. Use the printables to make invitations and decorations for your awesome mermaid party.

2.10. Mermaid World

Magic Mermaid World Cutouts. Mermaid Paper Dolls. DIY. Printable.
Picture permission: Hattifant

Sweet Mermaid World printable from Hattifant. Print and color. Simple Fun.

Maybe your daughter would like to color hers before the party and display it as a decoration. Or this could also be a party activity and the girls could each color their own set.

2.11. Pearls, Tiaras and All the Twinkling Jewels

Mermaid Party Decorations.

I keep mentioning tulle but it really can add some nice texture to your party. Use tulle and sateen as table runners with pearls, tiaras and other jewels as centerpieces.

Sprinkle seashells on the tables.

Use blue mason jars for holding silverware.

3. Mermaid Cupcakes and Other Sweets

I have several yummy treats for you to choose from. Or if you are like me you will have a table full of sweet treats.

3.1. Mermaid Cupcakes

Sprinkle your party with yummy mermaid tail cupcakes from The Soccer Mom Blog. I love the cute fondant mermaid tails! And they don’t seem that complicated to make either.

3.2. Mermaid Smoothie Bowl

This mermaid smoothie from In the Kids Kitchen proves that birthday party food can be healthy and tasty. Blueberries give it the nice color that goes so well with this mermaid party under the sea.

Mermaid Cupcake. Mermaid Smoothie.

3.3. Under The Sea Banana Treats

Easy to make, fun to eat Banana Treats from Crayons and Cravings. A sweet treat and an awesome alternative to ice cream!

3.4. Chocolate Mermaid Tails

Glittering Chocolate Mermaid Tails from Stylish Cravings will look amazing at your dessert table. The kids will enjoy this special treat.

Mermaid Party Food. Mermaid Chocolate and Mermaid Banana Treats.

3.5. Clam Shell Cookies

With the little pearl inside the clam shell these mermaid cookies from Crayons and Cravings are a real treat! Make them in various colors to match your theme and you’ll have a dessert that makes your dessert table super cute.

3.6. Starfish Cookies

Adorable! I admire those who can make cookies to look like this. Fill a platter with Starfish Cookies from In The Kitchen With Kids and watch them disappear…

3.7. Mermaid Freak Shake

With this Mermaid Shake from The Soccer Mom Blog no other desserts are needed. It is loaded with everything from milkshake to rock candy with a donut in between. Talk about sugar rush!

The mermaids might swim circles around you but they will have a fabulous time enjoying these treats.

3.8. Mermaid Popcorn

What makes this mermaid popcorn from Red Ted Art special is the cool wrapping around it. Popcorn served in style. You could always throw in some sprinkles and M&M’s to add some color to the popcorn.

Mermaid Cookies. Mermaid Shake. Mermaid Popcorn. Clam Cookies.

4. Splashing Fun Mermaid Games

Set up a few fun game and activity stations for the kids to have a splendid time!

Mermaid Games

4.1. Mermaid Tail Hop

What would it feel like to walk with a mermaid tail? This fun Mermaid Tail Hop game is brought to you by Crafty Moms Share. All you need is pillow cases or sacks and you are ready to race like a mermaid.

4.2. Mermaid Scavenger Hunt

Hide under the sea items in the party room. Give each participant a list of things they need to find.

  • pearls
  • seashell
  • fish
  • rock
  • crab
  • mermaid

4.3. Seashell Memory Game

This seashell sensory bin from Natural Beach Living is intended for letter matching but you could turn it into a memory game. Draw images or letters on shells. Place upside down and play like you would any memory game.

4.4. Under the Sea Bingo

Bingo cards with sea creatures, seashells as bingo chips and you are ready to start a mermaid bingo. Make your own or get a free under the sea under the sea bingo printable from Artsy Fartsy Mama. This game will entertain your party crowd.

4.5. Mermaid Yoga

Tread in the water like a mermaid and other easy mermaid yoga poses from Kids Yoga Stories. This would be the relaxing, fun activity to do in the middle of all the running around.

4.6. Musical Seashells

Draw giant size seashells and cut them out. Tape them to the chairs. Set up the chairs in a circle and turn on the music. Play just like you would musical chairs.

4.7. Freeze Swim

Play just like you would freeze dance. Dance and “swim” around while the music is playing. When the music stops: freeze.

4.8. Crab Walk Relay

Make a relay course by using pool noodles. Anchor a pool noodle arch to the ground and hang strips of streamer from it for sea weed.

You could set up a few arches in a row for each team to crawl under.

4.9. Obstacle Course

Crab walk could be also part of an obstacle course. Along with a bean bag toss. Popping balloons. Finding a treasure in a shipwreck.

4.10. Story Time

Not exactly a game. But could be a nice quiet activity or turn it into an action-filled activity and choose a girl or two to act out the story.

Plenty of mermaid stories to choose from. Throw a few starfish or seashell-shaped pillows on the floor for cute seating; and go on magical journeys with mermaids.

5. Beautiful Mermaid Crafts

Beautiful, Easy, Fun Mermaid Crafts for Under the Sea Party

5.1. Adorable Seashell Headband

Any little girl would love to make this cute seashell headband. Your birthday girl and her friends will have a great time making and wearing these special mermaid headbands from GrowingUpGabel.

5.2. Easy Fun Mermaid Puppets

I like easy crafts and this fits the description. Make these awesome mermaid paper bag puppets from Buggy And Buddy.

It will be fun to see what kind of mermaids the kids will make. Once they are done it is time to have a puppet show!

5.3. Mermaid Tail Craft

This simple and pretty mermaid tail craft is brought to you by Stylish Cravings. With colorful circle cutouts you can create cute mermaid tails!

Mermaid Games and Activities. Mermaid Tail Craft. Mermaid Slime. Seashell Necklace DIY

5.4. Mermaid Tail

Another mermaid tail. This one you can wear! You’ll find a mermaid tail tutorial at Hattifant. Make the mermaid tails and let the mermaid swimming competition begin!

5.5. Mermaid Slime

No party is complete without slime. Kids love that stuff. And the mermaid slime from Crayons And Cravings won’t disappoint. Make it together, play with it together, or give as party favors.

5.6. Shell Necklace

Beautiful shell necklaces for beautiful mermaids. They will have a great time decorating these shell necklaces from Pink Stripey Socks.

6. Lovely Mermaid Party Favors

When all the games are played and desserts eaten it is time to send the guests home with lots of fun memories and maybe a goodie bag or cute party favor.

6.1. Bucket of Fun

Fill a mini bucket or treasure chest with items any mermaid needs:

A cute mermaid party favor idea!

Mermaid Party Favors. Mermaid Bath Bomb, Mermaid Sugar Scrub, Mermaid Soap6.2. Mermaid Bath Bombs

Lovely, easy to make mermaid bath bombs from Steam Powered Family. The little mermaids will enjoy taking a bath that has this bomb in it. Lots of fun.

6.3. Mermaid Sugar Scrub

All that swimming can really dry up your skin. This beautiful mermaid sugar scrub will gently soften the skin. It is brought to you by Sugar Spice and Glitter

6.4. Mermaid Soap

Another awesome idea from Sugar Spice and Glitter is mermaid tail soaps. Just don’t mix them up with the mermaid tail chocolate… It might be fun to rub chocolate on your hands but soap in your mouth, not so much fun.

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