Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn, jelly beans… Did we come across town for this?

Welcome to Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Dinner Party!

A FREE Charlie Brown Thanksgiving quiz is waiting for you here.

This a fun thanksgiving idea for kids and the whole family! Let’s invite a friend or two, and they will be surprised…

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Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Host a fun-filled Charlie Brown party! This is a great fall family tradition that will bring a smile on your face!

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Ideas

We have had Charlie Brown Thanksgiving a few times.

Usually, it was just us, but last year we decided to surprise our friends… well, the wife and daughter knew about it, but the husband didn’t.

He is quite the Charlie Brown fan, so it was charming to see his face and to hear his laughter when he realized what was going on…

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Quiz Printable. This party is easy fall family fun!

1. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Invitations

If the theme is not a surprise, send invitations like these cute Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Invitations.

Your guests will be delighted to receive these invites and get in the party mood immediately.

If the theme is a surprise, you can just simply invite friends over for dinner.

2. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Decorations

Since this party usually happens in the fall, you probably have your fall decorations up.


You are almost all set…

Thanksgiving for Kids. Celebrate the fall with Charlie Brown Party. Different chairs at the table. Boat napkins

We had a different chair for everyone… and yes, that is a beach chair. My husband sat in it. He wanted to be Franklin.

You might want to add some theme-fitting things like:


3. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Food

This is easy! All you need is toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn, jelly beans, and ice cream.

Who would not love to cook this kind of Thanksgiving Dinner!

Fast, easy, and cheap!

And let’s not forget: pretty yummy!!

Did We Come Across Town For This? Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Dinner: toast, pretzel sticks, jelly beans, popcorn and ice cream.

Kid-approved Thanksgiving dinner!

We used paper plates since we wanted to do what Snoopy did: toss the plates.

It was funny! You should have seen our guest of honor’s face when the plate was flung in front of him.

Remember to play awesome background music as the guests arrive and during the Dinner.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Soundtrack is a perfect choice!

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Fun family fall ideas. Your kids will love this awesome fall tradition. Snoopy with a chef's hat, popcorn, jelly beans.

4. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Activities

Simple and fun!

Watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

For us, the party has always been about the food and watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving video.

This story is cute and so typical of Charlie Brown. Love it.

2. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Quiz

How much do you know about Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving?

Let’s find out!

Free Charlie Brown Thanksgiving quiz.

3. Guess the Amount

How many jelly beans are in a jar.

Easy, easy, easy. I love easy-to-set-up games.

  • Just buy a bag or two of jelly beans and put them in a jar.
  • The one whose guess is the closest wins the pot of jelly beans!

4. Play Tag Football

Toss football, play tag football and prepare a football scavenger hunt. Just have fun with a football.

5. Take Photos

Take hilarious photos with Peanuts photo props!

Or use Thanksgiving photo props. Wear a pilgrim’s hat or hold a sign that says “gobble gobble ’till you wobble.”

Put a Charlie Brown wall decal on the wall and take pictures with Charlie! This one is a pretty good size.

It would not be a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving without a group photo with Charlie!

5. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Outfits

What to wear to a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Dinner?

Come as you are, or dress like one of the characters!

You could also wear this fun Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Dinner T-shirt with an image of the whole group at the Thanksgiving table.

There you go. The easy Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party!



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