Christmas Fun – Barbie Christmas Party

What makes Christmas perfect?

Is it the silver bells in the city (one of my favorite Christmas songs) or sleigh rides in the snow.

Barbie and her sisters have their ideas about the perfect Christmas. Of course, things don’t always go as planned but it still ends up being a Christmas to be remembered.

Host a fun-filled Christmas party for your kids with ideas based on Barbie: A Perfect Christmas and Barbie In a Christmas Carol videos.

Your kids will have a splendid time watching the movies and playing the fun Christmas games. Maybe you want to join them or just keep them busy while you are taking a moment to read a book, wrap presents or entertain your friends.

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Barbie Christmas Party. Christmas fun on budget!

Barbie Christmas Party – Christmas Fun For Kids

Christmas fun is on its way with theses ideas. This party is easy and does not cost much either.

1. Barbie Christmas Movies

If you are going to have a Barbie movie marathon Christmas party you will need the movies.

  • Barbie: A Perfect Christmas
  • Barbie in a Christmas Carol

There is also a third Barbie Christmas movie called Barbie in the Nutcracker. You can buy all three in a Holiday Collection.

I’m pretty sure most of us know what the Barbie in Christmas Carol is going to be about.

In this case a young lady, Eden, is visited by Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Through her experience she will learn some valuable lessons of friendship and kindness.

Barbie:  A perfect Christmas is about Barbie and her three sisters who are getting ready to go to have a perfect Christmas in New York with Aunt Millie.

Will they get there?

Is it going to be amazing?

2. Easy Christmas Party Decorations

So this one is super easy if you already have your house decorated for Christmas. Nothing else is needed. Unless you want to add items from the movies like

  • snow globe (Catherine’s present to Eden in Christmas carol)
  • husky stuffed animals (in Perfect Christmas)
  • sleigh (Eden and Catherine went on sleigh ride in Christmas Carol)
  • sea lion (Chelsea, Barbie’s sister wanted to see sea lions)
  • mirrors (Aunt Marie – the Christmas ghost had those)
  • white cat (Chuzzlewit, Eden’s cat from Christmas Carol)
  • ice skates (Stacie, Barbie’s sister wanted to go ice skating)

3. Crumpets and Hot Chocolate

Barbie Christmas Party Food

“And look, they put on too much butter. It’s pooling, pooling, Catherine.” – Eden

Though Eden in Christmas Carol did not like her crumpets that were “pooling” with butter you can put as much butter on yours as you’d like.

I did not take the time to make crumpets. We used bicuits instead. And they were delicious.

Christmas Party Food.

We also served

  • hot chocolate
  • snicker doodles
  • chocolate
  • cheese
  • ham

4. Christmas Party Games

Besides watching the movies the girls played Christmas games that were inspired by the movies. Play some in between the movies too so the kids don’t have to be still for so long.

1. Pin Hat on Chuzzlewitt

Christmas Games For Kids. Pin the Hat on the Cat.

Chuzzlewit – the spoiled cat with an attitude.

He belonged to Eden in Barbie in a Christmas Carol. He’s quite chubby so that picture above does not really give you the right idea but this video of him “singing” Jingle Bells will:

2. Wrap the Presents Relay

Christmas Party Games

Another easy Christmas fun activity.

All you need is a few items for each team or player to wrap, wrapping paper, tape, and ribbon.

Set a time and see how many they can wrap or see which team can wrap the presents in the shortest amount of time.

Extra points for pretty presents :).

3. Feed the Sea Lion

Feed the Sea Lion. Barbie Christmas Party Game.

Chelsea, the youngest sister, had her heart set on seeing the sea lions. That would be the perfect Christmas for her.

You’ll need

  • Tri-fold Display Board
  • Bean Bags
  1. Draw a sea lion on a tri-fold display board.
  2. Cut out an opening for the mouth.

“Feed” the sea lion with bean bag “fish”.

4. Find the Presents

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

Go on a Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt.

Use real presents or paper cut outs. Either way the kids will have fun looking for the presents.

Looking for Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clue cards?

5. Christmas Charades or Pictionary

Christmas Pictionary or Charades

A simple game that still entertains.

For charades all you need is a list of words or sentences for the kids to act. If they prefer the pictionary style then a white board comes handy.

Write down Christmas words or sentences on paper slips. Put them in a stocking or a paper bag – “Santa’s gift sack”.

6. Sing and Dance

Christmas Karaoke and Dance Party.

After watching a couple of movies it is time to get moving.

Turn on your Christmas play list and your blinking, twinkling Christmas lights and dance.

Sing Christmas songs. If you have Karaoke equipment, use that. I’m sure there will be some kids in the party who would love to have the opportunity to be a star.

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5. Sweet Party Favors

Christmas Party Favors. Snow Globe. Candy Cane.

A sweet ending to your Christmas Fun – Barbie Christmas Party:

1. Cute Snow Globe

The scene of falling snow is enchanting. Your kids and their guests will love to receive a pretty snow globes. You can find cheap ones at dollar stores. Put them in tiny gift boxes and you are all set.

2. A Candy Cane with a Note

Candy canes – pepper mint, strawberry or many of the other sweet flavors will do. Make them perfect with a lovely note that says:

“It’s a perfect Christmas. ‘Cause I’m with you!”

(Barbie – It’s a Perfect Christmas)

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Barbie Christmas Party for Kids

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