12 Amazing Fun-Filled Family Night Ideas

Time for a Family Night!

Making Memories Togehter As Family
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Create special memories with these fun-filled family time ideas. Though I love the spontaneous every day moments with kids, it is also also good to have special family fun nights.January: Game Night

Let’s start the year by playing some board games and eating delicious Winter Popcorn!

Prepare this yummy, easy-to-make pop corn mix: Olaf’s Winter White Chocolate Popcorn from Leggings ‘n’ Lattes!

Gather around your favorite board games or try something new: Family Board Games!

Check out also my post about the best Winter Themed Board Games! And you never go wrong with awesome Minute to Win It Games! Easy fun with items that you just might already have.

These winter themed board games are so cool! | Snow Day | Indoor Activities for Kids | #rainyday #kidsactivities #boardgames

February: Paint Time

Bring out the brushes, watercolors and paper! You’ll have a blast painting together on your next Family Night.

You can find inexpensive canvas and paint at WalMart, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s etc. Paint winter scenes or maybe you could already get ready for the summer and spring and make some beautiful art to hang up once the weather warms up.

Get a big roll of paper and make a wall mural together!

Prepare a fruit/vegetable platter for snacking:

Fairy Art Party | Art Party Food | Click through for Ideas for your next Fairy Party! | Fairy Party Games | Fairy Party Activities | Fairy Party Food |

You could enjoy your snacks from these adorable paint palette paper plates!

If your artist are little fairies, they might enjoy the ideas at Fairy Art Part post Cute games and activities to make your tiny artist’s day sparkle.

March: Cooking Night

You will have such a great time cooking together. Involve your kids in planning the meal and preparing it. It could be an unusual combination if everyone gets to have a say. Maybe you will go all fancy with table settings etc. or not so fancy and have a picnic under the table.

Whatever you choose to do I’m sure it is going to be a great night of working side by side talking and laughing.

These Tabletopics conversation starters will keep the chatting going and maybe you’ll learn things about each other that you did not know before. The cube has 135 questions, some silly and some thought-provoking.

April: Game Night

Time for another fun family game night. Let me introduce an easy Finnish board game: The Star of Africa. This game is for 2-6 players and the goal of the game is to find the Star of Africa and bring it back to one of the home cities.

You’ll move around the board by throwing dice. You either pay or throw the dice to flip over discs (that have been placed upside down on the board at the beginning of the game) in search of the Star.

If you find other gemstones you will receive more money, an empty disc does nothing.

When I was a kid you could get stuck on an island if you met a thief who took all your money but there was an amendment to the game some years ago to change that. No more losing the game by being stranded on an island.

I do not know whether this game box contains English instructions but you can find them here. (I have an older version of the game which I bought in Finland)

While playing this Finnish game about Africa you could munch on some Finnish candy. I found some in Amazon. The price is quite high but hey, if it just for this one time…

Dumle, the soft toffee covered with milk chocolate. Really good!

Tutti Frutti, the yummy fruity candy.

Salmiakki – the salty licorice. Every Finn likes this stuff. This is one of the milder tasting salmiac. My American hubby thinks they all taste the same… bad. But my girls like them and so do I.

May: Karaoke Night

This could be such an amazing night of singing and dancing together.

Before you begin all the performing fun prepare these yummy microphone cupcakes from Skip To My Lou.

You don’t need a karaoke machine or a microphone but it does help to create the right atmosphere.

There are numerous karaoke apps for you to choose from.

This microphone can be used with iPhones, Androids and PCs. You can connect it with a cable or bluetooth. Choose from 7 colors!
Pick your songs and start singing!

Family Night Ideas for Making Memories.
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June: Summer Olympics

Turn your backyard into an Olympia Stadium and have a super fantastic time with the family!

Grab punch of pool noodles from a dollar store and use those to create Pool Noodle Hurdles from I Can Teach My Child and other olympic game ideas from PBS.

These games will provide hours of entertainment even after the family fun time!

All that running and hopping will make you thirsty. This refreshing Tropical Strawberry Lemonade from Our Family World is the perfect way to celebrate the victories!

July: Dance Party

You could have a good ol’ square dance or play whatever music gets your body moving. Maybe for this one you’ll even invite extended family so you can have a bigger crowd!

Host the dance party outside!

All Time Favorite Square Dances With Calls

Kids Dance Music

Serve some fun kid approved drinks like Moonlight Delight found in this Fun-Filled Cruise Themed Birthday Party.

August: Glow In the Dark Games

August would be the perfect time to play some glow in the dark games. Still nice and warm… most times and it gets darker little earlier so no need to stay up too late with little ones.

Check out the cool Glow In The Dark Scavenger Hunt from DIYadultation.

15 Classic Glow In The Dark Games from Happily Ever Mom.

And with this glow set you have something for everyone: glasses, bracelets, flower balls, necklaces….

September: Go For a Hike

It does not have to be a long hike… a hike in the neighborhood or a nearby park is fun too for little ones. Collect some leaves, sticks, and rocks. Takes pictures and make a collage with all the things you found.

Or host a Fantastic Fall Party! A party that also includes cleaning and getting the house ready for the fall! You will love the delicious caramel acorns… just saying.

Caramel Acorns for the Fall Party for Kids. Lots of Fall Party Ideas.

I think you would also love the ideas in the cool Fall Bucket List for the Whole Family.

October: Game Night

It is time to make pop corn!

I love the plain buttery, salty pop corn but I know there are a lot of kids out there who would love to indulge in this Harvest Caramel Corn.

If that is little too sweet for you mix your pop corn with pretzel sticks, m&m’s, and maybe a few pumpkin candies.

Bring out the family favorite board games and let the game night begin!

Kings of Mithril: build your mines and forts, and guard the shores. A tactic game for ages 8 and up.

Ring Game: Match the rings with the picture. Who is the fastest? These games really get my heart rate up so maybe that counts as exercise. You need to match the correct color and shape!!

November: Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Toast, pretzel sticks, jelly beans… sounds like a dinner!

You’ll have a wonderful time preparing and enjoying this special Thanksgiving dinner as a family.

See all the ideas in a fun easy Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party.

Make cookies and other goodies together to deliver to neighbors.

Prepare gifts for grandparents – they’ll love to receive gifts made by grandchildren.

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