Fall Bucket List Ideas for the Whole Family

Falling leaves, crisp air, cozy scarves, apple cider and donuts. This season has so much to offer and I hope that these fall bucket list ideas will help you to celebrate this beautiful time of the year.

These fall fun ideas are great for the whole family!

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Fantastic Fall Bucket List

Get ready for indoor and outdoor fun this fall!

1. Make or Buy a Fall Wreath

Set the mood at the entrance. Adorn the door with a beautiful wreath. This could be a fun DIY family project. And you don’t need to stop at the front door.

How about a wreath also on the door leading from garage into the house. That is often the way most of us get into the house.

And I’m sure the kids would love to have a handmade wreath on their room doors too.


2. Have A Fall Picnic In The Park

Bring out your cozy, warm fall outfits and have a picnic in the park.

Enjoy apple cider and donuts and take some awesome pictures.

Maybe you can even bring along card games or if it gets chilly stay warm by playing the good game that never goes out of style: tag.

3. Apple Picking

Fun activity to be enjoyed as a family or with a group of friends. After picking apples bake an apple pie together or make delicious apple sauce.

4. Corn Maze

Is there a better way to spend an afternoon or evening than trying to find your way out of a corn maze.

Fall Bucket List Ideas. Have fun in the corn maze.

Just a word of advice: go when the corn field is dry… not fun when your shoes get all muddy. Or wear rain boots.

I know some people who are very competitive and would love to see who can get out of the maze fastest. Split into teams and let the fun begin.

5. Bonfire

Gather your family and friends and roast marshmallows and drink delicious warm cocoa by the fire. Tell funny stories, talk about the summer, make plans for the fall…

6. Glow in the Dark Games

It gets dark pretty early so this is the perfect season to bring out the glow in the dark sticks, bracelets etc. and play some fantastic glow in the dark games!

7. Fall Festival

Attend a fall festival.

  • hay bales
  • pumpkins
  • face painting
  • games
  • maybe even some good ol’ square dancing.
Fall Bucket List Ideas. Go to a fall festival: apple cider, fall pastries, pumpkin patch, hay bales.
Image Permission: Canva

8. Hayride

Talking about hay… it is not a fall without a hayride unless hay makes you sneeze then it might not be the best choice.

9. Horse Back Ride

Once during a trip to a pumpkin patch/hayride, I learned an easy way to remember the difference between hay and straw. Straw begins with an “s” so does sleep. Horses sleep on straw. Okay, maybe most of you already knew that.

Anyhow, go for a trail ride, enjoy the colorful foliage and crisp air. A wonderful way to spend a leisurely afternoon.

10. Road Trip

If you have a special place you go in the summer, visit that place in the fall and see how different it looks.

Or take a trip and stop at various places such as an orchard, lake, pumpkin patch, cafe.

Take cool family photos at every stop.

Fall Bucket List Ideas. Take a road trip to admire the awesome foliage. Stop at an orchard, pumpkin patch, donut shop
Image Permission: Canva

11. Fall Family Pictures

Seriously, this is something I should have done. We have been terrible about taking family photos. Ton of pictures of the kids but the whole family… not so much.

Hire a photographer or just ask a neighbor to take a picture or two. And with the amazing technology we have nowadays it is easy to take the pictures without additional helper.

Get creative with this one! Funny pictures, formal pictures, cute pictures…

12. Game Night

All the fun does not need to happen outside. Host a game night, serve various kinds of popcorn. And play board games, fall pictionary, or charades.

Fall Bucket List Ideas. Host a game night!
Image Permission: Canva

13. Fall Outfits

Go shopping for new fall clothes and accessories. Or create new combinations with the clothes you already have.


14. Scarves

Kids often like to make the no-sew scarves! That would be a fun activity for an autumn day. If you have a kid who likes to knit then a knitted scarf would also be a great project.

The scarves make great Christmas presents too.

15. Fall Party

We like to have a fall party on the First Day of Fall. The day varies by year. In 2019 it is the 23rd.

Fall Party with all the cleaning and decorating, games and fun serves as the opening day for the fall season. Check it out!

Caramel Acorns for the Fall Party for Kids. Lots of Fall Party Ideas.

In this Fall Party post you find the easy recipe for the yummy caramel acorns. They are so easy to make that anyone can help with these!

16. Fall Puzzles

A simple way to spend time as a family or hang out with your friends. Listen to music, chat and work on puzzles.

500 piece lovely fall scene by the lake with a gazebo and light house

17. Pumpkin Pancakes

Imagine waking up to the smell of the pumpkin spice!

OK… maybe that’s not going to happen to you unless your kids are older but imagine THEM waking up to the smell of the pumpkin spice.

A yummy way to start a beautiful fall day.

18. Thankful Tree

As we get closer to Thanksgiving we begin to think about the things we are thankful for.

Make a Thankful Tree

  • a few branches in a pot filled with sand
  • leaf shaped paper slips that you all can write what you are thankful for
  • attach them to the branches


  • a tree trunk and branches of card stock attach to the wall
  • card stock leaves

19. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party

This is so much fun. And easy! The kids will love to have toast, pop corn, pretzels, and jelly beans for dinner.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Fun family fall ideas. Your kids will love this awesome fall tradition.
Image Permission: Canva

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party is a sweet tradition to have with your family. Invite a few friends over too and have an awesome evening of laughter.

20. Fall Fun Package For a Friend

Surprise a friend or neighbor with a fall fun package. Fill a basket full of goodies

  • apples
  • card games
  • scarf
  • candy corn
  • pop corn
  • gift card
  • pumpkin spice
  • fall essential oil
  • pumpkin bread
  • thankful journal
  • invitation to Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party
  • fall pillow
  • fall mug
  • apple cider
  • tea

Fall Bucket List Printable

A handy fall bucket list printable with indoor and outdoor activities!

currently unavailable…

Fantastic Fall Bucket List Ideas! A special list for moms :)
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Fun Fall Bucket List the Whole Family Will Enjoy.

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