Cute Halloween Decorations

Make Halloween fun for your kids with these cute, not too scary Halloween decorations.

From friendly ghosts to fun flying bats, you’ll be sure to be inspired by these Halloween decor ideas.

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Cute Halloween Decoration Ideas

A fun Collection of Not Scary Halloween Decorations

Yeah, I know Halloween is about scary stuff but some of us like things more on the cute and not so scary side.

Whether it is decorations or Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Family I’ve got you covered.

1. Cute Ghost Door Hanger for Halloween

Cute Ghost Door Hanger for Halloween (chalkboardpolkadots)
Ghost Halloween for Door from Chalkboard PolkaDots

Boo! Greet the guests or trick or treaters with an adorable not so scary ghost.

This sparkly ghost with a festive ribbon around its neck is a fun way to decorate your front door. It would look pretty awesome behind a dessert table too.

If you are crafty you could DIY too.

  • Just get a craft foam ball for the head, tulle, wired ribbon, black felt for eyes, and a ribbon for forming a loop for hanging up the ghost.
  • Make ghosts in various sizes and hang all over the house.
  • This is a project you can do with your kids.
  • It won’t even require any special tools. (Hot glue gun comes handy in attaching the felt eyes but they should also stay with regular white glue.)

But if you like it the easy way, get the pretty ready-made one Ghost Door Hanger from Chalkboard PolkaDots.

2. Adorable Black Cat in A Pumpkin

Cute Black Cat Halloween Decoration (lollipopsgalore)
Cute Black Cat Halloween Decoration from Lollipops Galore

Your kids will love this cute black cat peaking from a pumpkin.

The smiling pumpkin and adorable cat combo makes your yard look so sweet this Halloween.

The kitty decor is made with vinyl and is weather resistant. It is a perfect outdoor Halloween decoration for those who are looking for something not scary.

It comes on a wooden stake you can easily push into the ground.

Get your cute Halloween black cat from Lollipops Galore

3. Happy Halloween Signs


Not Scary Halloween Decoration Signs
Happy Halloween Signs from Amazon

Cheap and easy Halloween decoration idea. I like the sound of that!

These signs will look great hanging at the door or from your porch ceiling. 

Or bring them indoors and hang on the walls to give your home the Happy Halloween look.

Get your set of Happy Halloween Signs from amazon.

4. DIY Felt Ornaments

DIY Cute DIY Halloween Felt Decorations.
Halloween Felt Ornament Pattern from Ginger Sweet Crafts

What a fun idea!

These felt ornaments look like Halloween cookies!

Gather your friends for a pre-Halloween party and make these cute DIY Halloween decorations together.

When you purchase the pattern you’ll also get a great tutorial with step by step instructions on making the ornaments.

Order your Halloween DIY Ornament Pattern from Ginger Sweet Crafts and get ready to make felt pumpkins, cats, bats, ghosts, and candy corns.

You might want to have some edible Halloween cookies too for your Halloween sewing party.

5. Flying Bats

Cute Outdoor Halloween Decoration: Bats (bigdotofhappiness)
Bats from Big Dot of Happiness

“Echo, echo, echo, echolocation, I find my prey, I find my way…” That song from JumpStart was stuck in my head a long time when my daughter used to sing it years ago.

These bats are not too scary to be seen on your porch…especially on a beautiful sunny day like the one pictured above.

Hang up the bats outdoors or have them flying around the house to create a Halloween look in your home.

Get your Halloween Bats today from Big Dot of Happiness

Want to hear the “echolocation” song? Here you go:

6. DIY Halloween Balloon Swag

Halloween Birthday Balloon Swag DIY (banziballoons)
Halloween Balloon Swag DIY from Banzi Balloons

Celebrating a birthday on Halloween?

This cute balloon collection can be turned into a fun Halloween Balloon Swag.

I’ve never attempted to make one but I read the reviews and one happy customer said that she was assured it would be easy, and it was!

A great Halloween DIY project for those who like to make stuff.

Get the fun Balloons and step by step instructions from Banzi Balloons and start working on your balloon swag.

7. Halloween Pumpkin Train

Halloween Pumpkin Train With
Halloween Pumpkin Train from Amazon

Choo, Choo!

Get a cute Pumpkin train to adorn your mantel or dinner table. Toss a few candy corn pieces around it just like in the picture above.

This Halloween decor is sure to bring smile to your kids and guests faces.

The pumpkin express makes everyone’s Halloween happy :).

Get your Pumpkin Train from amazon.

8. Flip My Witch Switch sign

Cute Halloween Decoration Printable (digitalmagic)
Witch Switch Printable from Digital Magic

A cute way to bring little bit of witch humor to your Halloween party.

This Halloween printable sign is quite adorable and as an added bonus it is cheap.

Just print and frame and put on a shelf, wall, or buffet table. If you print it on a cardstock you won’t even need a frame.

Place a black cat, a witch hat, and a broomstick near it and your Halloween display will be just perfect.

Order the inexpensive Halloween Witch Switch printable from Digital Magic.

9. Trick Or Treat Signs

Trick Or Treat Sign for Door
Trick or Treat Sign for Door from Amazon

Decorating your door for Halloween is easy with these weather resistant Trick or Treat banners.

These will give your home a fun Halloween look. Your entrance will be inviting and the trick or treaters will know that candy is being handed out in this home.

The banners are good size so they will be seen from the street. Add a few pumpkins and a friendly ghost on your porch to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Buy the Trick or Treat Banners from amazon.

10. Boo! Cute Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Halloween Cupcake Toppers
Halloween Cupcake Toppers from My Tuesday Therapy

Need an easy way to make Halloween cupcakes?

Even if you have not mastered the art of cupcake decorating you can make the cutest Halloween cupcakes with these cute cupcake toppers.

Just print, cut and tape to a toothpick and you are all set. Use the toppers for fruit and veggies too. Or stick into sandwiches.

Print them on sticker paper and attach to goodie bags or lunch items like chips and granola bars.

What else can you do with these…

A scavenger hunt. Hide around the party area and send your kids looking for them.

The toppers are about 2″ in diameter and cost only $0.99. Yay! Easy, cheap Halloween idea.

Make the Halloween cute this year with these easy Halloween decoration ideas for indoors and outside.

The friendly ghost, pumpkin train, and fun bats etc. will bring lots of giggles and laughter to your home.

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Cute Halloween Decoration Ideas

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