Party Planner Printable

Party planning is a ton of fun!

Having your plans written down on an awesome party planner makes planning even more fun.

And not only the planning but hosting as well.

You can enjoy the party knowing that all the basics are covered, you’ve got amazing food and fantastic games ready to go.


After all, parties should not cause you to need therapy… unless it is My Tuesday Therapy ;).

Without further ado: The Party Planner!

Party Planner Printable Free

What’s In The Party Planner

This planner has party planning pages for

  • decorations
  • games and activities
  • guest list
  • menu
  • party schedule
  • budget
  • shopping

You’ll also get

  • 155 theme ideas
  • party checklists (with or without a timeline)
  • party plan at a glance
  • menu tips
  • party scheduling tips

As My Tuesday Therapy subscriber you receive awesome party and activity ideas anyone can do.

I don’t spam you with sales emails every week.

Only every other…

Just kidding.

Funny stuff aside, you’ll receive fabulous ideas and tips for making great memories with your family and friends.

And info on awesome products to help you to make great memories the easy way.

With all these easy ideas you can make the ordinary days special and throw simple parties just because.

So, if that is something you’re interested in, go ahead and sign up and I’ll send you the Party Planner.

It’s a perfect day for making memories,


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