Fairy Art Party

This Fairy Party is all about art!

Your little fairy and her fairy friends will love to use their creativity, paint on tiny fairy size canvas, eat cute snacks fit for a fairy, listen to a story, and play fun games. It will be a total blast!

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Fairy Art Party Ideas
Image Permission: Canva

1. Fairy Art Party Invitations

This invitation looks like it is painted with watercolors which makes it perfect for this art party. You could get creative and tweak it a little and turn the wands into paintbrushes.

Get the lovely invitation from EK Design Gallery.

DIY Fairy Art Party Invitation

Make your own awesome invitation with these creative things:

2. Fairy Party Costumes

There are so many cute fairy costumes to choose from. Or you could easily make a tulle skirt. Just pair it with some wings and and maybe some flower clips for hair.

Check out this darling olive green fairy costume with wings. The adorable costume comes in four sizes.

This gorgeous orange fairy costume with wings also has four sizes to choose from. Your daughter will love to twirl and flitter around in this dress.

3. Fairy Art Party Decorations

As always shop around your house for ideas.

  • tulle
  • sheers
  • paint palettes
  • paint brushes
  • canvas
  • fairy size pillows

1. Entrance

Make paint palette shaped welcome sign.

Grab one of these paint palette wood cutouts and paint the word “welcome” on it. These cutouts come in various sizes from 1 inch to 24 inches.

Hang some ribbon and paint brushes at the doorway.

2. Centerpiece

Create a theme fitting centerpiece with easels and canvas. Write or paint cute fairy stuff on them like quotes, wands, and fairy wings. This set of easels with canvas comes handy.

A cute vase with paintbrushes and wands would also be fun.

Place the vase on top of a paint palette wood cutout.

3. Backdrop

This enchanted forest backdrop with magical feel to it is perfect for creating a delightful atmosphere.

4. Fairy Art Party Food

Fairy Art Party | Art Party Food | Click through for Ideas for your next Fairy Party! | Fairy Party Games | Fairy Party Activities | Fairy Party Food |
Fairy Art Party | Fairy Party Food | Salt Water Taffy | Click through for Fairy Party Ideas: games, food, activities. |
  • M&M Cookies
  • Crackers with colorful toppings: cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese
  • Fruit / Vegetable Platter
  • Salt Water Taffy
  • Popcorn Mix (popcorn with colorful candies and pretzel sticks)

Any treat will work when served from paint palette paper plates.

Another idea would be to use a variety of colorful paper plates. And you can never go wrong using fancy tea cups and plates. After all, this is a fairy party!

5. Fairy Art Party Activities and Games

Provide colorful aprons to protect the fairy costumes.

Or use trash bags…they work really well as art aprons. Perhaps not as cute but practical.

1. A Giant Artwork

What could be more fun than making a huge art piece together. Maybe the fairies could create a pretty scene that could be used as a photo backdrop.

This easel paper roll provides plenty of space for everyone.

2. Paint Fairy Size Pictures

Fairy Art Party | Click through for Fairy Party Ideas | Fairy Party Games | Fairy Party Activities | Fairy Party Invitation | Fairy Party Food |

The fairies will love to paint these tiny size canvases.

Have a couple of canvases ready for each fairy. You can find the easels and canvas at Hobby Lobby or Walmart. The tiny water colors are from Party City.

3. Make Berry Paint

I think the fairies would also love to crush raspberries or blueberries and use those as paint!

4. Chalk Art

Make some creative chalk art and take fun pictures!

5. Read a Book

Pixie Hollow Paint Day. A delightful book about, well, paint day at the Pixie Hollow.

6. Find the Paint Brush

Hide some paint brushes around the room and have the fairies look for them.

7. Pin the Wand

What would a little kids party be without “pin something” game. This pin the wand on the fairy provides cute fun.

8. Art Hunt

Go outside and look for things you could use to make art. Ask the kids to create something with their findings.

6. Fairy Art Party Favor

1. “Paint Balls”

Fairy Art Party Favor - Paint Balls | Click through for Fairy Party Ideas | Fairy Party Games | Fairy Party Invitation Free | Fairy Party Food |

Gum balls or any other round candy would work as a Paint Ball party favor.

2. Watercolors and Paintbrushes

Send the fairies home with a watercolors and paintbrushes.

3. Ribbon Wands

The kids will love to have one of these beautiful ribbon wands. They can pretend they are painting as they swirl it around.

These ribbon wands would also look amazing as centerpieces

I hope you will have a fairy fun time hosting this party and that your little fairy and her friends will have a blast!

Have Fun With Little Kids

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