Fairy Party – Delicious Desserts Celebration

Fairy dust, sparkling wings, delicious desserts. Let your imagination flitter and join the Fairy Party – Delicious Desserts Celebration.

The little fairies will love to prepare delicious desserts, and enjoy them sitting on flower pillows. They will also have fun listening to a fairy story, creating play desserts they can bring home, and playing sweet games.

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Fairy Party Ideas

1. Fairy Party Invitations

Fairy Party Invitation (friendlypartyshop)
Fairy Party Invitation from Friendly Party Shop, Etsy

These fairies look like they are ready to have delicious dessert kind of fun! Perfect invitation for this fairy party.

Get yours from Friendly Party Shop.

You could make your own invitations with these sweet things:

2. Fairy Costumes

Your little fairy will sparkle, shine and twinkle in these cute fairy outfits and accessories.

1. You’ll fall in love with this gorgeous tutu fairy costume. The tutu is made with hundreds of yards of tulle and looks amazing. You’ll get matching wings too. What would a fairy be without wings.

2. This green woodland fairy outfit (picture below) is absolutely beautiful! It has layers of green and purple tulle and a satin skirt under the tulle for extra comfort.

Woodland Fairy Costume

3. You could also make these adorable costumes with a Simplicity pattern. It has a pattern also for a fairy who prefers to wear capris.

3. Fairy Party Decorations

“Shop” around your house to find items that would go with the theme:

  • flowers
  • sheers
  • tea cups
  • silver platters
  • candlesticks
  • frames
  • knick-knacks

1. Entrance

Make a tiny arched door out of card board and tape it to the doorway.

Or create a cute entrance with sheers or tulle.

Fairy Party Entrance. Lace Curtains Attached to the doorway.

2. Table and Chairs

Set up a low table: a round table top supported with a pile of books or boxes.

Cover with a lace table cloth. Add some sparkle with fairy lights (or Christmas lights).

Flower shaped pillow you can use as a seat at fairy party. (from Amazon)
Flower Pillow from Amazon

Place flower shaped pillows around the table for seats.

3. Centerpiece

Use a tier tray as a centerpiece. Fill it with delicious desserts. You could also adorn the top tier with flowers. That would look fabulous.

Fairy party table setting. Small glass tea cups. Sheers. Fairy lights. Pnk Flowers.

 4. Fairy Party Food

The food can be very simple. Anything tiny and cute will do :).

  • Ice Cream Cake Roll (I used strawberry cheesecake ice cream)
  • Tiny Flower Shaped Sandwiches (Cut the sandwiches with a flower shaped cookie cutter.)
  • Marshmallow Delights and
  • Raspberry Truffles
Ice cream cake roll. Party Food.

5. Fairy Party Activities

1. Prepare Delicious Desserts

Raspberries as fairy party food.
These will become raspberry truffles with chocolate chips.

Raspberry Truffles:

You’ll need:

  • fresh raspberries
  • chocolate chips

This is such a simple yet fun activity for the little fairies.

Insert a chocolate chip inside a raspberry. And you are done!

Marshmallow Delights:

You’ll need:

  • marshmallows
  • chocolate (melted)
  • sprinkles

Dip the marshmallow in melted chocolate. Sprinkle with sprinkles.

Fairy Party Activity. Decorate Marshmallows with melted chocolate and sprinkles.

2. Read A Fairy Story

Parties with books! I like to include books in the party ideas. Such a great way to have a nice, quieter moment during the party. These two books are just perfect for a fairy party:

Fairy Berry Bake Off, A cute book about two fairies showing off their baking talents.

Camilla The Cupcake Fairy, Follow along as Camilla learns to create cupcakes.

The little fairy party guests and the guest of honor would love to sit on the flower pillows or a throw blanket while listening to these stories.

3. Make Pretend Fairy Food

These petit fours are so cute!

A great addition to your daughter’s play food collection. She will have so much fun with these playing fairies, princesses, and maybe even having a pretend bakery or a cafe!

Petit fours. No Sew Play Food.

Items you need:

  • tacky glue or hot glue
  • wood cubes
  • felt
  • ribbon, tiny flowers, buttons etc.
  1. Cut out a cross shape out of the felt.
  2. Glue it on the block.
  3. Decorate.
  4. Let dry.
Wooden/Felt Petit Fours. Fairy Party Craft. | Keiju | Lasten Juhla |

6. Fairy Party Games

1. Delicious Dessert Hunt

Hide cupcake cutouts around the play area.

The little fairies will look for a specific color or perhaps they each need to find all the colors.

2. Delicious Dessert Bowling

All you need is play food and a ball. Take turns knocking down the food.

3. Pass the Sprinkles

  • Two jars of sprinkles or confetti
  • Two empty jars
  • Spoons for everyone
  1. Two teams.
  2. In each team the fairies stand in line.
  3. Give everyone a spoon.
  4. Put the jar with sprinkles next to the first fairy in line.
  5. Place an empty jar next to the last fairy.
  6. The first fairy takes some sprinkles with her spoon and puts them into the spoon of the next fairy and so on.
  7. The last one puts the sprinkles in the empty jar.
  8. Keep doing this until all the sprinkles from the first bowl are gone.
  9. The team that has transferred the most sprinkles wins. Or if both have the same amount, then the team who did it first wins.

7. Fairy Party Favors

Fairy Party Favor. Wooden/Felt Petit Fours.
  1. Use the Petit Fours as party favors. Send the pretend fairy food home on cute plates or flower coasters.

2. Fairy Dust in a tiny glass bottle.

3. Fairy Figurines

This party is full of sweet activities. I’m sure your little fairy will love it!

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