30 Enchanting Alice In Wonderland Party Ideas

Alice In Wonderland entices the young and the old. This tea party offers a magical time with Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, and many other unforgettable characters.

You’ll find fantastic Alice in Wonderland party ideas here for hosting a kids’ party or a bridal shower.

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Alice In Wonderland Party Plan

Alice In Wonderland Party Decorations. A tea pot filled with flowers. A tea cup with a flower on top of books.

These Alice In Wonderland party ideas will inspire you to host the most amazing tea party:

  1. Unusual Invitations
  2. Enchanting Decorations
  3. Mouthwatering Desserts
  4. Mad Games
  5. Delightful Party Favors

1. Unusual Invitations

Since the story of Alice is dreamlike with pretty strange things happening, you can set the mood for the party with unusual invitations.

1. Book Invitations

I love the idea of sending books as an invitation!

Get inexpensive Alice In Wonderland books.

Insert your paper invitation inside the book, or you could simply write the party details in the book.

Wrap a ribbon around the book and attach a tag that says: Read Me. I have FREE tags for you. Just keep scrolling, and you’ll find them.

2. Key Invitations

Alice In Wonderland Party Invitation Idea: attach an antique style key to the invitation
Image Permission: Canva

Alice needed a key to enter Wonderland and so do your guests! Send them a pretty key with a tag as an invitation.

Grab some antique-style keys. Cool inexpensive sets!

These tiny charm keys would work well for making bookmarks.

Just attach the keys to a ribbon to make a simple bookmark. And send the bookmarks with a traditional invitation or with the book invitation. How cute is that!

3. Traditional Invitations

a. Don’t Be Late

Alice In Wonderland Invitations
Don’t Be Late Invitations from BellaLuElla, Etsy

Don’t Be Late For This Wonderland Party! It will be spectacular!!

Lovely invitations that will get your guests excited about the party!!

b. Onederland

Wonderful things are happening!

This cool-looking Onederland invitation is not only for one-year-olds but can be customized to say Wonderland.

I love all its cute details: a stack of pretty tea cups, a gold watch, and the pink flamingo with a crown.

RELATED POST: Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes. Tea with Alice is a great theme for any baby shower. It also works as a baby shower theme for boys.

2. Enchanting Decorations

Parties don’t have to cost a fortune to be totally awesome and memorable.

Create an enchanting, dreamlike world with things you often find around the house.

1. Easy Decor Ideas

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Decorations.

Look around your house, go to thrift shops and gather

  • frames
  • vases
  • tea cups
  • teapots
  • cake stands
  • doilies
  • old books
  • vintage clocks and watches
  • pearls
  • bird cages
  • candle sticks
  • flowers
  • sheers

You can do many wonderful things with those items:

  1. Hang sheers and tulle at doorways with tension rods.
  2. Make a canopy over the tea table or the serving table with sheers or plastic table cloths.
  3. Streamers and ribbon hanging from the ceiling might be just what your party needs.
  4. Paint the frames to suit your color scheme.
  5. Use mismatched chairs and tables.
  6. Cover the tables with colorful table cloths and top with lace table cloths.
  7. Decorate umbrellas to look like giant mushrooms. Or cut mushroom shapes from cardboard and decorate them.
  8. Scatter flamingos throughout the party area.
  9. Hang paper lanterns, banners, and twinkling lights.
  10. Stack the books and put tea cups or clocks on them.

This picture by Vanessa Valencia from A Fanciful Twist makes you feel like you are in Wonderland!

2. Down the Rabbit Hole

Create a spectacular down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland entrance.

A metal arch is covered with brown fabric and adorned with flowers, butterflies, and other decorations. The results are amazing!

3. Over Here, Wrong Way

Place signs everywhere to help the guests to find their way to the Alice In Wonderland Tea Party.

If you know how to hold a paintbrush and a hammer, you can make pretty signs like these.

DIY Alice In Wonderland Signs: Wrong Way, Tea party, Turn Around, Right Way
  • wrong way
  • right way
  • this way
  • that way
  • turn around
  • tea party
  • up here
  • over there

No time for making signs. No problem. You can get cute signs this way…

Alice In Wonderland Printables: Eat Me, Drink Me…


Alice In Wonderland Eat Me Tags Free

Alice In Wonderland Labels

  1. eat me
  2. drink me
  3. read me
  4. open me
  5. make me
  6. bake me
  7. play me
  8. take me

(3.5 x 2 inch, in two colors)

Alice In Wonderland Tags

4. We’re All Mad Here

Isn’t that so true! Warn your guests about the madness…

“You must be mad; otherwise, you wouldn’t have come here.” – Cashmere Cat

We're All Mad Here. Black sign with decorative frame.

5. Alice, Mad Hatter, and Queen of Hearts

The Cheshire Cat Sign from TangleWoodDesigner, Etsy
The Cheshire Cat Sign from TanglewoodDesigner, Etsy

In addition to Alice, Mad Hatter, and Queen of Hearts, you can have Cheshire Cat, and White Rabbit join the party!

All you need are these one-of-a-kind 40″ photo props: The Cheshire Cat is everyone’s favorite but White Rabbit is also well-loved.

Other Alice In Wonderland characters are available as well. Take a look!

  • Alice
  • The White Rabbit
  • The Mad Hatter
  • The Queen of Hearts
  • The Cheshire Cat (handstand, laying, or with the sign)
  • Card Soldier
  • The Dormouse
  • The March Hare
  • The King of Hearts
  • The Blue Caterpillar
  • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

These handmade character signs will make your Alice In Wonderland party come alive!

6. Bird Cage Card Holder

White Birdcage Card Holder with a Chalkboard Sign for Alice In Wonderland bridal shower.

What a beautiful idea for a card holder! I think this is my favorite of all these decorations. My friend made it for a bridal shower she hosted. I wonder if she still has it…

All you need is

7. Framed Quotes

Frame various quotes from the beloved Alice In Wonderland book like the Cheshire Cat’s “Every Adventure Requires a First Step”.

A framed quote from The Cheshire Cat: Every Adventure Requires a First Step.
Image Permission: Canva

8. Tea and Coffee Pots

It would not be a tea party without teapots. If you search far and wide in all the thrift shops in the area, you can make great finds like silver tea or coffee pots.

Alice In Wonderland Tea Pot Decoration for a wedding. Silver tea pot filled with flowers.
Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Centerpiece for a wedding or bridal shower.
Silver Tea Pot In Bird Cage

Teapots filled with flowers placed inside bird cages look like something from an enchanted wonderland.

Use these to adorn the food table or as centerpieces on the tables at a wedding or bridal shower.

8. Clocks – Don’t Be Late…

“How long is forever?” “Sometimes, just one second,” answered White Rabbit to Alice’s question.

“The hurrier I go the behinder I get.” -White Rabbit

Table clocks, wall clocks, pocket watches… put them everywhere. Hang clock cutouts from the ceiling or from the trees.

Ruby Alice and Me has the most extraordinary clocks and other decor items for Alice In Wonderland party. They are so unique that you want to display them even after the party!

9. Playing Cards

Choose from many creative ways to use jumbo or regular size playing cards as decorations.

  • garland
  • place card
  • hang up from the ceiling
  • card soldiers

The card soldiers need a head, arms, and legs. Cut them from card stock or cardboard and attach them to the game cards.

Maggy from Red Ted Art made card soldiers with regular-size playing cards that look awesome.

This would also be a fun Alice In Wonderland craft idea for the guests!

10. Drink Me From Fancy Cups

Alice In Wonderland Tea Cup with a sign "Drink Me"

The prettiest tea cups ever!

Serve tea from cute cups of various styles. Your table will look amazing with vintage mismatched cups.

Fancy cups are not only for adults. Little girls, too, love to enjoy their afternoon tea in style.

11. Books

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Decor: old books with a tea cup on top. Put some flowers in the tea cup for additional fun.

A tea cup filled with pretty flowers on top of a couple of old books looks perfect for this party.

12. Photo Backdrop

Take pictures of the guests in front of this enchanting Alice In Wonderland backdrop.

Hang up the dreamlike scenery behind the food table or right behind the guest of honor’s seat.

3. Mouthwatering Tea Party Food

I have here several delicious options, from chocolatey goodness to savory delights. Most of them appeal to any age.

1. Suits of Card Brownies

How about brownies cut into suits of cards!

Unless you are super awesome at cutting shapes with a knife, you may want to get suits of cards cookie cutters.

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Food

If you wonder what the suits of cards did in Alice In Wonderland:

  • hearts – members of the royal family
  • clubs – soldiers
  • diamonds – courtiers
  • spades – gardeners

Also, notice the DIY 3-tier cake stand. You might have everything you need at home to make these!

  • tea cups
  • candle sticks (to make taller ones)
  • plates
  • saucers
  • hot glue gun

I know not everyone has time to run around shopping for cheap plates and cups. The good news is you don’t have to! Buy your stunning cake stands here.

2. Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies, heart-shaped, are the perfect tea party food!

Delicious red velvet cake with a sweet, smooth filling.

The Queen of Hearts would love these too!

3. Queen of Hearts Cupcakes

“Off with their heads.” – Queen of Hearts

Though the Queen of Hearts was scary, these Cupcakes with Crown Toppers are adorable.

4. Turkey Pepper Jack Roll Ups

Provide savory options for those who are not into sweets and those who like both!

You can never go wrong with cheese.

Turkey-Cheese Roll Ups look cute, are easy to make, and are exactly what this tea party needs.

5. Sandwich Skewers

All you need is skewers and sandwich ingredients such as

  • tomatoes
  • cheese
  • cucumber
  • grapes
  • lettuce
  • chicken
  • ham
  • bread

Thread the ingredients in any order on skewers. And you are done. It can’t get easier than this. Omit the bread, and you have a tasty gluten-free savory tea party food.

6. Fruit Skewers

If you get the suits of cards cookie cutters for the brownie bites, you could also use them to cut up fruit.

They would work well for honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon.

7. Cinnamon Tea Cookies

Like the name says, these cinnamon tea cookies are meant for a tea party!

Great for cinnamon lovers and those who like to dip their cookies in tea…

8. Cake Pops

Colorful, beautiful, and so yummy. Kids can’t resist these lovely creations! And cake pops are just the perfect size of sweetness.

Cake Pops for Alice In Wonderland Party.
Image Credit: Ruth Black / Canva

9. Tea and Other Beverages

It is a tea party, so tea should be on the menu, but it does not necessarily need to be hot. I know some who prefer iced tea. And with small kids, that would be the safer choice.

Raspberry, lemon, and peach tea are super good cold.

Label your water bottles, soda bottles, tea pitchers, or whatever you serve with signs that say

  • drink me
  • this one makes you taller
  • this one makes you smaller

4. Alice In Wonderland Games & Activities

Though sitting and sipping tea is one of my favorite things, every party, even a tea party, is better with fun activities.

1. Mad Creations

You’ll need some hats and a basket full of supplies to create the most amazing creations fit for a queen.

Make it a competition. The best hat maker wins a prize!

Alice in Wonderland party activity: Mad Creations. Who can make the maddest or the cutest hat.

2. Key to Wonderland Escape Kit

This fun Alice In Wonderland-themed escape kit takes you on an exciting journey.

The kit has 17 puzzle sheets and fun props. It also comes with a diploma and victory signs you can proudly display or take pictures with … if you finish on time.

Snag the Key to Wonderland Escape Kit and create a thrilling party activity the kids will love.

3. Easy Paper Roses

You don’t need to paint these roses red like the Queen of Hearts’ gardeners did in the royal garden.

A stack of card stock, scissors, templates, etc., and you are ready to create these beauties! Easy paper roses instructions at Printable Crush.

4. Royal Croquet Court

“I’ll ask the questions! Do you play croquet?” – Queen of Hearts

You will have a hilarious time playing croquet with these stuffed flamingos! Just grab the legs and hit the “hedgehog” ball. Make sure you get taller flamingos if you have older kids or adults playing.

The regular croquet ball would be too heavy for these, so you need to have a lighter ball.

The Peaceful Mom has a fantastic idea for making your own croquet mallets in her Alice in Wonderland post.

5. Paper Tea Cups

“It is always tea time.” -Mad Hatter

The younger guests will have a splendid time making these cute paper tea cups and playing fun games with them.

Another excellent idea for making tea cups comes from Jenny at The Ginger Bread House. She made tea cups using those plastic Easter eggs that multiply every year.

A brilliant way to entertain kids and put those eggs to good use!

6. Paint a Tea Cup

Continuing with the tea cup activities… Set up a station with oven-safe cups and porcelain markers.

You could make it a little competition and have rewards for the most:

  • enchanting tea cup
  • mad tea cup
  • royal tea cup

7. Alice In Wonderland Photo Props

Alice In Wonderland Photo Booth Props (ReasonsTBC)
Alice In Wonderland Photo Props, ©2022 Reasons TBC, Etsy

I always feel weird posing for photos, but hey, if we all are mad here, why not take some crazy pictures. This set has unique, top-quality Alice In Wonderland Props for a fabulous group photo!

It even has Tweedledum and Tweedledee props. It wouldn’t be Wonderland without them. Though I tend to think of Humpty Dumpty when I see them.

8. Does The Key Fit Scavenger Hunt

For this game, you’ll need keys and locks, and the goal is to find the lock that the key fits in.

One way to play this game is to have a pile of keys and one lock.

Give the player a certain amount of time, like 30 seconds or a minute, to find the correct key to unlock the lock.

9. Paint the Roses Red

MDF wood cutout rose.
Rose Cutout from KuzzlyDesign, Etsy

The Queen of Hearts wanted all the roses to be red. So, grab some rose cutouts, red paint, and brushes and get to work!

These rose with leaves cutouts are perfect for this simple painting activity. They come in various sizes, from 4 to 10 inches. You can get the roses without the leaves too.

These would also make fun party decorations or favors.

10. Tea Cup Race

Race to the finish line without dropping your tea cup set. Perhaps the players carry them on their heads.

Alternative version:

  • In the first round, the player carries a cup on a saucer in her hands.
  • Next round, she balances another tea cup set on top of the first.
  • In the next round, she would have three tea cup sets.

I’d recommend using plastic tea cups for this game…

11. Tea Cup Stacking

How tall a tower can you make with plastic tea cups in one minute?

Let’s find out!

12. What Time Is It Mr. Mad Hatter

Play just like you would; what time is it, Mr. Wolf? Except that whoever is the Mad Hatter will say, “It’s tea time!” before he starts chasing the players.

13. Bunny Hop

Well, since there is a White Rabbit in the story, why not dance the Bunny Hop!

14. Pin the Grin on the Cat

“I’m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours.” – Cashmere Cat

Kids seem to find “pin something” games funny and I’m sure Pin the Grin on the Cashmere Cat will delight adults too!

Alice In Wonderland Printables: Eat Me, Drink Me…


Alice In Wonderland Eat Me Tags Free

Alice In Wonderland Labels

  1. eat me
  2. drink me
  3. read me
  4. open me
  5. make me
  6. bake me
  7. play me
  8. take me

(3.5 x 2 inch, in two colors)

Alice In Wonderland Tags

5. Take Me – Delightful Party Favors

Send the guests home with magical memories and fantastic favors with the tag: “take me.”

P.S. Save for later! My Tuesday Therapy is here to help you to make Great Memories!

How To Host A Captivating Alice In Wonderland Tea Party.

Many of the images on this page were taken at a Alice In Wonderland bridal shower by Alexandria K. Kokx.

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