Fun Advent Calendar Fillers for Teenagers

The countdown to Christmas is about to start! These advent calendar fillers for teenagers help you to make your teen’s December awesome. They work as stocking stuffers too.

You’ll find here ideas from fun things for the teen room to cozy moments in the kitchen.

And yes, the reality is that not all these ideas will appeal to every teen. But with this many options, I hope you find something here that your teenagers will be happy to see in their Holiday calendars.

I’ve received great feedback, but some have said these are only for simple-minded, sheltered teens.

Oh, well. I’m just one of those who think it’s good to be happy about the small things in life.

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Advent Calendar Fillers for Teenagers

Are you looking for an advent calendar too?

These fun advent calendars for teens will inspire you. Check them out and fill them with these awesome advent calendar fillers for teenage boys and girls.

Fun advent calendar fillers for teenagers. Pink and green candy canes, stars.

What To Put In An Advent Calendar For Teenagers

Most of these advent calendar gift ideas are inexpensive. Some of them cost more than ten bucks, but it is fun to throw in a couple of pricier fillers.

1. All About Fun Advent Calendar Fillers

Yeah, Holidays should be fun and these little things will make sure that fun is happening.


  1. Ungame (great ice breaker)
  2. Goat Lords (for those who like fast action games)
  3. Uno Dare (popular game with twists)
  4. Taco, Cat, Goat (hilarious)
  5. Moose Master (crazy party game)

Other Fun Stuff

  1. gift cards
  2. brain teasers
  3. tickets to a trampoline park
  4. would you rather questions
  5. tickets to laser tag
  6. destiny flip coin: “one more game” or “time for bed”
  7. mad libs
  8. guitar picks
  9. tickets to an escape room
  10. movie tickets
  11. fidget toys

2. Cozy Times In The Kitchen

Who doesn’t enjoy cozy moments sipping a warm cup of cocoa?

I can see teenage boys liking the funny cereal spoon and the girls loving the mug cozy that makes any cup looking like it’s dressed for the winter.

Tasty advent calendar fillers for teens. Hot chocolate in a glass mug topped with whipped cream and a candy cane. A tree-shaped sugar cookie.

Yummy Stuff

  1. tea
  2. coffee
  3. herbal coffee
  4. hot chocolate
  5. candy canes
  6. sprinkles
  7. marshmallows
  8. skillet cookie

Give one of those every day or put together a cute set: hot chocolate package, a candy cane, Christmas sprinkles, and marshmallows.

small gifts for teenagers, you are my favorite mug

Cool Dishes and Cozies

  1. I may look calm… but in my mind I have pecked you 3 times…” (This funny mug is dishwasher safe and has the graphic printed on both side.)
  2. personalized espresso cup (Choose your font style and color.)
  3. silicone mug sleeve
  4. you are my favorite – mug
  5. tea infuser
  6. cool straw (reusable, collapsible, stainless steel, with carry case)
  7. crocheted mug cozy (the coffee cup button makes it even cuter)

Funny Tea Infusers

  1. duck, duck, drink (a duck upside down)
  2. cat (holding on to the mug rim)
  3. frog (floating on a lily pad)

Awesome Spoons

  1. cereal killer spoon
  2. good morning, sunshine
  3. you are my favorite
  4. doing my best (a sloth hanging from a tree branch)
Fun advent calendar gift ideas for teenage boys and girls.

3. Beauty Stuff As Advent Calendar Gifts

You might want to grab a bath bomb for yourself, too, and relax in between all the Holiday fun.

Spa Gifts for Teens, sugar scrub, soap

Pretty Hands

  1. nail polish
  2. manicure kit
  3. jasmine sugar scrub, other lovely scents available as well
  4. purse-sized hand cream in fabulous scents like rainbow unicorn and cherry frosting

Gorgeous Hair

  1. mini hair brush
  2. travel-size hair products
  3. satin pillowcase

Beautiful Face

  1. natural lip balm in delicious flavors such as rootbeer and orange creamsicle)
  2. makeup
  3. organic makeup remover pads
  4. compact mirror

Relaxing Bath Time

  1. organic bath bombs such as white rose or cinnamon toast
  2. bath pouf
  3. whipped body butter, travel-size

4. Accessories and Stuff to Wear

Something to eat, read, wear… or how does it go.

This category is filled with fabulous small gifts that are great also as stocking stuffer.

Pick a couple for the Holiday countdown.

You could also get a big bag of scrunchies and put one in the advent calendar bag, box, etc. every day.

Clothes and Stuff

Cupcake Socks
Cupcake Socks from Chrome Bee 2020, Etsy
  1. snowflake t-shirt
  2. leg warmers
  3. most likely to… Christmas t-shirt, these are FUN!
  4. cupcake socks presented in cute cupcake liners
  5. gloves
  6. customized Grinch-socks
  7. belt
  8. scarf
  9. tie

Jewelry and Things

  1. jewelry
  2. custom jewelry box (picture and link below)
  3. engraved lanyard charm
  4. wallet
  5. hair clips
  6. velvet scrunchies
  7. key chain
  8. lanyard
  9. key-shaped pocket tool
  10. sunglasses
  11. Christmas tie clip
Monogrammed Jewelry Box
Monogrammed Jewelry Box from Mod Party, Etsy

A monogrammed jewelry box is a beautiful way to store all those favorite necklaces, rings, and earrings.

This beautiful blush pink or white box with a sparkly rhinestone monogram is small enough to bring along on a weekend trip but big enough for several pieces of jewelry.

5. Shoe Fun

An ordinary boot turns into a spectacular one with boot belts. And sneaker balls might be just what some teen boys need…

  1. shoelaces
  2. shoe horn
  3. heel cushions
  4. shoe clips
  5. sneaker balls
  6. boot belts

6. Electronic Gadgets

Yep, the good ol’ electronics. What would we do without them?

  1. flash drive
  2. iOS app icons – these are incredible! (Harry Potter, Iron Man, rose gold)
  3. SD cards
  4. keyboard cover (protects from dust and spills and wearing out)
  5. web camera cover
  6. phone cases
  7. selfie ring light
  8. portable charger
  9. adhesive phone wallet (this is cool, lots of color choices)
  10. earbuds
  11. mini USB light
  12. phone ring holder kickstand

7. Make Any Day Sparkle

The little things bring big smiles. All sorts of miscellaneous items make great advent calendar fillers for teens.

  1. (sponsored) Create a custom sticker! Get a whole stack of these and put one in everyone’s advent calendar, stocking, or Christmas gift basket. And why not also make some custom magnets with a Christmas greeting (but remember to check with the post office how to mail them correctly.)
  2. anime waterproof stickers for phones, water bottles, or laptop stickers
  3. notebooks
  4. gold and silver metallic pens
  5. gel pens
  6. decorative binder clips
  7. rose gold leaf-shaped paper clips
  8. wooden thumb tacks
  9. glue gun
  10. fabric markers
  11. stencils
  12. fabric paint
  13. locker organizer, 11 pieces

8. Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Teenage boys like to eat. They will not turn down these fun treats!

Free candy cane seeds bag topper
  1. photo cookies (These are AWESOME!)
  2. popcorn
  3. chocolate
  4. candy
  5. juice
  6. chips
  7. granola bars
  8. soda can
  9. candy cane seeds (free printable bag topper and gift tag)
  10. protein shake
  11. trail mix
  12. snack mix
  13. Grinch Pills (green sixlets, tic tacs or m&m’s)
  14. old fashioned candy
Advent calendar filler ideas for teenage girls and boys.

9. Room Awesomeness

There are all sorts of cute little things to buy for your teen’s room.

Door Stoppers

Cute or funny door stoppers keep the door as far open as you’d like.

  1. leaf-shaped door stopper
  2. buddy door stopper


  1. personalized clay stone (best seller)
  2. picture frames
  3. succulents
  4. farmhouse Christmas shelf decor DIY wood kit (picture and link below)
  5. wall decal (love, harmony, tranquility, happiness)
  6. mini clothespins and twine (for hanging pictures)
Farmhouse Christmas Tiered Tray Decor
Farmhouse Tiered Tray Decor from Heep Design Co, Etsy

These farmhouse Christmas tiered tray decorations appeal to teenagers too.

Split the decor set over several days. Your teen will have a fabulous time painting these to match her Christmas colors.


Keep things organized.

  1. rustic tree branch hooks, adhesive
  2. water drop hooks, nail them or stick them
  3. small containers with lids for jewelry, nail art, coins, and all the other tiny stuff
  4. scrunchie holder
  5. makeup brush case

Other Stuff for the Room

  1. night light
  2. silicone coaster (cute, colorful)
  3. drawer knobs
  4. Christmas ornaments
  5. LED tealights
  6. candles
  7. curtain holder

10. Cool Things for The Car

The teens proudly owning cars will love these cool car accessories.

  1. car bling decor from coasters to visor glass holders
  2. ice scraper
  3. fast charger for iphone or android
  4. flash light
  5. air vent phone mount

Car Cup Holder Coasters

11. Stay Fit

Everyone focuses on health after the Holidays, right. Your teenage boy or girl will like these ideas for getting or staying fit.

  1. resistance bands
  2. workout gloves
  3. jump rope
  4. core discs
  5. waist pouch
  6. non-slip yoga socks
  7. foot roller and massager (my dancer daughters use these all the time)

12. Holiday Cheer

  1. decorative gnome holding a coffee mug. This is more on the pricier side… but the neutral colors ensure it can be used throughout the year.
  2. gnome earrings
  3. personalized Christmas pillowcase
  4. Grinch phone case for iPhone or Android

Okay, now that you have some awesome advent calendar filler ideas for teens, check out the advent calendar ideas DIY or buy.

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