Easy Advent Calendar Ideas for Teens

Countdown to Christmas is about to begin! These advent calendar ideas for teens will make it fun!

You’ll find here empty advent calendars and those already filled and ready to be used. A couple of awesome DIY advent calendar ideas as well.

Check out also these fabulous advent calendar fillers for teenagers.

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Advent calendar ideas for teens

1. Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar

Your teen will be happy to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate every morning.

These are some of the delicious blends included:

  • salted caramel
  • chocolate orange
  • cinnamon roll
  • sticky toffee
  • winter spice

This hot chocolate advent calendar has a modern look and is perfect for teens. It also contains no dairy or milk powder.

2. Walnut Surprises

These literally are surprises. You won’t know what you’ll get with this popular walnut surprises advent calendar.

Each nut has something fun for you to discover: “some jewelry, some scented (not only), some nature (not only) treasures.”

These little surprises will be a highlight of the day.

3. Sugar Cookies Advent Calendar

As the name says, this yummy advent calendar is filled with sugar cookies. 24 different Christmas-themed cookies.

What a fun sweet way to start the day!

4. Reindeer Advent Calendar

This is awesome!

If you’re looking for a unique advent calendar for someone who likes chocolate, this is the one!!

It’s fun, it’s unique, and it’s inexpensive. As an added bonus, it does not take much space when stored for next year.

Sometimes (most times for me) it is hard to buy stuff for a teenage boy but a reindeer advent calendar would be perfect for him.

5. Fishing Tackle Advent Calendar

Another fun advent calendar idea for teen boys or girls who love to fish.

This one has sharp things so it is not suitable for younger kids.

On the day one you’ll get the compact, water resistant case and the following days you’ll get to explore the 23 compartments filled with high quality fishing gear.

6. Pocket Advent Calendar

The neutral colors go with anything, so you can hang it up anywhere.

You won’t get tired of this one and can reuse it year after year.

And you know what? Since it is so neutral, you can use it any time of the year if you feel like having 24 treats 😉

Your teenage girl would love to have this pocket Xmas calendar in her room! It is cool, modern, not babyish, and goes with trendy colors. It can also be personalized.

And why not get one for your best friend as well.

7. Personalized Wooden Calendar Stand

You won’t mind bringing out this unique and stylish advent calendar time after time.

The personalized wooden calendar stand comes with 24 advent calendar bags you can fill with candy, messages, activity ideas, and other fun advent calendar gifts.

8. Bucket Christmas Calendar

What could be more rustic than this bucket advent calendar! A fun addition to your country Christmas home decor.

The buckets are labeled with red numbers to match the lovely frame. And they, of course, have room for special treats every day in December leading to Christmas.

9. DIY Box Advent Calendar for Teens

The classic DIY box advent calendar is always a fabulous idea!

Fill them with candy and trinkets, write numbers or attach number stickers. Easy, peasy.

Make the boxes extra pretty with ribbons, drawings, and number tags.

They fold for easy storage, so there is no fear of finding crumbled-up boxes next Christmas. Yay!

Get A Set Of White Boxes and start working on your design!

10. DIY Jar Advent Calendar

Making your own advent calendar is so easy with these handy jars.

The great thing about these is they are opaque so you don’t need to cover the jar to keep the content as a surprise.

Embellish them in various ways:

  • put number stickers on the lid or the jar
  • tie a ribbon around the jar
  • place a piece of fabric over the lid and secure it with a rubber band or ribbon
  • attach a number tag to jute twine and tie around the jar
  • decorate the jar with permanent markers

Christmas Fun with Teenagers

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