Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

One of the great Christmas family traditions is the Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt!

Some families like to prepare some hot chocolate and bring it along when they ride around the town looking at Christmas lights.

And some like to get competitive and add a point system: 1-5 points for each, depending on the item.

Whatever way you choose to do it, it will be a blast!

My teens still like this Christmas activity. There is something sweet about the Christmas traditions you have had since you were a little kid.

Looking for a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt with pictures? Grab that too if you have preschoolers.

Free Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt Printable

These two Christmas lights scavenger hunts help you to keep or start a Christmas Tradition!

Just print them and go for a hunt.

Free Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

The first one is a little easier. It has only twenty-two items to find, and many of them are pretty common, at least where we are.

Free Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt Printable for Older Kids

This second Christmas lights scavenger hunt can be a little more challenging… almost fifty Christmas lights to look for, 49 to be exact.

It could be something you can do even with teenagers. You’ll also have a blast with this Christmas Selfie Scavenger Hunt!!

Grab the FREE Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunts.

Here is the older version with a moose.

Free Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt Printable. Find items such as a nutcracker, peace sign, joy sign, deflated inflatable, a display playing music etc.

If you are here for the older version, you can get it here: Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt (Moose). Please, note it is slightly different from the picture above.

There is more Christmas fun here!!

Make Great Christmas Memories

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Explore the ideas a little bit and have a Merry Christmas!

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