Stocking Stuffers for Men

Do you find it hard to shop for stocking stuffers or advent calendar fillers for men?

You’re not alone.

Men can be hard to shop for… especially if you have a small budget. But no worries, these stocking stuffers for men are rather awesome, and many of them are also inexpensive, under $5.

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What to put in Christmas stocking for him? Awesome, fun, cool stocking stuffer ideas for men. A woman shrugging her shoulders and holding a Christmas stocking that says "his."

1. When He Dozes Off: Bookmark

If you have a reader in your life, he will love the personalized leather bookmark. It will last for years to come! These are quite popular!

He might also like the funny bookmarks that look like someone or something squeezed inside the book.

2. Keep On Reading: Amber Light

I’m sticking with the reading theme for now.

Now your man can read his books without waking you up with the light. The soft amber reading light is easy on the eyes. It has three brightness settings and is 99.95% free of blue spectrum light. This light can also be recharged; no more spending money on batteries.

3. Books For Everyone

Well, naturally, bookworms love books, so a book in his favorite genre would be awesome.

But even the non-bookworms often enjoy comics, jokes, or facts about their favorite sports theme.

4. Bacon Flavored Toothpicks

Seriously tasty idea!

Bacon Flavored Toothpicks
Bacon Flavored Toothpicks from Flavored Toothpicks, Etsy

These toothpicks actually come in over 70 flavors! Something for every taste.

5. Pucker Up: Lip Balm

And not any old lip balm but one with a fun flavor. Fun and practical stocking stuffer idea for men!

This bourbon flavored lip balm is going to be hit!

6. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Got to keep the tire pressure in check, and with this gauge, it won’t even feel like a chore.

The lit display and lighted nozzle ensure that checking can happen in dimly lit areas as well.

Surprise him with awesome stocking stuffers! An image of a man wearing a Santa hat and Christmas sweater with a surprised look on his face.

7. What’s In Your Phone Card Holder

Keep the money and cards safely in a wallet or carry them around the cool way with a Phone cardholder.

8. It’s Play Time

Don’t we all love to play! Stuff the stockings with old-fashioned toys like a yo-yo or Rubik’s cube.

9. Games!

There are many pocket-size games to choose from, such as Phase 10, Uno, Rook, Clue, Blink, Farkle Flip, deck of cards.

10. Special Ornament

Guys like ornaments too; get him one that reminds him of a special moment like a vacation or displays his hobby or favorite sports team.

11. Novelty Pen for the Notetaker

Everyone uses pens at some point. Writing those notes at a meeting is so much more fun when you have a cool pen shaped like a tool.

12. Camping and Bonfire Fun

Waterproof matches can come in handy on those camping trips, and the 5-in-1 survival tool bracelet gives the man a pretty cool look.

The spork with a knife (all in one) makes those mealtimes a breeze. It could be helpful during lunchtime at the office too.

Who can resist a bag of marshmallows or a cool smores kit with crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows?

13. For the Traveler

Mark the suitcases with stylish or funny luggage tags, and keep the passport safe in a RFID blocking passport case. Rest your feet on the leg hammock and enjoy the trip!

These stocking stuffer ideas for him are also fun as white elephant gifts!

14. Accidents Happen

How about some bandages, regular or cool ones. Or get a whole first aid kit and stuff it in the stocking.

Stocking Stuffers for Men. White elephant gift ideas for men. An image of a stocking filled with gifts hanging from a fire place. A Christmas tree with lights in the background.

15. Grilling Stuff

Some men really like outdoor cooking, and here are some things to get for him: an apron, grilling utensils, grill brush, spices, and marinade.

16. What Would Life Be Without Music

Guitar picks, harmonica, drumsticks, a gift card to iTunes, mixed tape… LOL.

These record coasters are pretty awesome too.

17. Quench the Thirst

Mugs, travel cups, and his favorite drinks. Fill the stocking with hot chocolate, coffee, tea, soda bottles, and other delicious beverages.

Keep the drinks cool or warm with can coolies and mug cozies. Perhaps men prefer it to be called can or mug sleeves.

18. Keychain

Cool keychains keep those keys together.

19. Manly Lotion

Everybody needs some moisturizer every now and again. This all-natural hand healer is perfect for men. It also doubles as a beard balm.

20. For the Gamer

Shhh, the game is on! A fun pair of socks that make excellent stocking stuffers for men.

21. Yoda Best!

Lots of various candles that the man in your life would be happy to receive. Check out this one… candle for the Man.

22. Magazine

Maybe he is not a bookworm but would love to read a magazine!

23. Decals For Anything

Decals for walls, cars, thermos bottles, phones… name it, and there is a decal for it.

24. Breath Mints

Keep the breath fresh at all times with tasty mints.

25. Get or Stay Fit

After the Holidays everyone wants to get fit. Make a fitness-themed stocking or put one of these items in it: jump rope, resistance bands, core discs, workout gloves, headband, wrist wraps, or belt pouch.

26. Exercise the Mind

Keep the brain cells happy!

These fun things make great stocking stuffers or advent calendar fillers for men: brain teaser puzzles, sudoku, riddles, number slide, mystery cases, crossword puzzles, or word search.

27. Tidy Up

We all have all sorts of stuff that need to be organized. So get a little box to put the screws in or hooks for the things in the garage.

28. Squeaky Clean Screen

Everyone has some kind of screen that could use some cleaning. Stuff the stocking with lens and screen cleaning wipes or cloths.

29. Eye Glass Stuff

There are all sorts of cool eyeglass accessories you can put in the stocking: eyeglass chain, nose pads, ear grip, temple tips, anti-fog spray, cleaning cloth, glass holder for sun visor, case.

30. Keep Calm

During stressful moments, it’s good to have one of these around: stress ball, fidget toy, stress grip, magnetic putty, or calming essential oil.

31. Handyman

Can a handyman have too many tools?

Go to a hardware store and grab all sorts of inexpensive tools and stuff: carpenter pen (Under 50 cents!), lumber crayon (Yes, that’s a thing), yardstick, tape measure, line chalk, all-weather notepad, level, wrench, sockets, ratchets and so on.

32. The Clean Look

This one is easy! And very practical.

Fill the stocking with a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, deodorant, razors, bath sponge, nail clippers, body wash, beard oil, shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, and all sorts of other travel-sized (or regular size) items.

33. Food

Everyone likes to get sweets and salty snacks. Look into this category to keep the stocking within the budget: granola bars, protein bars, snack-size cookie packages, chips, popcorn, candy, chocolate, trail mix, and gum.

34. Let The Light Shine

Flashlights and batteries are always needed. Small flashlight, big flashlight, flashlight with tools, any kind of flashlight.

Maybe he’d also like to have a plugin nightlight.

35. T-Shirt or Pajama Pants

A great way to fill that stocking! Get him a fun t-shirt or pajama pants and stuff that stocking; add a few other fun items, and you’re all set.

36. Keep The Shoes Shiny

Shoe polish, brush, and buff cloth are needed to keep those shoes looking awesome.

Nobody likes boots that leak. Throw in the stocking a waterproofing spray to ensure that the socks stay dry and cozy.

Talking about shoes, how about cool shoelaces for those sneakers or a shoehorn to help get the shoes on.

37. Web Camera Cover

Protect privacy and keep that web camera covered with a sliding webcam cover.

38. Ice Scraper

Windshield covered in ice… The joys of winter! An ice scraper is a practical and cheap stocking stuffer that will get lots of use during the winter months if you’re in a colder climate.

39. Office Supplies

Most of us use these items whether we have an office job or not: paper clips, binder clips, stapler, pens, pencils, erasers, post-it notes, index cards, and a framed picture of the family.

40. Analog Alarm Clock

Keep the electronics from disturbing his sleep and get him an analog alarm clock! This one is also quiet. But if you think he prefers the ticking sound, there are plenty of those available too.

Have fun filling a stocking for him!

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