115 Awesome Advent Calendar Gift Ideas For Kids

You’d think it would be easy to fill up advent calendars with gifts.

Well, it is!

With these Christmas calendar filler ideas for kids, you’ll have yours filled in no time.

NOTE: If you are here for the advent calendar fillers for teenagers, they have moved to their very own post. Of course, some of the ideas in this article work for teens too.

Are you still looking for the perfect advent calendar? You’ll love these Christmas calendar ideas.

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Marvelous advent calendar filler for kids. An image of a candy cane, tree-shaped sugar cookies, snowman globe.

1. Toys and Games

All the kids like toys and games!

So, this one is always a safe category to choose from.

Advent Calendar Fillers for Kids

You’ll find all kinds of inexpensive, fun things to put in the advent calendar at dollar stores and stores that sell party supplies.

Though dollar store toys can have a reputation of not lasting long, sometimes you hit the jackpot.

When my oldest daughter was one, I got her a cute snowman from the dollar store. When you pushed the tummy, you’d hear a Christmas tune.

I was sure that it would not last long.

Was I wrong! Several years later, that snowman still happily caroled.

  1. bouncy balls like these awesome Light-Up Spiky Balls!
  2. LEGO pieces to a kit (give a few pieces each day)
  3. DUPLO blocks for toddlers
  4. puzzle pieces (give a few pieces each day)
  5. balloons (uninflated)
  6. mini beach balls (uninflated)
  7. bullets for nerf guns
  8. Barbie accessories
  9. doll clothes
  10. jump rope
  11. mini flashlight
  12. pretend food
  13. matchbox cars
  14. travel game sets
  15. play dough
  16. game cards (suggestions after this list)
  17. Yo-Yos
  18. finger puppets
  19. slime
  20. dollhouse furniture
  21. a treasure map or clues for finding a hidden gift
  22. glow sticks
  23. bubbles
  24. whistle
  25. water growing toys
  26. glitter putty
  27. paddle ball
  28. scrabble pieces (put one for each day, pick letters that spell a fun message or perhaps a clue for finding a hidden treasure)

Here are some specific ideas in this toys and games category for you to look at.

Game Cards

Put some games in the advent calendars and get ready to make fun memories.

Fun game cards for kids:

Toy Sets

Toys sets with multiple parts work well for advent calendars.

Split a toy set and give a piece or few each day.

Here are some fun ideas:

Building Blocks

Building blocks are fantastic. A simple collection of blocks can entertain the kids for years.

Take a look at these awesome building blocks collections:


Yay! This is another gift idea you can split over a couple of days.

Fabulous puzzles:

2. Stuff for Creating

Let’s continue looking at other fun advent calendar gift ideas.

If your kids love to make crafts and you find having glitter and paper pieces all over the place charming, then this is your category!

Advent calendar gift ideas for kids: craft items, googly eyes, finger paint, pom poms, rocks for painting, yarn, gel pens
  1. watercolors
  2. crayons
  3. erasers
  4. paintbrushes
  5. acrylic paint
  6. wood cut outs to paint (They come in various Christmas shapes and are inexpensive. Buy a few and let the decorating begin! You could also glue a ribbon loop in the back and use them as Christmas ornaments.)
  7. yarn
  8. ribbon
  9. stickers
  10. charms (inexpensive sets)
  11. gel pens
  12. beads
  13. ink pens
  14. stamper
  15. finger paint
  16. holiday pencils
  17. rock painting kit
  18. journal
  19. pom poms
  20. color scratch paper
  21. sidewalk chalk
  22. craft kit
  23. stencils
  24. feathers
  25. scissors
  26. chenille stems
  27. popsicle sticks
  28. glitter glue

3. Something to Wear

I don’t know who would not love to find fun holiday socks in the advent calendar.

Put in the Christmas calendar fun things from bracelets to ties.

Advent calendar gift ideas for kids: scrunchies, necktie, bracelet, socks, hair clips, scarf
  1. socks (holiday, fuzzy… any kind of socks)
  2. gloves
  3. belt
  4. scarf
  5. cap
  6. shoelaces like these fun no-tie curly laces
  7. necklace (cute ideas below)
  8. bike gloves
  9. bracelet (adorable ideas below)
  10. ballet shoes
  11. bandana
  12. leg warmers
  13. tie
  14. scrunchies (cool collections)
  15. hair bands and clips

Jewelry Ideas

Jewelry for sparkling, magical moments:

  1. personalized bracelet set, the set has 3 adorable bracelets and they come in various sizes to ensure a great fit
  2. daisy bracelet with your child’s name is the cutest one ever
  3. sparkly unicorn necklace with a “you are magical” charm
  4. ballerina necklace for the little dancer in your life

Speaking of ballerinas, check out these cute gold ballet shoes!

4. Baking Fun

An easy and practical advent calendar gift for girls and boys!

You probably bake with your kids during the Holiday season.

Why not put in the calendar some cute things for your next baking time.

Practical and fun! Can’t beat that.

Advent Calendar Gift Ideas For Kids
  1. cupcake liners, kids will love these!
  2. cookie cutters
  3. mini spatula, makes baking extra fun
  4. cake decorating tips
  5. sprinkles
  6. piping bags

5. Something to Eat or Drink

We all got to eat something… and why not some fun, easy treats.

Advent calendar gift ideas: single serving hot chocolate, popcorn, trail mix
  1. hot chocolate packets
  2. single serve hot chocolate mix in salt shaker
  3. juice box
  4. drink mix
  5. chips
  6. pop corn
  7. pretzels
  8. trail mix
  9. candy cane seeds (free printable bag topper and gift tag)
  10. fruit snacks
  11. snack mix
  12. fruit bars (my family loves these)
  13. Grinch pills (green Tic Tac, Sixlets, m&ms)
  14. chocolate
  15. old fashioned candy

Single Serve Hot Chocolate Mix In Salt Shaker

  • 2-3 tsp of cocoa
  • 1-2 TBS of sugar (white or brown)
  • mini marshmallows
  • salt shaker with a handle (they are quite adorable), buy in bulk and save on salt shakers
  • tiny candy cane (optional)
  • twine and decorations (optional)

(When ready to use, heat 1 cup of milk and stir in the hot chocolate mix.)

Before continuing to explore the advent calendar fillers, grab these free Christmas printables:

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues for kids and teens.

Play, laugh, and make memories!

32 Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

and a planner for creating different scavenger hunts with the clues.

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6. Money, Money, Money

The older the kid, the more they’ll appreciate finding money in their advent calendar.

What To Put In The Advent Calendar
  1. rolled up dollar bills (tie with a ribbon or a paper clip)
  2. $1 coins
  3. $2 bills
  4. gift cards

7. For Home

This is a perfect time to get something cute for your kids room.

I think that even tweens and teens would love cool dresser drawer knobs or fun hooks for the wall.

Advent calendar fillers for boys and girls: succulents
  1. Christmas ornaments
  2. LED tea light candle
  3. tiny real or fake plant
  4. picture frame
  5. mini snow globe
  6. coaster (silicone animal shapes and many more)
  7. fun hook for the wall
  8. cool dresser knobs (So many options to choose from!)
  9. wall decal
  10. waterproof stickers for cups or water bottles
  11. night light (ideas below)
  12. curtain holder (tiebacks of all kinds for everyone: unicorn, monkey, soccer ball, etc.)

Night Lights

Sometimes you just need a little night light.

8. Notes for Activities

One of the fabulous choices is the activities.

These are all easy and won’t break the bank.

December is such a busy time for many of us, so pick simple and doable activities. Something that won’t stress you out.

Activity ideas for advent calendar
  1. make paper snowflakes
  2. create or sign Christmas cards
  3. bake cookies
  4. make a Holiday puzzle
  5. sing Christmas songs
  6. create a Christmas snack mix
  7. go to see Christmas lights
  8. turn a plain shirt into a Christmas shirt
  9. make a no-sew fleece scarf
  10. visit Santa
  11. play Christmas themed games
  12. read a Christmas book
  13. go for a walk and drink warm cocoa
  14. watch a Christmas movie
  15. decorate your room for Christmas
  16. attend Christmas parade
  17. play minute-to-win-it games

Some of these cool things to do with kids at home would also be perfect activities to include in the advent calendar.

9. Books

And something to read!

What To Put In An Advent Calendar

Ideas for Teenagers!

Since writing this post I thought that teens need their own list so I put together 99 advent calendar filler ideas for teenage girls and boys! Want to see them?

Advent Calendar Fillers for Teenagers

Small Christmas budget?

Though these are inexpensive ideas, it all adds up, and advent calendar gifts can end up costing a lot. What’s the solution…


Candy is an inexpensive way (and loved by kids) to fill up a few bags, drawers, or whatever you use as the advent calendar.

If you have trouble choosing what to put in the Christmas calendar, start by picking a couple of things from each advent calendar gift category.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues for kids and teens.

Play, laugh, and make memories!

32 Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

and a planner for creating different scavenger hunts with the clues.

Take a look at the Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues at our store, ShopRelaxedHostess.com

pdf file, 30-day money back guarantee, available to customers in the USA

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Cool Advent Calendar Fillers for Kids from Toddlers to Teens

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