Cool Things to Do with Kids at Home

We all have those special childhood memories etched into our minds. Some of them were bigger adventures but many of the fondest memories were often made at home.

This collection of Things to Do with Kids at home presents you easy, cheap ideas you can do in the spur of the moment.

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Super Fun Things To Do With Kids Today

Things to Do With Kids Today

It’s always handy to have a few ideas in the sleeve for those rainy days or moments when you just want to do something different.

You can easily do these cheap or free ideas with your kids today, this week or whenever!

You’ll find here ideas from art shows and tea parties to yoga. Fun things you can do with your kids inside. And if you are up for it, take the activities outside!

Interested in bucket lists for kids? Fun stuff you can do at home, inside and outdoors.

It’s Show Time!

There is a great showman in all of us!

Easy Things To Do With Kids At Home Today. It's show time!

1. Talent Show

Most kids love attention and showing their newly learned skills. You can run the talent show in many ways: let the kids pick what they want to do or come up with categories they can choose from.

Get ready to be entertained or better yet, join the fun and show off your talents!

2. Fashion Show

This can be a hoot. Every kid I’ve met loves to dress up whether it is wearing princess clothes, Halloween costumes, or trying on mommy’s clothes.

Give the kids a pile of stuff to wear, or let them go wild and pick whatever they can find in their closet or the dress up rack. Maybe you’re brave enough to let the kids rummage through your stuff too.

Turn on the music and let the fashion show begin. The kids might want to MC the show themselves or perhaps you’ll be given the honor.

Take pictures!

3. Art Show

Use whatever you can find at home to create art! It could be plastic cups, paper plates, paper clips and rubber bands. Sky is the limit!

Draw, paint, mold, construct.

Give the art pieces creative names and display them around the house.

4. Theater

Find a skit online your kids can perform or simply read through their favorite book while the kids act the scenes.

The kids could also act their favorite TV show or a movie.

Make puppets with popsicle sticks or socks and have a puppet show.

5. Band

Did you ever dream of being in a band? Now is your chance!

Form a band with the kids!

Don’t have instruments?

No problem.

Use whatever you have at home: pots, wooden or plastic utensils, plastic cups, jingle bells etc. Put rice inside an empty plastic container and you have a fun shaker.

Bring on the Games!

What could be more fun than a friendly competition.

Things to Do With Kids Indoors. Maze for Kids.

1. Minute to Win It Games

Minute to win it games from alphabetizing books to competing who can sweep the most in a minute are so cool. And easy.

Check out Minute to Win it Games for Kids for easy, awesome ideas you can do with items you probably already have.

2. Obstacle Course

Kids naturally love to hop around and climb over things. Create an obstacle course for kids with things you already have

  • pillows
  • foam mats
  • pool noodles
  • swim rings
  • tape
  • yarn
  • blocks

Crawl, climb, bounce, balance. Put your skills into a test.

3. Maze

Place washi tape on the floor to form a maze.

To make it more challenging for older kids you might need to add some plants or furniture to block the view or have them crawl through the maze.

No jumping over the lines.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always cool and easy to do. Give the kids a list of things they need to find and send them hunting.

You could also hide images of the items or other paper cut outs like red triangles, blue circles etc.

I’ve got a couple of scavenger hunts for you in the free printables.

5. Dance Games


Show off your dance skills… or lack of them. Hahaha.

Everyone is a dancer when they play these awesome dance games.

Party Time!

I love parties! Big parties and the tiny ones thrown together in minutes.

Things to Do with Kids At Home

1. Dance Party

Host a dance party for your kids or invite a few friends over. Play awesome dance music. Tape blinking Christmas lights to the ceiling (or simply place on a shelf or table) for a fun atmosphere.

Play these fun and easy dance games at your dance party. Everyone gets to be in the spotlight!

2. Tea Party

A wonderfully easy party! All you need is cute cups and tea… or juice or whatever it is that your kids like to drink.

Cut up tiny sandwiches, serve crackers, cookies or brownies.

If you have a little fairy in the house she’ll love the easy fairy tea party. You’ll find there also fun, easy games.

Or go mad and have a tea party with Mad Hatter and other unforgettable characters from Alice In Wonderland.

Interior Design

Maybe you have a budding interior designer in your family or maybe you are just itching to try new things. You’ll love these ideas!

Cheap Things To Do With Kids Today

1. Rearrange a Room

Rearranging a room is a great way to spruce up the look and it can make you feel like you got a brand new room!

I love to rearrange rooms. When my kids were little I frequently rearranged their play room.

One of my favorite things was to arrange it into a little town. We’d have a bank, store, hair salon, hospital etc.

Get creative and rearrange a room!

2. Wall Mural

Make a giant wall mural on a huge piece of paper. Or combine regular size papers to form a one large art piece.

3. A Book Nook

Create a cozy book nook and have a book marathon.

4. Blanket Fort

Oh, loving this! Who hasn’t built a blanket fort! Everyone loves to build these!

Watch your kids eyes to sparkle as they put together a fort, a special place to hold secret meetings, to watch a movie, or to enjoy a dinner.

Movie Time!

Kick back and watch a movie.

Fun Cheap Things To do With Kids. A movie night, make a movie etc.

1. Movie Marathon

Take a day off from the regular routine and have a movie marathon.

2. Movie Theater

Turn your TV area into a movie theater. Prepare movie tickets, a snack bar and announce the show time.

3. Make a Movie

You don’t only need to watch what other people have done… make your own movie. The kids will love it!

It’s Dinner Time!

What time is it Mr. Wolf? It’s dinner time!!!

Fun With Kids. Cook with kids, have a picnic indoors,

1. Cook Together

Plan a menu together and prepare it together. Or simply go through the baking book and pick a fun dessert for the day.

And hey, it’s cool to keep it simple and make brownies from a mix.

2. Dinner under the Table

This is something hilarious to most kids. To be able to eat on the floor under the table. How awesome is that!

3. Kids Take Over the Kitchen

Depending on the age of your kids (you know their abilities the best) let them plan a meal or prepare a fun snack.

4. Restaurant

Play restaurant either with play food or real food. The kids will have a blast going by the drive through to pick up their fries and nuggets.

Of course, you could go big and create a fancy restaurant with menus and lovely table decor.

5. Picnic Inside

Spread out the picnic blanket in the living room and enjoy a good old fashioned picnic right in the comfort of your home. No need to worry about ants or flies getting into your food.

Get Crafty!

Options are endless which can of course get overwhelming. You can simply give the kids craft supplies and let them go wild.

Or take a look at these easy craft suggestions you can do today!

Things to Do with Kids In the House On Rainy Day

1. Unicorn Crafts

Unicorns, the mystical creatures, intrigue many. Your kids will love these fun, easy unicorn crafts. I’ve got free unicorn coloring pages for you as well.

2. Harry Potter Crafts

After two decades of magic, Harry Potter is still at the top. You’ll find here Harry Potter crafts from easy wands to cute owl charm bookmarks.

I think you would also love the owl origami featured in Harry Potter party ideas. Just scroll down to the games and crafts and you’ll find it.

We made those at our party and they turned out really cute.

3. Mermaid/ Under The Sea Crafts

The under the sea world is quite fascinating. Make easy crafts like painted rocks.

You’ll find fun mermaid crafts such as headband, necklace, and mermaid slime in the mermaid party ideas. Scroll down to games and crafts.

4. Make a Book

Though writing a book is not exactly a craft but making a book and illustrating it is!

Come up with your own story. Write it down and illustrate. You could also cut up images from magazines, catalogs etc. and write a story around those.

5. Butterfly Crafts

There is something relaxing about butterflies. Take a moment to create a beautiful butterfly display. These creative butterfly crafts are made with various materials. Your child will have so much fun making them.

Pampering Fun

And last but not least: pamper and be pampered.

Fun Things To Do With Kids. Spa for Kids.

1. The Spa

Give a little spa experience to the kids. They will find it relaxing and fun.

Many cool things to do at a spa from manicures to the easiest homemade sugar scrub.

Make facial masks and lay on yoga mats or towels and listen to relaxing music. You’ll all be refreshed after that!

2. Yoga

Cosmic kids yoga has lots of fun yoga videos for kids.

3. Massage

Grab a bottle of lotion and give your kids a hand and foot massage. They will surely like that unless their little feet are super ticklish.

4. Messages on the Back

Take turns writing letters or drawing something on each other’s backs. With a finger not a pen 😉

Bonus Idea

Print out a couple of bucket lists for kids and do the fun activities. All the fun in these can be done at home!

Have fun with your kids and do some of these things today! Pick your favorites from art shows to writing messages on the back.

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