33 Harry Potter Crafts Any Muggle Can Do

Life seemed rather dull at the Privet Drive, but I bet these Harry Potter crafts would have kept even Harry himself busy and entertained.

Make a few at your next Harry Potter party or any day that needs some magic. The troll bogeys can ruin your appetite, but it will be a Harry Potter DIY project that many kids will find fascinating.

You’ll find here crafts that also appeal to teens, so keep scrolling :).

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Awesome Harry Potter Crafts

These crafts and DIY projects are great to give as gifts to Harry Potter fans.

Easy Harry Potter crafts for teens, kids. No magic skills needed. Image of a magic wand.

1. Charms, charms, charms

You can make all sorts of stuff with Harry Potter-themed charms!

  • Attach a charm to a ribbon and use it as a bookmark.
  • Put several charms on a charm chain bracelet to tell the story of Harry Potter. Use Hogwarts house-colored beads as spacer beads. These beads have a fun marbled look.
  • Loop one into a leather cord and use it as a necklace or bracelet.
  • Make a wine charm. Insert in the ring a few beads, too, to match Hogwarts house colors
  • Make earrings. Buy inexpensive sterling earring hooks and hook in your charms.
  • Combine a charm with a stone pendant for a fun look
  • Customize a key ring.

2. Belt In Hogwarts House Colors

Make a belt in Hogwarts House colors. Use yarn, beads, and charms. Here is a tutorial for a basic five-strand belt you can customize to your liking.

Hogwarts House Colors

  • Gryffindor: red and gold
  • Hufflepuff: yellow and black
  • Ravenclaw: blue and bronze or blue and silver
  • Slytherin: green and silver

3. Chocolate Frog Coasters

Who would not want to indulge in chocolate frogs!

Use a chocolate frog mold to make a snack but don’t stop there. Eat it while you create fun “chocolate frog” crafts.

For this coaster project, you’ll need:

Tip: Choose a large enough coaster to fit the toy frog and a mug.

How to make:

  1. Spray paint the plastic frogs. Let dry…
  2. Use a hot glue gun to attach a plastic frog to each coaster. Just don’t glue it in the middle. Leave space for a mug too.

Now you are ready to showcase this interesting sweet treat from Harry Potter.

4. Chocolate Frog Picture Frame

If you are a real fan of chocolate frogs, you can make all sorts of stuff with the toy frogs!

Just spray paint those plastic frogs brown and hot glue them on things like picture frames.

5. Fantastic Harry Potter Peg Dolls

Your kids will have a great time making their favorite and not-so-favorite Harry Potter characters. Be ambitious and make a bunch of them: the Weasley family, Dursleys, all the professors, etc.

Re-enact your favorite scenes from Harry Potter with these awesome Harry Potter Peg Dolls from Artsy Fartsy Mama. Your kids might even want to make a video!

6. Harry Potter Planter

If you are a plant lover, these DIY Harry Potter plant pots from PopSugar are a must-have. Get creative and make them in various styles:

  • Harry Potter eyeglasses
  • wand
  • Hogwarts House colors
  • charms like “alohamora.”

7. Cute Snitch Headband

Pretty Snitch Headband is cute accessory for any girl. It could be the simple Halloween costume you’ve been looking for.

Jennifer at Sugar, Spice and Glitter lists creative ways to use this DIY Snitch from embellishing a picture frame to using it as a Christmas ornament.

8. Harry Potter Book Fold

Always Book Folding Pattern from HaveFunBookFolding
Always Pattern from Have Fun Book Folding, Etsy

I know folded pages can cause pain to some of the booklovers.

But if you happen to have an extra book that you don’t mind folding, you’ll love making this room decor item.

Get the always book fold pattern, and soon you’ll have the coolest thing to display in the bookcase.

9. Harry Potter Quilt DIY

You can get magical Harry Potter fabric and make your own Harry Potter Quilt. Keep it for yourself or give as a fun gift to someone.

A perfect Harry Potter DIY for those who have a sewing machine!

Here is an easy DIY quilt tutorial for beginners.

10. Fun With Harry Potter SVG and DXF files

Imagine ALL the wonderful things you can do with these Harry Potter images (SVG and PNG files).

  • wall decals
  • water bottle or lap top decor
  • t-shirts
  • cards
  • photo props
  • cupcake toppers
  • confetti

11. Remembrall Ring

Neville Longbottom received a Remembrall from his Gran. The beautiful ball turned red when the carrier forgot something. Unfortunately, it did not tell what he had forgotten.

Remembrall went back to normal once the user remembered whatever he had forgotten in the first place.

Even though this DIY Remembrall Ring from Parenting Chaos does not have magical powers, it is a pretty accessory for Harry Potter fans.

12. Love Potion

Perfect drink on Valentine’s Day: Love Potion from Royal Baloo. A simple, fun activity for kids. Make also pretty labels for your heart shaped bottles.

13. DIY Feather Quill Pens

How fun it would be to write a letter to a friend with a feather quill! This might get your reluctant writer to grab a quill and write a report paper!

Check out the feather quill pen tutorial.

14. Owl String Art

Owl String Art
Owl String Art from String of the Art, Etsy

This is a cool craft for any adult Harry Potter fan!

It comes with a handy pattern you can use to hammer the included nails in correct places.

You’ll also get bronze, black, and gold string. But no-one is going to stop you from using your preferred colors. Just swing by a craft store and get the colors to match your room decor; or kindly request different colors from the seller.

So, go ahead and order your owl string art kit. This 16×12″ art piece will be a perfect addition to your Harry Potter themed room.

By the way, this seller has a mini owl string art kit as well. Take a look, you’ll love it.

15. Wizard-Style Wooden Letters

You and your kids will have a blast painting and decorating these wizard-style wooden letters from The Fairy Paintbox.

Write your name or cool phrases from Harry Potter.

The letters come in various sizes, so you can create a perfect-sized art piece for your space; magical room decor for any Harry Potter fan.

What will you spell?

16. Hogwarts Dream Catcher

This beautiful Hogwarts Dream Catcher can be bought from Gypsy Dream Catching. It is a fantastic Harry Potter room decoration idea.

Buy one and use it as a model for making dream catchers at a Harry Potter party.

Make a dream catcher with the house colors you belong to.

Get dream catcher rings and ribbon for this fun DIY project.

A dream catcher is a great Harry Potter craft idea for teens.

Teens would also love these Harry Potter themed party ideas from spending a night at “Forest of Dean” to dancing at the Yule Ball.

17. Harry Potter Photo Frames and Mats

Decorate photo frames or photo mats!

Use your imagination and creativity and draw the most amazing images inspired by Harry Potter from eyeglasses to wands. Other ideas to draw include: goblet of fire, dragons, owls, potions, sorting hat, snitch, broom.

If drawing is not your strength use Harry Potter stickers.

You could also write quotes on the photo mats (inexpensive set that would be great for parties.)

If you do this craft at a party, take a photo of each guest or a group photo so they can can put it in the frame or in the photo mat.

Harry Potter themed frames or photo mats make awesome party favors too!

18. Harry Potter Stencils

There used to be so many cool stencils… currently only this one is left of the list. I’ll look for others.

So many things you can do with stencils:

  • Create wall art for the Potterhead room.
  • Make a wooden wall plaque to indicate where the Platform 9 3/4 is.
  • Decorate a tote bag.
  • Make framed art.
  • Create awesome art on canvas.

19. Magical Embroidery

I was sad to see that this mischief managed embroidery pattern is no longer available. I’ll try to find another.

20. Owl Pendant

This owl pendant is so cute.

A challenging Harry Potter craft for adults and teens! Make one for yourself or give as a gift to a friend.

Just follow the tutorial from Anri Adachi Jewellery and in no time you will have owl pendants to fill up an owlery!

You could pick a stone color based on the Hogwarts house or your birth month. Or simply pick your favorite color.

21. From Sticks to Wands

What would Harry Potter fan be without a cool diy wand. Though you won’t be able to make food appear with these wands… (I wish I could), they look awesome and are easy to make.

Easy DIY Harry Potter Wand from Mama Smiles is made with sticks to give it the realistic look.

If you don’t have sticks around you can use chopsticks too and swirl hot glue on them to create texture.

Though we have sticks around I never thought to use them and we always made ours with chopsticks, hot glue and acrylic paint.

The first time we made the wands we did not use acrylic sealant and the paint began to come off. We learned our lesson and used sealant the second time.

22. Lumos! Nox! – Wands

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

― Albus Dumbledore (J.K.Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

With these awesome Harry Potter wands from Steam Powered Family you can turn on light!

This project is not for little kids but tweens and teens might enjoy it. You will need things like copper tape and batteries but it is not a super complicated craft.

And if you homeschool this would be a great science project! Learning can be fun!!

23. Glitter Wands

Little ones will enjoy making these glittery Harry Potter wands from Me and My MerBaby. Simple afternoon project for kids or an awesome party activity.

24. Wands Ready To Be Painted

If you want to make wand making super easy then you will want to get these wands that have been pre-glued. The wands have various patterns made with glue and all you need to do is to paint them.

25. Lumos Nox Light Switch Plate

I have to admit that turning lights on and off seems so much cooler when the light switch plate has the words: “lumos” and “nox”.

Get a rustic light switch plate and use that for this DIY project. Or simply use the one you already have.

Various ways to get the words “lumos” and “nox” on the plate:

  • decal (So easy!)
  • permanent markers
  • acrylic paint
  • wooden letters

For added fun:

If you are using a regular white switch plate, paint the lower bottom of the switch plate black or dark gray. The top part could be sparkly.

26. Character Bookmarks


These crafts are perfect for booklovers! I’d like to think that Harry Potter fans enjoy reading, at least Harry Potter books.

Harry Potter books are so thick that, at least for most of us, they are impossible to read in one sitting.

Cute bookmarks with the friendly faces of Albus Dumbledore and the fantastic trio: Harry, Ron, and Hermione will mark the place for you until you are ready to get back into the magical, mysterious Wizarding World.

Check out the free bookmark printable at Artsy Fartsy Mama. If cutting out the bookmarks does not count as a craft for you, you can make simple bookmarks out of cardstock and draw Harry Potter characters on them.

27. Paper Clip Bookmarks

Harry Potter fans will love to make and use these fun paper clip bookmarks.

Picture theses ribbons in Hogwarts colors!

Simple ribbon and a clip bookmarks from Simply This and That

Hot glue a Harry Potter themed magnet on a jumbo paper clip.

For this cute owl bookmark you need an owl punch and googly eyes.

You’ll find the instructions at Ruth’s Stamping Corner.

28. Harry Potter Book tote

When in doubt, go to the library.

-Hermione (J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

and bring this awesome Harry Potter Book Tote with you!

Use Harry Potter stencils to decorate a book tote or Write quotes with fabric paint or markers.

Awesome quotes for your tote bag:

“When in doubt, go to the library.”

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

“Honestly, am I the only person who’s ever bothered to read Hogwarts: A History?” — Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” ― Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

“Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” J.K. Rowling

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” ― Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

29. Decorated Drawer Knobs

Picture your dresser with bronze drawer knobs with a lightning image or the word “Always.”

Get a set of drawer knobs to match your dresser or kitchen cabinets and decorate them with theme-fitting images.

30. Butterbeer Slime

Is any kids’ craft post complete without slime ideas? I don’t think so.

Since slime is still popular among kids, I’ll present some fantastic options. Both of these are from Steam Powered Family.

Butterbeer slime looks like marshmallow creme, but it is not, so don’t attempt to eat it, no matter how tasty it looks.

If making it makes you want a glass of refreshing butterbeer, check out these magical butterbeer recipes that you can actually drink.

31. Magnetic Slime

I’m pretty sure this magnetic slime will not tempt you to eat it, but I think your kids will have a blast making it.

As yucky as it looks, it brings back the memories of Harry defeating a troll and getting troll bogeys on his wand…

After making Troll Bogeys you might feel like you need to take a bath or use a sugar scrub to make your hands soft and clean again. So, next I’ll tell you about bath bombs and sugar scrubs.

32. Snitch Bath Bomb

This awesome Snitch Bath Bomb from Steam Powered Family is a cool activity for teens and tweens. Make these for a fun and relaxing bath time, or give them as gifts for your muggle friends.

33. Hogwarts House Bath Bomb

And here is another bath bomb from Lara Molettiere. By using various color combinations, you can match them with your favorite Hogwarts House.

These are the House Colors again:

  • Gryffindor: red and gold
  • Hufflepuff: yellow and black
  • Ravenclaw: blue and bronze or blue and silver
  • Slytherin: green and silver

34. Butterbeer Sugar Scrub

Wintertime and some cosmetics can dry up your lips. This lovely sugar scrub is a fun and tasty way to keep your lips soft and smooth.

This Butterbeer Sugar Scrub from Happiness is Homemade can be used for hands too.

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