Harry Potter Gift Guide – 59 Gifts For Awesome Potterheads

Looking for gift ideas that are fit for a Harry Potter-loving muggle? With these Harry Potter gifts, you can make your favorite Potterhead’s day magical.

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59 Harry Potter Gifts That Are Pure Magic

Any Harry Potter fan would love these gifts. This list has ideas for presents that work for teens and adults too.

Terrific Harry Potter Gifts For Potterheads.
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1. Wizard Girl Sweatshirt

Just a wizard girl sweatshirt from handmade mommy designs
Just A Wizard Girl Sweatshirt from Handmade Mommy Designs, Etsy

If you are looking for a gift for your significant other or teen daughter, she will love this Just a Wizard Girl Sweatshirt!

It comes in six colors, such as light orange and royal blue. The beautiful, lightweight sweatshirt is great for any time of year.

Use this magical code: MyTuesday to get 10% off! (I’m not in control over this code, so I can’t guarantee that it still works.)

2. Hogwarts House Keepsake Box

Harry Potter Keepsake Box, personalized and engraved with a Gryffindor crest. from LazerShack
HP Keepsake Box from Lazer Shack, Etsy

This beautiful keepsake box is perfect for all the beloved treasures. Customize the box with a finish that suits your style.

And have the box personalized and engraved with the crest and name of your favorite Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin.

Each box features all four crests on the side.

The trinket box will surely be treasured by a Harry Potter Fan.

3. iOS App Icons

A gift for the Harry Potter fan who has everything: iOS App Icons.

You want to take a look at this! It is fun!

The Harry Potter-themed icons and wallpaper transform an ordinary phone into an exceptional one!

3. Deathly Hallows Wreath

Deathly Hallows Wreath from Loops and Laurels
Deathly Hallows Wreath from Loops and Laurels, Etsy

Any Harry Potter fan would love to have this stunning wreath at their door.

Every Deathly Hallows wreath is unique, just like the recipient! The hand-carved wand completes the fabulous look.

You can request a wreath that is designed around a Hogwarts House!

By the way, this is wreath is about eighteen inches tall.

Amazing Harry Potter Gifts for Her.
Image Permission: Canva

4. Harry Potter Party

Throw a special Hogwarts Feast to your favorite Harry Potter fans. You’ll love the ideas in the Harry Potter Party on Small Budget.

Check out the various Harry Potter party themes, from Shopping in Diagon Alley to Dancing in the Yule Ball.

5. Harry Potter Glasses (Blue Light, Sunglasses)

(Sponsored. I’ll be getting a pair for myself too!)

Any Harry Potter fan would be delighted to wear one of these glasses.

These prescription, blue light, and sunglasses are inspired by the Hogwarts houses and Harry Potter himself! As you might expect, they are awesome!

Check out the Harry Potter Eyewear Collection by Diff Charitable Eyewear.

6. Marauder’s Map Blanket

Beautiful Marauder’s Map Blanket comes in various sizes suitable for babies and adults. It is a fabulous, soft, handmade blanket that can be made with a flannel middle layer for extra warmth.

Wrap it around your muggle baby, or give it to a Harry Potter fan to snuggle under while reading about Harry’s adventures.

7. Hogwarts Castle Wall Art

This gorgeous Hogwarts Express Art Piece will look amazing on the wall.

It comes in various sizes featuring the magical Hogwarts Express.

8. Candy Gift Basket

Harry Potter gift basket loaded with yummy treats like butterscotch beer and gummy creatures will delight the gift receiver.

You could also make your own magical Harry Potter treats and deliver those in a cauldron or basket.

9. House Crest

Any true Potterhead would love to have a beautiful carved House Crest for the house they belong to.

If you need help in figuring out the house they belong to, this might help:

  • Gryffindor values courage, chivalry, bravery, and nerve.
  • Ravenclaw values intelligence, creativity, learning, and wit.
  • Hufflepuff values hard work, justice, patience, and loyalty.
  • Slytherin values ambition, leadership, cunning, and resourcefulness

10. Ceramic Cauldron Mug With Hogwarts Crest

Hot Chocolate would taste amazing from this awesome Ceramic Cauldron. A golden Hogwarts crest adorns this 20 oz mug.

This magical Harry Potter gift for teens and adults is a brilliant choice.

11. Harry Potter Converse

Teens and young adults would love these awesome Harry Potter-themed shoes. These hand-painted shoes are created with high-quality paint and water-resistant spray.

12. Wallet With A Seal for Women

She’ll love this beautiful wallet adorned with a red seal. Take a look at the fun features like the acceptance note to Hogwarts!

The whole wallet looks like an envelope addressed to Harry Potter.

13. Snitch Necklace

The elegant Snitch Necklace is perfect for your favorite Harry Potter fan. This necklace is created with gorgeous silver wings and a delicate Swarovski pearl.

You have numerous color options for the pear.

This choker necklace is perfect for any occasion.

Harry Potter Gifts for Teens
Image Permission: Canva

14. Ticket to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

A dream come true for many Harry Potter fans. Experience thrilling rides and shopping in the Diagon Alley. Dine in the Leaky Cauldron or Three Broomsticks.

15. Harry Potter Handbag

This fantastic handbag has an engraved crest and tassel charm. The included strap converts it to a shoulder bag.

One side features the house crest, motto, and values, the other side the house name and animal.

Which Hogwarts House Handbag will you choose?

16. Harry Potter Tumbler

Picture your precious Potterhead enjoying morning coffee from this gorgeous handmade watercolor tumbler.

Harry Potter watercolor tumbler from Celeste Monroe and Co
Harry Potter Tumbler from Celeste Monroe and Co, Etsy

And yes, you can choose from one of the four house crests.

17. Time Turner Necklace

“I mark the hours, everyone, Nor have I yet outrun the Sun. My use and value, unto you, Are gauged by what you have to do.”

—Inscription on Time-Turner

Though this replica of Hermione’s Time-Turner can not help the gift receiver travel in time, it will be a beautiful addition to her accessory collection.

And it goes well with any outfit.

18. Sorting Bath Bomb

Enjoy a warm, beautifully scented bath and be sorted into a Hogwarts house.

These bath bombs make a fun stocking stuffer or an advent calendar filler for teens!

19. After All This Time Shadow Box

A cute shadow box for your significant other lets him know that you still love him and always will after all this time.

20. Train Ride

Book tickets for a train ride. Put on your Harry Potter-themed costumes and go on a train ride pretending you are on your way to Hogwarts.

21. Yule Ball Gown or Dress Robes

Dance away in this beautiful gown at your Yule Ball Party. Made with satin and chiffon, you’ll be the princess of the ball. You can choose a pink or blue dress.

Ron’s Dress Robes are pretty cool too ;). It requires a particular person to pull these off.

22. Sweatshirt

If Dress Robes are not his style, how about this comfy Quidditch sweatshirt!

There is one for each house!

23. A Pop Up Guide to Hogwarts

This book is no ordinary book. The pages feature spectacular 3D guides of Hogwarts, inside and out.

See the Forbidden Forest and Quidditch Pitch, Marauder’s Map, and Flying Ford Anglia.

This Harry Potter gift will please anyone!

24. Hufflepuff Apron

Harry Potter Gifts. Hufflepuff Apron (trinnyella)
Hufflepuff Apron from Trinnyella

Hogwarts is known for its fantastic feasts. Perhaps your Harry Potter fan would enjoy a beautiful Hufflepuff apron. A Gryffindor one is also available.

25. Always Tray

Your Potterhead will love this Always tray. Make it even more impressive by personalizing it!

26. Hogwarts Astronomy Tower Puzzle

Spend quality time with your muggle and work on this 875 piece puzzle together. This is a 3D puzzle of the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower. You can also find fantastic puzzles featuring The Great Hall, Hogwarts Express, and The Diagon Alley.

27.-59. DIY Gifts

DIY gifts were moved to their own post!

Perhaps, after looking at all these staggering ideas, you are inspired to create phenomenal gifts yourself!

These Harry Potter DIY ideas will surely inspire you even more!

I hope this Harry Potter gift list inspired you and you found exactly what you were looking for.

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