Easter Egg Filler Ideas For Older Kids

Nobody is too old for Easter egg hunt. These Easter egg filler ideas for older kids (teens and tweens) make their day awesome!

Fill the eggs with these “not candy” ideas and let the hunt begin.

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Use the small gifts mentioned here to create an Easter basket for your child. And speaking of baskets, check out these creative Easter basket ideas for teenagers.

Fun Easter Egg Filler for Teens. Everybody loves Easter egg hunt!

What To Put In Easter Eggs For Older Kids?

I’ve collected here ideas for various interests and I hope that you’ll be inspired by these Easter egg filler ideas for teens and tweens, from pretty jewelry to fun activity ideas.

1. Jewelry

Bring some bling to the day with jewelry.

All kinds of fun little things to choose from.

  1. rings
  2. feather necklace, unisex
  3. earrings
  4. ear cuff
  5. bracelet
  6. 3-layer anklet
  7. cowboy necktie
  8. military dog tag

2. Hair Stuff

Most of the hair stuff is small and fits perfectly inside the plastic eggs.

How fun it would be to find a cute hair clip in each egg!

  1. hair clips, 26 pc set
  2. scrunchies
  3. hair ties
  4. clip in extensions
  5. headband (hair wrap)

3. Other Accessories

So many things out there that turn an ordinary item into a cool piece.

You can decorate sneakers with shoelace clips or add a fun zipper pull to a backpack or suitcase.

  1. zipper pulls
  2. colorful shoelaces
  3. shoelace clip decorations
  4. pinback buttons
  5. keychain
  6. wrist lanyard, over 25 styles
  7. NO Probllama Pinback Button from the Button Dept, Etsy

4. Personal Care

Your teen will be happy to receive a selection of these personal care items.

Though these are more on the side of practical Easter egg fillers for older kids, they will be well received.

  1. lip gloss
  2. eye shadow
  3. makeup sponge (pastel colors)
  4. eye shadow brush sponge
  5. lip balm
  6. mini nail polish
  7. summer nail stickers
  8. organic reusable makeup remover pads
  9. nail clippers
  10. mini hand sanitizer (1 oz)
  11. cool bandage
  12. travel size hair products

Add excitement to the Easter egg hunt with terrific Easter scavenger hunt clues.

31 Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

With this many clues you can have more than one scavenger hunt!

Easter Fun for Tweens and Teens

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  • 7 code cards
  • 8 word scramble cards
  • 16 riddle cards

Total of 31 terrific Easter treasure hunt clues.

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Easter scavenger hunt clues for tweens. Solve riddles, unscramble words and figure out codes that lead to Easter eggs or a basket. Images of Easter chicks, eggs, gnome and bunny.

5. School Stuff

Make the school day more fun with erasers that make your child smile.

Give her magnets with encouraging notes she can put in her locker.

  1. funny erasers
  2. page markers
  3. cool paper clips (no boring stuff here)
  4. binder clips
  5. thumb tacks (fun ones)
  6. magnets
  7. screen wipes

6. Yummy Stuff

Treats don’t have to be candy.

Stuff the eggs with delectable tea or nourishing trail mix

  1. specialty tea
  2. delicious coffee
  3. flavor kits for water
  4. fun tea infuser
  5. nuts
  6. trail mix
  7. spring sprinkles for cupcakes and ice cream

7. Fun Stuff for Older Kids

And why not put in those Easter eggs some toys and fun stuff the older kids like.

  1. (sponsored) Design the coolest custom lapel pins. These are great if you are hosting a huge egg hunt for teens.
  2. bouncy balls
  3. jacks
  4. emoji balloons
  5. legos (never too old to build with legos…)
  6. puzzle pieces
  7. squishies
  8. blessing rocks
  9. craft materials like jewels, charms, leather string
  10. vinyl stickers for water bottles, laptop etc.
  11. pocket charm with an inspirational message (llama, turtle, giraffe, pineapple, sloth, firefly and many other fun options)
  12. brain teaser puzzles
  13. essential oil (a flowery scent for your teenager to diffuse in her room)
  14. webcam cover
  15. mini flashlight
  16. guitar picks
  17. pack o game (you’ll need a little bit bigger eggs for these fun games)
  18. drawer knobs
  19. money
  20. movie tickets
Easter scavenger hunt clues for older kids. Use them to find the eggs or an Easter basket. The clues have images of an Easter gnome, bunnies, chicks, flowers, etc.

Easter Egg Hunt Riddles

Teens and tweens love to solve these clever riddles!

With 31 Easter scavenger hunt clues you can create a different adventure for each child.

8. Activity Ideas

Fill the eggs with fun ideas written on paper slips.

  1. self-defense class
  2. cooking class
  3. amusement park
  4. laser tag
  5. rock climbing
  6. escape room
  7. bowling

Now you have 60 Easter egg filler ideas for older kids. What will you put in those eggs?

Easter scavenger hunt clues for older kids add excitement to the event. These clues are available (only in USA) at our store ShopRelaxedHostess.com.

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