Have Fun With Teens

Have fun with teens… “But what can I do with my teenager” is a question many of us ask ourselves. It seemed easier when they were little, and everything was exciting.

But no worries, you can do many fun things with your teenager.

Monthly Fun With Teens Ideas

Have fun with teenager. Things to do with your teen. Have fun and connect. Image of three teens laughing.

These monthly tips have all kinds of fantastic ideas for various interests: DIY, games, conversation starters, parties, bucket list ideas, activities at home and away, etc.

Plan mother-daughter dates or mother-son dates and make great memories together.

  • February (candle, Detective, Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt clues…)
  • March (anime, color themes, St. Patricks…)
  • April (bench, Betrayal Legacy, Stranger Things, cotton ball challenge…)
  • May (line dance, Llamas Unleashed, macrame, national clean your room day…)
  • June (bike maintenance, smokeless fire pit, sugar scrub…)
  • July (strawberries, classic cars, moon catcher…)
  • August (beach games, back-to-school…)
  • oops… skipped the September
  • October (sweater weather, pumpkin carving, caramel apple bar…)
  • November (gnomes, books, yes or no…)
  • December (card display, Christmas scavenger hunt, selfies, books…)

Explore Teen Fun Ideas

Parties With Teens Are A Blast

Teen-approved party themes help you to get started in the party planning process. You’ll find here cool party themes and ideas for each theme.

Host a Stranger Things birthday, Halloween, or viewing party! The show is a little too creepy for me, but my kids love it.

I planned a Stranger Things sweet 16 party for my daughter, and it was fun!

We had simple but awesome decorations, served delicious food and treats, played fun games, and even made a DIY Stranger Things sign with lights.

On the other end of the spectrum, we find another fabulous theme: Dr. Seuss. That’s right!

For my oldest daughter’s 19th birthday, we had a Dr. Seuss-themed party. After all, “adults are just outdated children,” just like Dr. Seuss said.

Fun With Teens In Any Season or Holiday

The summer is not only for relaxing in a hammock but also for doing other cool things. Check out the summer bucket list ideas for teens.

Though autumn means it’s time to go back to school, there are so many fantastic things you can do (not trying to imply that learning is not awesome). These cool fall games keep the whole family having fabulous fall fun.

Countdown to Christmas is more fun with an advent calendar. These advent calendar fillers for teens are terrific! They make great stocking stuffers too.

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt, but finding Christmas scavenger hunt clues for teens can be more challenging. These clues aren’t super complicated but not too easy either.

You’ll find here 32 scavenger hunt clues so you can pick your favorites or use them to create a separate hunt for each child.

Turn Valentine’s day gift-giving into a game! This Valentine’s scavenger hunt for teens has different clues from the Christmas one. It will be fun.

And if you are looking for sweet ideas for creating Valentine’s gift basket for your teenage daughter, you should check out these tips. There is something for every taste.

Go have fun with your teenager!