21 Valentine’s Gift Baskets for Teenage Daughter

You can easily create the most awesome and unique valentine’s gift basket for your daughter with these ideas.

These Valentine’s gift baskets are great for a teenage daughter but many of them work for tweens too.

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Valentine's Gift Basket Ideas for Teenage Daughter. Valentine's cookies in a bowl. Cookies shaped like letters spelling love.

1. Hello Beautiful – Spa Gift Basket

Spa Gift Basket for Daughter (scented candle, lip balm, bath bomb, body butter) from Lavish and Lourde
Spa Gift Basket from Lavish and Lourde, Etsy

Your daughter will love this spa gift basket.

The items are handmade in USA and include a candle, organic lip balm, shea butter body lotion, bath bomb, shea butter soap bar, and relaxing body spray. It comes with a match box to light the candle. (Disclaimer: no matches for kids.)

Pamper your grown daughter with this beautiful Valentine’s gift basket made with organic high-quality products.

2. Good Morning Sunshine Gift Basket

Good Morning Sunshine Spoon (And Then Again Designs)
Good Morning Sunshine Spoon from And Then Again Designs, Etsy

Build a gift basket around this cute good morning sunshine spoon.

Combine it with

3. No Prob LLama Valentine’s Gift Basket

No Prob Llama racerback tank top (shirtasticstudio)
No Prob Llama Racerback Tank Top from Shirtastic Studio, Etsy

Llamas are in and spit happens but no prob llama.

Create a fun llama themed Valentine’s basket for your daughter. She’ll love it!

  1. Start with a No Prob Llama tank top,
  2. add a Spit Happens llama wish bracelet
  3. and a Llamasté framed wall art.

4. Mom and Daughter Necklace

Mother and daughter necklaces. Two heart shaped necklaces. One for you, one for me. Connected by love we will always be. From Little Happies Co
Mother and Daughter Necklaces from Little Happies Co, Etsy

What a lovely Valentine’s gift for your daughter!

Put the one for you, one for me necklaces in a little basket or gift box and include mother daughter date ideas you’ll do with her. Maybe you’ll go on a trip, or take a class together or go for a hike.

5. Hot Chocolate Gift Basket

Hot chocolate gift basket with a mug, insulated travel mug, hot chocolate, chocolate hearts, chocolate spoons, marshmallow toppers, kitchen towel. A cozy valentines gift basket. (the gifty grape)
Hot Chocolate Gift Basket from the Gifty Grape, Etsy

This Hot Chocolate Valentine’s gift basket has it all for the chocolate lover.

Picture the smile on your daughter’s face when she sees this basket loaded with goodies.

She can enjoy the hot chocolate at home from the ceramic heart mug or bring it along in the beautiful travel mug wherever she goes.

What could be more delicious than Starbucks hot cocoa topped with marshmallows and stirred with chocolate spoons.

If you daughter is in college this basket would make her feel all cozy and loved.

6. Hair Care Gift Basket

Personalized Hair Brush (kynnediskraftkorner)
Personalized Hair Brush from Kynnedis Kraft Korner, Etsy

A fun Valentine’s basket for teen girl from mom.

Create a hair care basket with

I heard that hair scarfs are coming back in style so throw in one of those too.

7. Socks Bouquet

Fuzzy Sock Bouquet for daughter. (happytogiveboutique)
Fuzzy Sock Bouquet from Happy to Give Boutique, Etsy

My oldest daughter loves fuzzy socks and would be delighted to receive a sock bouquet.

I might even attempt to make one of these. Not sure if it would look quite as good as the one from Happy to Give Boutique.

8. Valentine’s Basket for Booklover

Make a Valentine's gift basket for a booklover. Include in it this heart shaped copper wire bookmark. (shamarabookmarks)
Heart Bookmark from Shamara Bookmarks, Etsy

My daughter who likes fuzzy socks also loves to read. So, her sock bouquet should come with one of these cute heart shaped bookmarks.

You can actually personalize the bookmark with a heartfelt message.

The heart bookmarks are about two inches wide.

You can easily create the cutest booklover basket with

Wall art: life is like a book, some chapters are sad, some happy, and some exciting. But if you never turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter holds.
Life is a book wall art from Amazon

9. Funny Mug

Mug for daughter: "being my daughter is really the only gift you need" (iconicpassion)
Being My Daughter -mug from Iconic Passion, Etsy

This mug says it all. Put it in a cute little basket. Perhaps you’ll fill it with heart chocolate to make it sweeter. A funny Valentine’s gift for daughter.

10. Valentine’s Gift for the Dancer

I dance a latte t-shirt with sneakers and jeans. (magnoliajacks)
I Dance a Latte Shirt from Magnolia Jacks, Etsy

For the coffee loving dancer! I’ve got two of those! Create a lovely Valentine’s basket with the I dance a latte t-shirt and a gift card to her favorite coffee shop.

11. Valentine’s Gift Basket Based on Her Favorite Song

Looking for a unique Valentine’s gift? This is it!

Wall Art guitar design with song lyrics. (TnDesignsandThings
Your Song Wall Art from Tn Designs and Things, Etsy

Your daughter will love this wall art made with a song that is meaningful to her.

Get the Your song – wall art and put it in a basket with some chocolate. Perhaps you can also include gifts inspired by the song.

A lovely gift she will happily display in her room.

12. Yoga Gift Box

Yoga Gift Box with a blue "but first yoga" t-shirt, a candle, "just breathe" mug and a bracelet. (bluestoneriver)
Yoga Gift Box from Blue Stone River, Etsy

Whether it is a yoga gift basket or another type of fitness gift basket, your daughter will love it.

This beautiful yoga gift basket is all ready for you to give to your teenage daughter.

But you can always add a couple of yoga blocks, yoga mat or cool yoga mat holder.

13. Among Us Gift Basket

Among Us Plush Toys in various colors (usatopdeals)
Among Us Plush from USA Top Deals, Etsy

Who has not played the very popular game Among Us. My youngest daughter even talked me into playing a couple of rounds. I can’t say I did very well but I tried.

Your daughter will love her little Among Us plush. It even makes a little sound when squeezed (no batteries needed.)

Other Among Us items to include:

14. Country or State Themed Gift Basket

Paris themed gift basket. A wooden trunk with leather accents filled with goodies such as cookies, shower gel, and body lotion.
Paris Themed Gift Box from Amazon
Hawaii Valentine's Gift Basket with treats from Hawaii such as coffee, cookies and macadamia nuts. It also includes an ornament, a mug, handmade soap and a candle.
Hawaii Gift Basket from LeldePDesigns, Etsy

If you can’t take your daughter to Paris or Hawaii at this moment, bring those places to her in the form of a gift basket: Hawaii Gift Basket is filled with lovely things. When she enjoys these treats, she’ll feel aloha.

15. Yellow Bag as The Basket

I don’t really follow trends but I did check out a few things for you. I found out that yellow bags are in!

Yellow crossbody bag in mustard yellow. A fun item for a Valentine's basket.
Crossbody Bag from Amazon

Use the bag as the “basket” and fill it with little items like chocolate, sunglasses, make up, pens and notebooks.

16. Blue Valentine?

Another thing you’ll be seeing is blue accessories like a blue bucket hat. Your trend following teen will happily wear her new hat. This one is not a bright blue but you can find those too if you want to go really bold.

Stay with the blue theme and add in the basket candy and gum that is in blue box. Blue mug, bookmark, socks, loofah, scrunchie.

17. Game Is On

Fill a basket with games and snacks for a fun game night with friends or family.

18. Not A Hugger

Not a hugger shirt with a cactus image. A fun non cheesy valentines gift for teens.
Not A Hugger Shirt from Bubba Monkey Designs, Etsy

We all know people who are not huggers and perhaps your daughter is one of them. My middle one fits the description.

What else can you put in a gift basket for a non-hugger besides this cool Not A Hugger shirt?

  • Hersheys Hugs (Who would say no to these!)
  • cactus soy candle (Almost too cute to burn.)
  • cactus hair ties (Pretty and Prickly)
  • cactus in a fun pot (You’ve got to see this! It’s cute, it’s funny! These plants don’t need much hugging… just water them every now and then and they will thrive.)

19. Dream Big Gift Basket

Work Hard and Dream Big Wood Cut Out Sign for Teen Room (TealAndLavender)
Work Hard and Dream Big Sign from Teal and Lavender, Etsy

Encouraging message for your daughter: work hard and dream big.

This Work Hard and Dream Big sign is great a great addition for a wall gallery.

Include in the gift basket items that help her to work towards her goal like:

  • Atomic Habits (A book about how tiny changes have remarkable results.)
  • Journal
  • Planner
  • The dream specific items (like art supplies for the artist; and a foot roller/massager for the dancer.)

20. See The World… or USA

Scratch off US Map for your teenage daughter's room. (MapsinternationalUSA)
Scratch Off USA Map from Maps International USA, Etsy

Traveling the world is great but there is so much to see in the USA.

I’m not originally from here but over the course of a couple of decades I have been able to visit about 20 states. We once drove from L.A. to Annapolis, MD so we covered a few states on that trip.

Perhaps your family loves to travel and this Scratch Off US Map is a fun way to keep track of the places your adventurous daughter goes to.

21. Love Keeps Your Warm

Winter Peace Soy Candle - non toxic (Chasing Natural, Etsy)
Winter Peace Candle from Chasing Natural, Etsy

A Valentine’s gift basket overflowing with warmth!

Fold a cozy blanket in the gift basket and place a Winter Peace Candle on it; add a book, fuzzy socks, knit hat, warm gloves, or a scarf she can wrap around herself and feel your love wherever she goes.

These candles are lovingly made by my friend.

Valentine’s Fun for Your Teenage Daughter

Every day is for showering our daughters with love but Valentine’s day is for doing something extra special like giving her a beautiful Valentine’s gift basket.

So many options to choose from: fuzzy sock bouquet, booklover basket, special song basket, relaxing spa basket and so on.

Turn the gift giving into a treasure hunt and have your daughter to solve these Valentine’s scavenger hunt riddles to find the hidden treasure.

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