March Fun With Teenager

In this March Fun With Teens issue you’ll find activities you can do with your teenager. Play fun games, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, choose the graduation party colors, and learn something new.

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Teens are quite the interesting group of people. It’s not always easy to figure out how to have fun with a teenage daughter or son. I’m hoping that there is something here that will pique your child’s interest and you can have a fun moment together.

Fun With Teens Categories

  1. Learn
  2. Play
  3. Talk & Riddle
  4. Celebrate
  5. Go
  6. Read
  7. Give
Things to do with your teenage daughter.

1. Learn

1. Take An Anime Drawing Class

How about taking an anime drawing class together. Draw With Koko offers online classes. Koko sometimes even throws in a mini Japanese lesson.

I met her through an online business class. And I have seen some of her work. She is good.

2. Learn to Change Car Tires

This is something I still don’t know how to do. Maybe it’s about time to learn how to change car tires.

2. Play

1. Pack O Game

I don’t know how long these games have been out but I just recently discovered them: Pack O Game.

These are fun pocket size games you can bring along to a coffee shop or wherever you might hang out with your teen.

2. Exit The Game

This is a series of games that bring the escape room right into your home.

In each game the team starts out trapped somewhere and must solve riddles and puzzles to unlock doors and reveal new riddles to solve.

Exit The Abandoned Cabin

  • ages: 12+
  • players: 1-4
  • time: 1-2 hours

Exit Theft on the Mississippi

  • ages: 12+
  • players: 1-4
  • time: 1-2 hours

3. Among Us

Perhaps you’ll want grab your phones and play a round of Among Us.

I’m not really into video games but my daughter convinced me to play this game with her. If nothing else, my lack of skills in this area provided some entertainment to her and others.

3. Talk & Riddle

1. What kind of awkward moments have you had lately? (The national Awkward Moments Day is on March 18)
2. If you could be any age, what would you choose and why?
3. Have you passed up on any chances that you now regret? What were they? Why did you choose to pass them up?
4. What fruit is always sad?
5. I have no doors, but I have keys. I have no rooms, but I have a space. You can enter, but you can never leave. What am I?


4. blueberry
5. keyboard

4. Celebrate

1. Party Colors

Planning a graduation party or end of school year celebration?

When searching for graduation party decorations you see a lot of black and gold. But there are other cool color themes too.

Yellow and Gray party color combo
mint green and red color combo
steel blue and blush pink color combo
  1. Yellow is always a great color for a happy occasion like a graduation party.

    When my oldest graduated we had a daisy theme for her. So, the colors were yellow and white with burlap. It was simple and cute: daisy party decorations.

2. I read that red is making a comeback. It combines well with the mint green or whatever color you see in that picture…

3. Steel blue must be my favorite blue. You can create a soft, feminine look when you mix it with blush pink.

2. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Speaking of celebrations, here are a couple of things to do this St. Patrick’s Day

1. Learn About St. Patrick’s Day

Watch a short video of St. Patrick’s Day.

2. Make Shamrock Shakes

Try this Shamrock Shake recipe from Dinner At The Zoo or come up with your own. It’s going to be a great… but not healthy… after school treat.

3. Decorate a Mug – DIY Project

This is something so simple that anyone can do. Check out the shamrock mugs decorated with a gold paint pen. Though the activity is simple, the results are pretty awesome.

Let your creativity flow and use the described method to fashion all kinds of cool mug designs.

4. Wear A Fun Outfit

5. Go

How about going to an indoor or outdoor golf club if such are open in your area. Whether you already know how to play golf or not, I think you’ll have a blast.

6. Read

I’m not talking about reading to your teenage child. Just wanted to clarify that. But you could talk about the books. Or just hang out in silence reading books.

One of my daughters loves to read. Here are a couple of books for teens that she recommends:

7. Give

Check out the creative Easter basket ideas for teens. You’ll find here unique things you can use as baskets and some stuff you can put in them.

Want to turn the Easter basket giving into a scavenger hunt? These Easter basket hunt clues for older kids will do the trick.

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