Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Teenagers

Everyone loves Easter baskets! Surprise your teenager with a creative Easter basket.

I’ve got a list of 15 things you can use as a unique basket; and 70 Easter basket stuffer ideas to get you started on filling those baskets.

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Awesome Easter Basket Ideas for Teens
Image Permission: Canva

15 Fun Easter Baskets For Teens

Baskets are cool but what’s even more cool is an Easter basket that’s not actually a basket.

Pick one of these fun, alternative ideas and fill it with Easter paper shred or colorful tissue paper, and awesome goodies.

1. Makeup Bag Basket

Does your teenager take her time in the bathroom painting on her face while the younger siblings are banging on the door waiting for their turn?

Or does your teen or college student travel a lot or live in a dorm? Does she for one reason or another carry beauty products with her?

She would appreciate this fun handy make up organizer! Great for home, great for travel.

Fill it with makeup products and throw in some chocolate and colorful Easter basket filler or whatever that fun colorful shredded paper is called.

2. Shower Tote Easter Basket for Teenager

Not trying to imply here that teens stink…

A shower tote basket is handy for carrying and storing all the hair products, lotions, toothbrushes, and razors. All in one place. How handy is that!

With colorful bath poufs, ribbons and Easter basket filling this shower tote will make a fun Easter basket for your teenager or college student.

3. Mug Basket

I love mugs! It’s always fun to drink your tea, hot chocolate or coffee from a different cup.

Of course, any mug will do, but since Easter and bunnies go hand in hand why not get a cute bunny mug and fill it with Easter candy.

The mug also reminds your child that some bunny loves them. If your teen boy is not into cute bunnies, there are plenty of manly mugs.

Want another idea? How about this cute heart shaped glass mug. It’s like drinking a cup of LOVE.

4. Bike Phone Mount Pack Basket

Of course, we all just want to enjoy the scenery and keep our eyes on the road as we ride our bikes and hopefully not watch movies.

But this bike phone mount pack is not only for storing your phone within your sight. It opens up and has a cool storage space for keys, money, flashlight, and ID.

Fill it up with Easter candy and you have a fun and practical Easter basket for teenage boys and girls.

5. Movie Night Basket

Movie nights are great. Movie nights with a bowl of popcorn are even better!

Let’s forget about the plastic popcorn bowls and grab these cool old-fashioned enamel bowls.

Fill the bowl with treats and throw in a movie or two.

You could also make a fun Easter mix with popcorn and Easter candy. Put a couple of Peeps on top!

6. Laptop Sleeve Basket

Let’s continue with our non-basket ideas. Next, a laptop sleeve.

What can you fit inside this thing besides a laptop?

Lots of stuff like chocolate, a book, gift cards, lanyard, flash drive, SD cards, key chain…

Stuff the laptop sleeve with Easter goodies and wrap a cute ribbon around it. OR use it as the base for your basket and put the gifts on top of it and then wrap with cellophane.

You can get this sleeve in over 30 different styles. Something for every taste!

7. Shoe Basket

How cool would it be to receive a pair of shoes you’ve always wanted! Having them filled with Easter goodies triples the fun!

So, grab a pair of shoes, put some Easter paper shred or colorful tissue paper inside and top with other awesome things like fun shoelaces and Easter eggs.

This would be a cute thing to do with rain boots or ballet shoes!

8. Umbrella Basket

And talking about rain… how about getting a fun umbrella. Open it up, turn upside down and fill with Easter treats.

I love these reverse folding umbrellas! It has a windproof frame and a cool C-shaped handle for hands-free use. My umbrella doesn’t have the fun handle. I should get one of these and see how it works.

You’ve got so many pretty designs to choose from: flowers, polkadots, starry skies, blue skies… Imagine walking in the rain when you have a beautiful blue sky above your head.

9. Lunch Bag Basket

Lunch tastes so much better when it comes from a cute lunch bag. Your teen will use this one when meeting friends in a park or going to the beach with you.

Fill the lunch bag Easter basket with your teenagers favorite snacks and treats. Throw in a fun travel mug too. Match it with the lunch bag theme or colors.

10. Bike Basket

Bike baskets don’t have to be boring. This awesome high quality rattan basket with leather straps certainly isn’t. It is fun!

This would look cute filled with chocolate bunnies and eggs sitting on colorful shredded paper.

11. Pillow Case Basket

Any pillow case will do but why not make it a fun personalized one. This sequin pillow case is fabulous!

Select a color to match your teen’s room and customize the pillow case with a picture that makes her smile.

And you’ll of course fill it with Easter goodies… just be careful not to stain it with chocolate.

12. Foam Roller Basket

For your athletic teen: foam roller with cool accessories.

This foam roller is hollow so you can store all the fun accessories inside. The end caps keep them from falling out. You can get the roller in various colors.

I’m not sure how much space is left there for Easter treats with all the accessories. But you could leave some of them out and fill the space with sweets.

13. Cap Basket

Turn any cap like this Mesh Snap Back Cap upside down and fill with treats. A fun Easter basket for a teen boy.

You could get a cap, beanie, sun hat or whatever kind of hat your kid wears.

14. Video Game Storage Basket

A handy way to store video game stuff. And in this case it will be a fun way to make an Easter basket for a teen.

If Nintendo Switch storage is not your thing, you could turn this game cartridge holder into an Easter basket.

Your teen boy or girl will be thrilled to keep all their games in one place and never have to rummage through drawers looking for them.

15. Skateboard Stand Basket

Tired of tripping over skateboards… A cool skateboard stand to the rescue.

This skateboard stand has a storage space for accessories which in this case makes it a fun Easter basket!

A win-win Easter basket. Awesome skateboard stand for your teen, no more tripping for you.

As you can see anything can be turned into an Easter basket. And right after this pitch for Easter scavenger hunt clues, I’ll give you a list of 70 things to put in those creative baskets.

Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

Add excitement to the event by hiding the basket and sending your child to look for it with Easter basket hunt clues.

Easter scavenger hunt clues for older kids. Use them to find the eggs or an Easter basket. The clues have images of an Easter gnome, bunnies, chicks, flowers, etc.

Easter Egg Hunt Riddles

Teens and tweens love to solve these clever riddles!

With 31 Easter scavenger hunt clues you can create a different adventure for each child.

70 Easter Basket Fillers for Teens

I’m sure the “basket” ideas inspired you with a ton of cool things to put in them.

But I thought I’d throw here a list of Easter basket stuffers for teens to give you even more ideas.

What to put in Easter basket. Easter basket fillers for teens.
Image Permission: Canva

Beauty Stuff

  • nail polish
  • lip balm
  • makeup
  • nail file
  • hair products
  • lotion
  • bath bombs
  • brush
  • bath pouf
  • wash cloths


Kitchen Stuff

  • fun spoon
  • mug
  • food thermos
  • tea
  • coffee
  • hot chocolate
  • tea infuser

Bike Things


Electronic Gadgets

Shoe Fun

  • shoelaces
  • shoe horn
  • heel cushions
  • shoe clips
  • flip flops

Desk and Locker Stuff

Snacks and Beverages

  • popcorn
  • chocolate
  • candy
  • chips
  • granola bars
  • cookies
  • soda can
  • juice
  • kombucha

Fitness Fun

For the Home

  • stuffed animals
  • blessing rocks
  • picture frames
  • succulents, fake or real
  • coaster

31 Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

With this many clues you can have more than one scavenger hunt!

Easter Fun for Tweens and Teens

  • planner and answers
  • 7 code cards
  • 8 word scramble cards
  • 16 riddle cards

Total of 31 terrific Easter treasure hunt clues.

Visit our store Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues.

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Easter scavenger hunt clues for tweens. Solve riddles, unscramble words and figure out codes that lead to Easter eggs or a basket. Images of Easter chicks, eggs, gnome and bunny.

Fun for Teens

  • Check out also Valentine’s gift baskets for teens. Lot’s of cool ideas you can use for Easter too.
  • Add excitement to Easter with these splendid, inexpensive Easter basket hunt clues for older kids. (Available at our store, only in the USA.)
  • Enjoy the time with your teen and make great memories that last a lifetime. Host awesome parties for teens or and celebrate fun national days.

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Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Teens.
Image Permission: Canva

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