13 Easy Daisy Party Decoration Ideas

Daisies symbolize innocence and purity. They are often used to celebrate new beginnings.

Host a daisy themed baby shower, graduation party, wedding shower or make an ordinary day special with daisy party decorations.

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Easy daisy party decoration ideas diy for baby showers, graduations, mother's day, wedding showers, summer parties.

My oldest daughter loves daisies. I must say they suit her very well. She is one of those precious people who love the simple things in life. If life only could be just one big care-free summer.

For her high school graduation party we chose daisy theme. It was a small party, not a big open house. She simply wanted to celebrate with her friends.

1. Easy Daisy Party Invitation

Daisy Party Invitation DIY

We made simple daisy invitations with yellow cardstock, burlap and daisy cut outs.

The daisy puncher was really handy. We used it for many of our decorations as well.

2. Daisy Cutouts

Daisy Cut Out Made With a Daisy Puncher

Using one daisy punch is cool but we thought that it looked better when you had two of them together.

These make great decorations for kids rooms too. Make a lot of them and tape to the door.

Or make a fun daisy backdrop for the dessert table and for taking photos.

We used them in various ways to turn things into daisy party decorations.

3. Daisy Buckets

Daisy party decoration diy daisy buckets.

You can find these little buckets in many stores that sell party supplies. Use them to serve treats or as a base for your daisy centerpieces.

We taped the burlap to the bucket but if you want the ribbon to stay in place permanently, you might as well hot glue it on.

I like to reuse party supplies so I didn’t use hot glue. It stayed on well with rolled up tape too.

4. Daisy Centerpiece Sticks

Daisy party centerpiece sticks. DIY daisy party decor.

This is how we used the daisy buckets. The buckets and sticks looked fun on the end tables.

We put a piece of styrofoam in the bucket to hold the sticks and filled the bucket with curling ribbon.

5. Daisy Tub

Daisy tub for serving food at daisy themed party.

A simple white tub from Hobby Lobby turned into a daisy tub with the daisy cut outs. Again these are just taped on so we can reuse the bucket for other parties like the fun ice cream party we host every year.

Daisy themed bucket for serving chips at daisy graduation party.

At the daisy themed graduation party we used the tub to serve chips.

The parchment paper in the tub added a fun touch.

6. Daisy Favors

Daisy party decor DIY. Daisy watering can and lollipop party favors.

A tiny watering can adorned with burlap and daisies held our daisy party favors. The favors are yellow lollipops turned into flowers with daisy cutouts.

The cute watering can could be a party favor too.

7. Daisy Basket DIY

Daisy basket DIY

Anyone can do this flower arrangement. I do have more pictures of the daisy basket DIY project if you’re interested.

All you need is a basket, daisies, burlap and ribbon. Well, tape and a pin are helpful as well.

Make a lovely daisy basket and display it on the table on mother’s day. She’ll be delighted.

8. Daisy and Burlap Napkin Rings

Daisy and burlap napkin rings DIY

What’s the point of napkin rings?

They look pretty!

You can DIY simple daisy napkin rings with burlap, round-head paper fasteners, and daisies. Easy and fast project that adds so much cuteness to the dinner table.

Perfect for daisy themed bridal showers.

Daisy Napkin Ring DIY. Easy daisy themed decor for summer parties.

How to DIY Burlap Napkin Rings

  1. Cut up the burlap into strips.
  2. Hot glue a daisy to a paper fastener.
  3. Push the fastener through the burlap and spread the shanks.

9. Little Serving Buckets

Robin egg colored buckets with burlap ribbon.

These lovelies did not get any daisies on them. It would have been little too much for us so we just put burlap ribbon around them.

The little buckets were perfect for serving baguette slices. If you look closely, you can see a coffee filter inside the bucket.

A cute way to serve snacks at a summer baby shower or any other summer party.

Robin egg colored serving dish with baguette. A cute way to serve food at a summer baby shower or any other summer party.

10. Table Runner

Daisy Party Burlap Table Runner.

This might look like a placemat but it is a runner. I just put the plates etc. on it for the picture. You could make placemats too.

The runner is simply some burlap on fabric.

I cut the fabric to the desired length and folded it to add some thickness to it. Triple thickness so the edges don’t show. The ends I cut with decorative scissors but they could be straight too.

As you can see we used paper plates because we wanted the plates to be specific color. Paper plates go with wine glasses, right?

Yes, this was a high school graduation party and no wine was served to the graduate and her friends. They did enjoy the lemonade.

If you use paper cups you could attach the daisy cutouts to those.

11. Daisy Coasters

Daisy Coaster Printable

We used these super awesome daisy coaster printables. The same things we used for the centerpiece sticks.

Why to use it only for one thing when you can use it for multiple things.

Like to make a banner…

12. Daisy Photo Banner

Daisy Themed Photo Banner

Some twine, tiny clothespins, photos and daisy circles. Cool!

13. Daisy Cupcake Wrapper

Daisy cupcake wrapper turns any cupcake into daisy themed cupcake.

Decorating cupcakes is not my specialty BUT I can do better than the one on the left. But not much better than the one on the right. I was just goofing around… seriously, I was.

I just wanted to show how a cute cupcake wrapper can save not-perfect cupcakes.

Great memories are waiting to be made!


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