Spring Decoration DIY – Easy Daisy Basket

Blue sky, sunshine and walking in a field of daisies. Bring the summer dream into your home with a cute summer / spring decoration idea.

A lovely daisy basket adorned with burlap and ribbon will look amazing in any room. It also makes a perfect centerpiece for a baby shower, bridal shower or any daisy themed party.

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Daisies symbolize purity, humility, innocence and happiness.

These pretty flowers are the perfect way to decorate any laid back event. They go well with shabby chic and rustic decor.

1. Materials For Daisy Basket

Spring Decoration For The Home - Daisy Basket DIY.

This craft is super simple, all you need is

  • basket
  • burlap
  • ribbon
  • daisies
  • styrofoam (optional)
  • tape or
  • pin


2. Get the Basket Ready

Daisy Decor DIY. Daisy Basket.

The basket we used is from Hobby Lobby. The size is 10 x 5.5 x 5.5″.

As you can see in the image above it is actually a utensil caddy. It worked well for this DIY project and is the perfect size and shape to be used as a centerpiece on our dining room table.

1. Cut Up Styrofoam to fill Up The Basket

If you buy a bunch of flowers that fill up your whole basket you don’t need styrofoam. It is handy though if you want to keep the flowers in place.

I did not end up using the styrofoam but I put some tissue paper between the flower stems to give them a little bit of support.

2. Wrap Burlap and Ribbon Around The Basket

Spring Decorations. DIY Daisy Basket.

The ribbon we used is 1.5″ wide.

The burlap is 2.5″ wide.

Based on your basket height you might need more narrow or wide ribbon and burlap. The burlap roll I had in hand was about 8″ wide so I was able to cut it to the desired width.

Since the basket we used is more narrow at the bottom than top the burlap kept sliding down as I was wrapping it.

To prevent it from slipping we rolled up tape strips to make double sided tape. And stuck those to the basket to keep the burlap in place.

You could also hot glue it on.

Attach the ribbon with a dressmaker pin or hot glue.

I put the pin on the side since this basket will be a centerpiece at a dinner table for a daisy themed party. There will be something on each side to take the attention away from the pin :).

3. Add the Daisies

Daisy Basket DIY. Spring Decorations.

Lastly, add the daisies.

We used 11 daisy bushes of 7 daisies in each. Got those from Michael’s.

If using the styrofoam, insert the daisies or simply arrange them in the basket. As I mentioned earlier I ended up using white tissue paper to support the flowers.

There are many various types of daisies you can use. We chose to go with the one that many of us picture when we think about daisies: white petals and yellow center.

Gerbera daisies bloom in variety of colors. You can find those in bright red, orange, or yellow and many beautiful soft pastel colors.

Have fun making your lovely summer / spring decoration!

Daisy Basket Supplies

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Daisy Basket DIY. Spring Decorations.

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