5 Easy DIY Daisy Decor Ideas

Create a relaxed, beautiful atmosphere with simple daisy decorations.

Daisies are cute flowers that remind us of the childhood summers.

The warm, long summers laying on the grass looking at the clouds. Walking through flower fields, climbing trees, enjoying a refreshing glass of lemonade.

Daisies go well with any summer party and who says you can’t have a daisy party in the fall or winter.

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Simple Daisy Decoration Ideas

These cute delicate flowers are perfect for weddings, graduation parties, and baby showers.

My oldest daughter wanted a daisy themed graduation party. It was cute.

Bucket – Daisy Centerpiece DIY #1

Daisy Centerpiece DIY. Burlap wrapped around a white bucket. A cute white daisy attached to it.

A simple daisy centerpiece for a summer party.

All the decorations in this article are paper daisies but the little bucket could be filled with real daisies too.

1. Materials

  • white cardstock
  • yellow cardstock
  • dowels (Amazon)
  • burlap 1″ (Amazon)
  • bucket
  • yellow curling ribbon (Amazon)
  • styrofoam
  • tape or hot glue
  • daisy puncher 2″ (Amazon)
  • circle puncher 5/8″ (Amazon)

2. Make The Paper Daisies

Daisy Party Decorations. Paper daisy.

You’ll need two daisies and one circle for each layered daisy.

Just punch and glue and you are done!

My original plan was to just cut daisies but that turned out to be quite the pain. Buying a daisy puncher was worth it. I got ours from Michael’s. They always have great sales and who wouldn’t love a great discount.

White daisy is what most of us think when talking about daisies but you could make them in different colors for variety and fun.

3. Get The Bucket Ready

Rustic Daisy Bucket Decoration DIY.
  1. Cut the burlap ribbon to the right length.
  2. Tape or hot glue the daisy in the middle of the ribbon.
  3. Tape or hot glue the ribbon in place. We taped ours. To keep it from sliding down we rolled up tape to form “double sided” tape and put it in a couple of places under the burlap to keep it from sliding down.
  • We used 1″ wide burlap ribbon.
  • The bucket is from Party City. You can also find little buckets in party sections at WalMart or Hobby Lobby.
  • Mason jars work well for this project too.

Burlap with anything gives your decorations the popular rustic look.

4. Prepare The Centerpiece Circles

Daisy Centerpiece Circles. Simple daisy decoration idea for party.
  1. Make circles in Word, Canva, or Illustrator or cut up daisy pictures
  2. Tape a dowel to each circle.
  3. Insert a piece of styrofoam in the bucket.
  4. Push the dowels in the styrofoam.
  5. Fill the bucket with curling ribbon.
  • Write:
  1. Happy Birthday
  2. Congratulations
  3. Age
  4. Name
  5. Year
  6. It’s a Girl
  7. It’s a Boy
  8. Baby
  • The large circles are 5″, medium 3-3/4″, small 2-1/2″.
  • You could also cut up burlap circles and glue on cardstock. Decorate with daisies.
  • A fun alternative is to fill up the bucket with gems.

And conveniently, I have cute Daisy Printables!

You can use them to make

  • banners
  • centerpieces
  • coasters
  • cupcake wrappers
  • turn any decor into daisy party decor

Glass Jar – Daisy Centerpiece #2

Easy Centerpiece Idea for Birthday Party. A glass vase filled with curling ribbon.

For this one you’ll need

  • a glass jar (vase, mason jar, bottle)
  • curling ribbon
  • centerpiece circle

In this one we filled up a maple syrup bottle with curling ribbon and put a Congrats!-centerpiece circle in.

The intent was to push all the curling ribbon in. But as we were finishing it up we kind of liked the overflowing look. Like a waterfall…

  • Get creative with your centerpiece circles. They can be placed in vases or flower pots. You could also tape them to picture frames.
  • Use a couple of different color ribbon for a more colorful display.

Burlap – Daisy Centerpiece #3

Daisy Centerpiece with Burlap.

I really liked the way our centerpiece circles looked so I wanted to make a ton of decorations with them. But I promise, this is the last one with the circles… until next party…

  1. Wrap burlap around a cylinder vase.
  2. Put in a piece of styrofoam.
  3. Push in the dowels.
  4. Cover the styrofoam with curling ribbon.

The cylinder vase is from Dollar Tree. It is 7-1/4″ tall. The burlap is 3″ wide.

Yep, for a couple of bucks you can make a cute centerpiece!

If you’re planning to use several cylinder vases, get a set of 12 delivered to your home! Fill them with centerpiece circles, real daisies, paper daisies or artificial flowers.

Watering Can – Daisy Decoration Idea #4

Daisy Spring Decoration Idea for Home or Party. Burlap wrapped around a watering can.

Have a garden party coming up?

A delightful spring or summer party in a beautiful garden surrounded by green plants and colorful flowers. Lovely!!

I found a cute tiny watering can at Hobby Lobby. It looks fun with a burlap ribbon and a daisy. We intend to use it to hold party favors. I’ll post pictures of that once those are done: Daisy party favor idea.

Place it on top of books, put a yellow daisy in it and use as a centerpiece.

The watering can and the little mint green buckets or would you call them robin egg blue are great for serving tiny snacks.

They do say “for decoration only” so I’ll put double coffee filter or parchment paper in them before adding wrapped candy or other treats.

Serving Tub – Daisy Decoration Idea #5

Daisy Serving Dish DIY. Daisy Themed Party.

Since we thought these white daisies look totally awesome we wanted to use them everywhere.

We got a white tub from Hobby Lobby and are planning to line it with parchment paper and fill it with chips.

A few daisies taped to it make it perfect for a daisy themed party.

If you prefer more rustic look use a steel tub. It seems that those are available all over the place.

  • 5.5 gallon galvanized steel tub (Amazon)
  • small metal buckets – set of 6 (Amazon)




Daisy Spring Decoration Idea for Home or Party. Burlap wrapped around a watering can.

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