July Fun With Teenagers

Fill the summer weeks with fun activities you can do with teens.

Enjoy the sunshine and cool off with water games. Yeah, be like a kid again.

Indulge in ice cream and make a trip to the moon…

Spectacular summer memories are waiting to be made!

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Things to do with your teen. Make the most of summer days! A moon catcher.

Teens are quite the interesting group of people. It’s not always easy to figure out how to have fun with a teenage daughter or son. I’m hoping that there is something here that will pique your child’s interest and you can have a fun moment together.

1. Water Games

The sun is shining brighter and the days are getting hotter. Cool off by playing water games.

1. Spongehead

This water game for teens is something the whole family can play together.

What you need:

  • large sponges
  • large buckets
  • small buckets
  • water

How to play:

  1. Fill the large buckets with water, and put a sponge in each bucket.
  2. Place the large buckets at the starting line and the small buckets at the other side of the game area (20-30 feet away.)
  3. The teams line up by the large buckets.
  4. The first person of each team grabs a sponge and puts it on his head. Next, he runs to the small bucket and wrings the sponge to get as much water as he can into the small bucket. Then he runs back to his team and hands the sponge to the next person in line.
  5. The first team to fill the small bucket is the winner.

2. T-Shirt Freeze

What you need:

  • large T-shirts
  • freezer bags
  • water
  • (freezer)


  • Soak the t-shirts and wring them.
  • Fold it neatly and press it to squeeze out the water. (If you want to make the game more challenging, skip the wringing and pressing… but if you do this, it can take quite a long time to thaw out the shirt.)
  • Put the folded t-shirts in freezer bags and place them flat into the freezer.

How to play:

  1. Give each player a frozen t-shirt.
  2. Whoever gets the t-shirt on the correct way first is the winner.
  • No water or other liquids can be used to thaw out the t-shirt.
  • No tearing is allowed.
  • No microwaves, heaters, dryers can be used.

Some of these pool party games are great for teens too.

2. Ice Cream Fun

1. Go To A Local Ice Cream Shop

and taste a flavor you’ve never had before.

Write down names of ice cream shops on paper slips and randomly pick a place to go to.

You could also play ice cream roulette. Pick a number and order the ice cream that holds the place on the list.

2. Ice Cream Banner

Make an ice cream banner with these fun ice cream cone wood cutouts (from Etsy).

The set has 10 cones that you can paint. And they even have a hole, so you can easily make a banner with these.

I should also mention that the cones come in various sizes and are inexpensive!

3. Paint An Ice Cream Cone

Nope, this is not a project to paint real waffle cones. You’ll paint a realistic looking ice cream cone on a canvas. With this tutorial anyone can do it!

Paint an ice cream cone tutorial.

3. Emoji Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Summer is the time for juicy strawberries! Turn them into works of art or hilarious edible gifts for friends.

Follow the tutorial for emoji chocolate covered strawberries and you’ll have a cute group of summer sweetness.

By the way July 17th is the world emoji day!

4. Talk and Riddle

  • If you could be a character from any movie or book who would you choose?
  • What is the best compliment you have ever received?
  • What are the three most important traits a person could have?
  1. What did the marlin say to the swordfish?
  2. What race is never run?
  3. What did the fisherman say to the magician?


  1. You’re looking sharp.
  2. A swimming race.
  3. Pick a cod. Any cod.
Make your teen's day with these ideas. Things to do with your teen. Games, treats, crafts, activities. (sponges, strawberry emoji, classic cars)

5. Go To A Car Show

Celebrate the collector car appreciation day in July (the date changes every year). Go to a car show and admire the fascinating vehicles these collectors have.

6. Cheer Up The Lonely

July 11th is the national cheer up the lonely day.

Cheer up someone with a homemade card or blueberry pie. Go to the beach, watch a movie and eat some popcorn with fun toppings.

7. Go To The Moon

or at least have a moon-tastic time on the national moon day, July 20.

Stay up late and do some moon and stargazing. Perhaps you could even go camping or have a backyard moon party.

1. DIY Moon Dreamcatcher

This DIY moon dreamcatcher kit has everything you need for creating a lovely dream catcher.

2. DIY Moon Suncatcher Kit

How cool is that! Moon catching the sun!

This craft for teens is perfect for beginners. They say that if you can tie shoelaces, you can make this suncatcher.

It is quite cute.

Take a look at the DIY moon suncatcher kit. You’ll love it!

3. Eat Moon Inspired Treats

  • blue moon ice cream
  • moon pies
  • half moon cookies
  • moon cheese

4. Watch Moon Movies

5. Go To A Planetarium or Observatory

A day at the planetarium exploring the marvelous universe we live in.

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