August Fun With Teenagers

There is still some summer left and time for summer fun with teenagers!

Spend days at the beach, throw an end of the summer party, do fun summer memories projects.

Perhaps you have not been able to do everything you had planned for the summer. Don’t fret. Focus on the time you have left and make summer fun plans!

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Summer fun. Things to do with your teen. (A sunhat on a sandy beach. Sunrays dancing on the water.)

1. Beach Fun For Teens

Summer is not over yet, so there is still time to head out to the beach.

Enjoy the sunshine, splash in the water, and play awesome beach games.

1. Spikeball

Everyone seems to like this game. I’m pretty sure I saw Spikeball at every graduation party we attended this year.

2. Tug of War

Find out who really is the strongest with a friendly game of Tug of War.

3. Tidal Ball

If you all like ball tossing games, then this one is for you: Tidal Ball.

4. Waterproof Playing Cards

Don’t feel like running around? Spend a moment under the sun umbrella to play card games. Since you’re at the beach, Waterproof Playing Cards are the best choice.

2. End Of The Summer Fun

Well, it is not the end yet, but it’s coming.

Celebrate the awesome summer you had. Celebrate the new school year, new opportunities, the freedom to learn.

1. Party!

Host a party:

2. Make A Time Capsule

Time capsules are not only for little kids. They can be fun for teens too.

Create a time capsule to be opened at the end of the school year.

What to include in a time capsule:

  • summer memories
  • bucket list for next summer
  • beach towel
  • games
  • gift card
  • thermos bottle
  • a letter to yourself
  • your goals for the year
  • a book

3. Self Defense Class

It won’t hurt to know how to defend yourself.

You can find lots of videos on Youtube about self defense, parking lot safety, etc.

Many Martial Arts and Fitness Studios offer self defense classes you can take with your teens.

4. Summer Memories DIY Project

There are many ways you can preserve the summer memories.

1. Photo Throw Blanket

Turn the pictures into a customized throw blanket. When the winter storms come, you can wrap yourself in a warm blanket and dream of summer.

If you know how to quilt, you’d love to have photos printed on the fabric you can sew into your quilt. (A bestseller on Etsy!)

2. Summer Quotes

Think about all the fun things that happened or were said. Come up with a summer quote or the word of the summer and write those on canvas, mugs, or T-shirts.

5. Summer Conversations

  1. What is something you accomplished this summer you’re proud of?
  2. Describe this summer with three words?
  3. Did anything life changing happen this summer?


  1. How does the moon cut its hair?
  2. What do you call a pig that does karate?
  3. Why did the selfie go to prison?


  1. E-clipse it.
  2. A pork chop.
  3. It was framed.

6. Back-To-School

Some of us don’t want to think about back-to-school stuff, but it’s coming.

Make it fun.

  • Go shopping for school outfits.
  • Plan healthy and fun after school snacks.
  • Think of creative ways to take back-to-school pictures.

Want to see Fun With Teen ideas for the other months?

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