Minute To Win It Games for Kids

Minute to win it games are an easy and super fun way to entertain kids at your next party.

You can use these minute to win it game ideas for kids birthday parties, Christmas parties or just because.

These games provide a cool way to entertain the kids on a rainy day just like these Free Things To Do With Kids At Home TODAY.

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Minute to Win It Games for Kids
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What Are Minute To Win It Games

Simply put, you are given a task. It can be a puzzle, stacking up stuff, knocking over stuff. Anything.

And as the name says you have one minute to perform a given task.

These games are often hilarious. And as an added bonus they are easy and inexpensive. You and your kids will love them.

Once you’re done with the minute to win it games check out these cool things to do with kids at home.

How to Play Minute To Win It Games

1. Challenge Yourself – Solo Play

a. Kid vs Clock

Give the contestant a challenge and turn the timer for one minute.

b. From Game To Game

Have several games lined up and the contestant goes from game to game until he can’t finish one in a minute.

c. Kid vs Kid

Have 2 or more people doing the same challenge at the same time. The winner is the one who finishes first.

2. Team Up – Minute To Win It For Groups

Split into teams. Each team chooses one player to go against a player from another team. You can do it the “from game to game” style or “kid vs kid”.

1. Birds of The Feather

Minute to Win It Game for Kids: Birds of Feather

Blow a feather across the room and into a basket (nest).

Depending on the size of the basket this can be quite challenging. If you need to make it more challenging, you can give everyone more than one feather.

2. Cheerio Bracelet

Kids love to play with food and now they get to do so!

You’ll need pipe cleaners and a box of cheerios or fruit loop. Turn these items into a bracelet by using one hand.

It is pretty challenging.

3. Tissue Challenge

I used to have terrible allergies and was the master of this game. I went through that tissue box in a blink of an eye.

I’ve not met a kid who did not love to pull out the tissue from the box. It is quite fun.

They will love this minute to win it challenge.

All you need is tissue boxes. (Money saver: buy them from dollar store)

4. Bigfoot Game

You’ll have tons of giggle and laughter with this one.

The bigfoot minute to win it game will require little bit more preparations than the others but it is so worth it.

You’ll need:

  • card board (cut into bigfoot shapes)
  • flip flops (glue in the middle of the bigfoot shape)
  • hot glue
  • balls
  • tape (fold it to form a loop, attach one side to the toe, and put a ball on the top)

The goal of this minute to win it challenge is to walk to a finish line with as many balls left on the foot as possible.

The player with the most balls left on toes wins.

Each player should start with new tape.

5. LEGO Tower

Lego Tower Minute To Win It Game for Kids
Image Permission: Canva

Building lego towers is fun. I’m sure all of us at some point have seen how high we can go.

And that’s the goal of this minute to win it game: build the highest tower within a minute.

This might seem like an easy thing to do. But the challenge is you can only use one hand. You can’t hold the tower with the other when adding more blocks.

6. Make a Mandrake

Harry Potter fans will appreciate this Harry Potter minute to win it game.

If you’ve seen the movies, you’ve seen the mandrake babies… and boy, do they know how to cry.


The challenge is to create a mandrake and you only have a minute to do so. The best looking mandrake wins. Or the one who finishes first wins.

A super cool game for Harry Potter party on budget.

7. Pool Noodle Stack

Pool Noodle Stack. Easy Minute to Win It Game

Pool noodles are so handy for party games. You can use them to play pool noodle hockey or as hurdles for an obstacle course.

This time they will be used for pool noodle minute to win it game.

As a simple preparation: slice the pool noodles into 1/2 or 1 inch donuts.

The object of the game is to make a pool noodle stack… on top of your head by using only one hand.

Since it kind of looks like a unicorn horn this game would go perfectly with a magical unicorn party.

8. Candy Sorting

Candy Sorting Minute To Win It Game for Kids
Image Permission: Canva

Give the player 100 pieces of colorful candy like gummy bears, skittles, or jelly beans and ask them to sort them by color by using their non-dominant hand.

9. Cup Games

Minute To Win It Games With Cups
Image Permission: Canva

I think these were the first minute to win it games I ever saw.

The basic game is that you build a tower with the cups and see how high you can go.

Alternate Stacking

Start with a cup upside down, place another one on top the right way. And of course you can only use one hand.

Santa’s Hat

You’ll need red cups and white pom poms.

Stack a red cup and then pom pom. Keep doing this until your stack falls over.

Cups and Plates

In this version you start with one cup upside down, put a paper plate on top. Then add two cups upside down and a paper plate. Keep repeating one cup, paper plate, two cups paper plate.

10. Traffic Yam

You’ve got your yam and you’ve got your nose. Who can push the yam with his nose the farthest in a minute.

11. Post-It

You’ll need two people for this one. You get to stick post it notes on your friend (or your kid or mom). How cool is that.

Most of us have post it notes laying around anyway. I go through a ton of them.

As a money saver: cut the post it note in half. Just make sure that you cut it the way that each half has the sticky part. Otherwise make sure that your team has the good ones 😉

12. Air Balloons

Minute to Win It Games for Kids Party
Image Permission: Canva

We aren’t talking about hot air balloons here. Just simply keeping two or more balloons in the air for one minute by using only one hand.

The older the kid, the more balloons you use.

13. Breakfast Scramble

Cut the front of a cereal box into small pieces. The object of the game is…

…okay, you guessed it… to put the pieces back together.

Dance Games

If you like minute to win it games you should check out the dance games too. Fun way to keep moving while having a fabulous time.

Playing minute to win it games should not cause you to need therapy unless it is My Tuesday Therapy.

Gather the supplies needed for minute to win it games and store them in a box so you and the kids can challenge yourselves anytime. No party needed.

Talking about parties, minute to win it games go well with any party theme. Use the party colored items to make them even more fitting.

The more you do these games, the better you’ll get at them!

Other Fun Stuff To Do

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Easy Minute To Win It Games for Kids
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