Aladdin and Jasmine Party Ideas

There is a party here in Agrabah! With the new Aladdin and Jasmine movie coming out this party theme is gonna be popular.

Get ready to take your guests on a magic carpet ride with these awesome Aladdin and Jasmine party ideas.

You’ll find here

  • Amazing Invitations
  • Magical Decorations
  • Cool Games and Activities
  • Easy Food Ideas
  • Inexpensive Favors

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Aladdin and Jasmine Party Ideas
Image Permission: Canva

Aladdin Party for Any Occasion

Aladdin and Jasmine theme is great for any occasion.

It works for

  • baby showers: “Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories.” – Genie
  • birthdays: “Let’s make some magic!” – Genie
  • bridal showers: “If I do marry, I want it to be for love.” – Princess Jasmine
  • graduations: “I’m history. No, I’m mythology. Ah, I don’t care what I am, I’m free!” – Genie
  • weddings: “Let me share this whole new world with you.” – Aladdin

Perhaps you are hosting a party for no other reason than to hang out with friends. This theme works for that too!

“You ain’t never had a friend like me…” – Genie

Small Budget? No Problem

If you don’t have anything, you have to act like you own everything. – Aladdin

It is easy to get carried away and spend a ton of money for a party but it does not need to be so. If you want to host a party on a small budget it can be done.

And it can be magical.

A couple of the easiest ways to save money is to focus on the color and keeping the food simple.

I have lots of ideas here for any size budget.

The Theme Within The Theme

What is your Aladdin and Jasmine party about?

So many options to choose from.

Set up the party area to be:

  1. Sultan’s Palace
  2. Aladdin’s Tower
  3. Market Place
  4. The Parade of Prince Ali
  5. Cave of Wonders

Or do it all :).

Magnificent Color Scheme for Aladdin and Jasmine party

The new Jasmine and Aladdin movie is full of color. You can let your imagination soar and pick from numerous color combinations.

New Jasmine Color Scheme for Aladdin Party.
Image Permission: Canva

Jasmine’s outfits are a good start. She wore a variety of gorgeous gowns:

  • magenta and coral
  • orange and green
  • hot pink, turquoise, gold
  • turquoise, tan, peacock blue, gold

Some of Aladdin’s colors are

  • ivory
  • gold
  • beige
  • red

Prince Ali arrives in town surrounded by the splendor of color.

Have fun with creating the perfect color scheme for Aladdin party.

Creative Invitations

Make your own awesome invitation by gluing images on a 4×6 or 5×7 card.

  • magic carpet
  • genie lamp
  • cave of wonders

1. Arabian Night Invitation

A fun theme fitting invitation from Nou Designs gets the guests excited about the royal party they get to attend.

2. Aladdin and Jasmine Invitation

A beautiful invitation from Kids Card Design. Just give them your party details and they will customize it for you.

Amazing Decorations for Aladdin Party

Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts. – Peddler

Once you have your colors and “theme” chosen it is time to plan the fun atmosphere.

I’ve collected various ideas that I hope will inspire you.

1. Anything Ornate

Look around your home, thrift shops, and other stores for anything ornate.

Hobby Lobby has a great clearance section where you might be able to find things to go with Aladdin and Jasmine themed party.

  1. mirrors
  2. vases
  3. lamps
  4. candle sticks
  5. frames
  6. vintage jewelry boxes
  7. bowls
  8. trays

2. Arabian Nights Balcony Backdrop

The food will taste so much better when enjoyed in front of this beautiful Sultan’s Palace Balcony Backdrop from Alba Backgrounds.

The backdrop is fabric and comes in various sizes to make your Aladdin party area spectacular.

You can take pretty amazing pictures at the “balcony” and capture all the wonderful memories.

Aladdin Balcony Backdrop from Alba Backgrounds

3. Arabian Shower Curtain Backdrops

Pretty theme-fitting shower curtains make great backdrops. And they are fairly inexpensive too.

Take a look at the following. They would go so well with Jasmine party.

Option #1: a lovely Morroccan walkway.

This is a fun way to “extend” the party area. It will make the guests imagination soar.

Perhaps you can see if you could make a slit on the “door way” and hang it over an entrance to a room or hallway.

Option #2:  a gorgeous arched entrance.

Beautiful graphics on fabric shower curtain that will look amazing as a photo backdrop.

Option #3: Pattern for the Royalty

A stunning blue and gold fabric that you can hang up behind the dessert table.

This will make decorating so easy. Just put on the wall and enjoy the results.

Option #4: A whole new world… 

A cute backdrop for any Aladdin and Jasmine party. Hang it up behind a table to create an fun scene or use as a photo background.

Place the birthday star’s chair in front of it when opening presents and take a picture of her and the gift giver.

4. Organza – the Must Have Decor Item for Aladdin Party

Imagine all the wonderful things you can do with this organza.

  1. Create an easy backdrop for dessert table or photo shoot
  2. Use as table runners
  3. Make cute organza favor bags by forming a pouch from a square piece tied with a ribbon.
  4. Decorate chairs
  5. Adorn doorways
  6. Cut into streamers
  7. Make a stunning canopy

The soft, elegant organza creates a beautiful, magical feeling to a party in Agrabah.

Each roll has 27 yards of fabric you can use to make gorgeous DIY decorations for your Jasmine and Aladdin party.

Choose from several color options. Many of them go so well with this theme: fuchsia, champagne, tiffany blue, orange,  green… all the wonderful colors that were used in Jasmine’s outfits in the new Jasmine movie.

Buy Organza Rolls and make magic happen on small budget.

What would Aladdin party be without Genie or the lamp.

Genie lamps come in various sizes and prices. This inexpensive plastic 6×4 inches decorative genie lamp is pretty.

Buy a few and use them as centerpieces with feathers and organza. Place them on cake stands or fabric / wrapping paper covered boxes.

Give as party favors.

A little more expensive genie lamp is made of Zinc Alloy. And it is 8.3 x 2.8 x 4.3 inches. Beautiful embossed genie lamp that is available in

  • bronze
  • gold
  • gold/sapphire
  • gold/green

A Genie Wall Decal is a fun addition to your party.

6. Balloons – Display Name and Age

Display the birthday star’s age with gold number balloons. (You can get those from dollar stores. Amazon has giant 40″ balloons, too.)

With these cute letter balloons you can say whatever you want. Wish Happy Birthday or spell Baby Shower.

Your child will be quite excited to see her name written with the balloons.

7. Feather Boas – Parade of Colors

Feather boas go well with this party. They remind me of the colorful parade for Prince Ali.

Placing them around the party area make you feel like you are in Agrabah.

  1. Drape them over doorways
  2. Hang from the ceiling
  3. Wrap around balloons
  4. Create a centerpiece with the genie lamp

72 inch feather boas from Amazon come in 80 different colors.

With all those color options you can surely find the ones to go with your color theme. An easy way to make your party area colorful and fun!

8. Pillows

Pillows. Soft. Comfortable. Cozy.

Purchase a collection of 10 colorful pillow covers (16×16) from Amazon to add a nice touch to the party.

  1. Have a story time and give each kid a pillow to sit on.
  2. Put a pillow on each chair for added comfort.
  3. Use as props on gift table.
  4. Use as tablecloths under the centerpieces

The picture on Amazon did not cooperate for the collection of 10 pillow covers which is a better deal than the 4 below but if four is all you need then it is a great choice. Here is also the link to the collection of 10.

Aladdin and Jasmine Party Decorations
Image Permission: Canva


9. Tealight Candle Holders

Beautifully decorated glass votives will look stunning at Aladdin and Jasmine themed bridal shower or wedding.

Combine them with the genie lamps, flowers, and organza for gorgeous centerpieces.

These would also be cute inexpensive baby shower game prizes.

A set of 4 glass votives from Amazon.


Frame quotes from the Aladdin movies and place on tables.

  • “Trouble? No way, you’re only in trouble if you get caught.” – Aladdin
  • “It’s all so magical.”  – Jasmine
  • “Well, you do kinda stand out.” – Aladdin
  • “But remember, bee yourself.” – Genie
  • “I’m hitting the road, I’m off to see the world!” – Genie
  • “Things aren’t always what they seem.” – Jafar

More ideas for quotes in the beginning of the post.

11. Honeycombs and Fans

Honeycombs and fans are an easy way to decorate Aladdin party. Pick colors to go with the look you want to achieve.

  1. Group them over the dessert table
  2. Hang low enough to be used as photo backdrop

Honeycomb and Fans from Amazon

11. Lanterns for Elegant Atmosphere

Gorgeous lanterns with colorful glass give a beautiful, mystical glow to a Jasmine themed wedding or bridal shower.

The lanterns are perfect size for centerpieces. They are 10″ high and 4″ in diameter.

The flickering light looks awesome.

You might also be interested in the awesome wine bottle lights.

Make Your Own Lanterns

Those pretty lanterns reminded me of childhood craft I made. It wasn’t a lantern but something made out of black cardstock with openings and colorful tissue paper glued on the backside to show through those openings.

And that made me think that you could make lanterns yourself. It would be a fun project to do as party preparation.

Or make the lanterns as a party activity.


  1. Draw shapes on the cardstock: circles, rectangles, swirls, stars.
  2. Cut them out with a paper knife. Cutting requires some skill but your kids could draw the shapes if not cut.
  3. Glue tissue paper on the back side covering the pattern
  4. Glue the ends of the cardstock to form a cylinder
  5. Put a led candle in the lantern

If you don’t want circle lanterns but more like the ones in the picture above, fold the paper to form the corners.

Might be best to do that before drawing the pattern. At least mark them so you know where to draw the pattern.

You could also make a bigger lanterns. Use two sheets of cardstock for each lantern.

I should make these so I could show what I mean but I’m pretty sure you got the idea even though the explanation is not the best.

12. Baskets

Baskets with lids, baskets without lids, market baskets, serving baskets…

Any kind of basket will help you in creating the perfect atmosphere for your Arabian Night party.

13. Rajah

Jasmine’s lovely pet tiger, Rajah, will be a big hit at the party.

Take pictures of the guests with the tiger. They will love it.

I like decorations that can be used after the party too.

This tiger is going to be a great snuggle buddy in the play room… you might even like it on the bed as a pillow when reading the next best seller.

Get your 67 inch tiger from Amazon

Delicious Food

I’m all about easy party food. I really admire those who can whip up the most amazing themed cupcakes and cookies but it is not my thing.

So, if you like simple food ideas I think you’ll love these cool ideas for easy and inexpensive Aladdin and Jasmine party food.

1. Rock Candy

Sparkling rock candy fit for a royal party!

This candy from Cupcake Novelties will make your party sparkle. Many color choices to choose from. You’ll find the ones that are just perfect for your party.

Serve as treats or attach a favor tag and use as party favors.

Make your own with rock candy (Amazon), candy melt (Amazon) and gold sprinkles (Amazon).

rock candy color combo ideas

  • purple with gold
  • orange with green sprinkles
  • blue with gold or hot pink
  • red with orange/coral sprinkles

2. Cupcakes

Aladdin and Jasmine Party Food Ideas. Cupcakes in various colors.
Image Permission: Canva

Serve a variety of cupcakes, different flavors with various color frosting.

Decorate cupcakes with

Add fun cupcake toppers like

3. Candy Coated Pretzels

This one is easy and always fun. Make candy coated pretzels in any shapes.

  1. Melt the candy wafer, add food coloring (use your Aladdin party colors)
  2. Dip in the pretzels.
  3. Put on parchment paper and add sprinkles.

4. Chocolate or Candy Coated Cookies

Can’t get much easier than this.

Get any cookies from the store (or bake your own) dip all the way or half way into candy melt or melted chocolate. Add sprinkles. Let dry.

If you have extra time in hand. Write something on the cookie with food coloring markers.

5. Bread

A loaf of bread… just like Aladdin had. Serve with butter or make tiny open face sandwiches.

6. Magic Carpet

You’ll need

  • graham crackers
  • frosting (dark blue, purple or whatever color you want your carpet to be)
  • sprinkles (gold)

Spread frosting on the cracker and cover with sprinkles.

7. Apples

Apples and other fruit go well with this theme. Make cute fruit kabobs or serve a fruit salad.

8. Star Shaped Food

Anything star shaped:

  • cookies
  • bread
  • brownies
  • watermelon
  • cucumbers

9. Juice Bar or Mimosa Bar

The kids would love the juice bar and a magical mimosa bar would appeal to the adults.

Fill drink dispensers with different juice options. Have a bottle of Sprite (or Champagne) to make the juice sparkle.

The kids will love making their own magical juice/Sprite mocktails.

10. Genie In The Bottle

I put this in the Aladdin party favor ideas but thought that it would also be a great beverage for the party.

Serve raspberry soda with “Genie In The Bottle”- labels.

11. Meringue Jewels

Jasmine Party Food. Meringue Jewels
Image Permission: Canva

A dessert that literally melts in your mouth.

Simple sweet treat that is easy to make, looks amazing, and tastes heavenly.

I think these look like jewels and if you make them in various colors they will look even more amazing.

12. Rajah’s Tails

Buy a bag of cheese puffs or Cheetos.

Drizzles melted chocolate on them to form stripes.

Let dry.

And you are all set to serve “tiger tails”.

13. Gold Stuff

Anything gold:

  • gold wrapped chocolate
  • gold coins
  • Ferrero Rocher

Aladdin Party Games and Activities

Time for fun party games!

In addition to watching the movie or reading the story do some of these easy party activities.

1. Crafts With Charms

All the wonderful things you can do with these charms!

Turn the charms into

  • bracelets
  • necklaces
  • zipper pulls
  • key chains
  • bookmarks
  • wine charms

Charm Set from Charmz Capz Creationz

Kottage Charms has a cute collection of genie lamp charms you can use in the craft as well.

Genie Lamp charms from Kottage Charms

Additional fun tip: Tie a charm to a party favor.

2. Scavenger Hunt in the Cave of Wonders

Go to the Cave of Wonders and look for the lamp…

It would be so cool to have a fun entrance – tiger’s head – to the Cave of Wonders.

You could make one out of black foam (Amzon) and attach to a door way.

To add to the fun, make a “cave” with inexpensive black fabric.

If you don’t create a Cave of Wonders, the kids can simply use their imagination and enter the designated area to look for the lamp and maybe other items too.

Give everyone a list of things to find. They can be actual items or printed images.

  • lamp
  • diamond
  • sapphire
  • coins
  • necklace
  • treasure chest
  • golden cup

3. Decorate a Genie Lamp

These cute lamp cut outs come in various sizes from 3 to 14 inches.

The guests will have fun decorating their own genie lamps with jewels, feathers, markers, paint, beads…

You could also use these as place cards. Just paint them and write the names on them.

Genie Lamp Cut Out from Dash Craft Supply

4. Musical Magic Carpet

A fun game to play at any party.

Instead of chairs use magic carpets. The carpets could be inexpensive placemats like these with a swirl pattern that goes with the theme (from dollar store.)

5. Truth or Dare

Tell her the TRUTH! – Genie

A game that tweens and teens like. Prepare “truth” or “dare”-cards before hand or let the kids come up with their own.

6. Wishes For the…

What would you wish for? – Aladdin

Prepare cards for the guests to write 3 wishes for the

  • baby
  • birthday girl/boy
  • graduate
  • bride-to-be
  • bride and groom

7. Pin the Genie to the Lamp

You’ll need a picture of the lamp and a few images of Genie.

Take turns blindfolded to pin Genie to the lamp.

A cute alternative to genie would be Abu… Pin the Hat on Abu.

8. Hand of Midas

In the King of Thieves we get to see the Hand of Midas turning everything it touches gold.

Have a selection of items for the guests to choose from and some gold paint.

Go to dollar store and buy all kinds of items to be painted:

  • candle holders
  • frames
  • vases
  • toy soldiers
  • zoo animals

Paint the items with a magic touch :).

Inexpensive Jasmine Party Favors

Party favors are fun reminders of the great time people had at your party.

They can get quite expensive though so to stay within a smaller budget here are cool, inexpensive Aladdin party favors in addition to the ones mentioned in the decorations, food, and game sections.

1. Ornate Favor Box

These favor boxes will double as decorations and favors! How great is that!

Create centerpieces with them and then at the end of the party thank the guests and send them home with cute ornate boxes filled with candy.

Get candy that matches your party colors.

And buy the inexpensive favor boxes from Jyphs Shop.

2. Genie In A Bottle Necklace

This Genie in a bottle necklace is adorable. Genius!

You’ll make your guests very happy with this creative Aladdin party favor.

3. Gift Bags Filled With Stuff

Get a set of inexpensive teal favor bags. Glue a genie lamp image to it and fill the bag with candy or all kinds of little party favors you can find in party sections at stores.

Teal Bags from Amazon

4. Rajah

Give everyone their very own Rajah.

A cute collection of tigers from Amazon.

5. Genie In A Bottle

So the necklace probably does not appeal to boys but this Aladdin party favor for boys and girls will!

Attach a label or tag that says “Genie In A Bottle” to a blue soda or other drink.



Easy Aladdin and Jasmine Party Ideas on Budget
Image Permission: Canva

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