Santa’s Helpers Scavenger Hunt

Santa’s elves are watching you. Can you spot them? The kids will love to go on Santa’s Helpers scavenger hunt!

When my kids were younger, I hid elf images around the house at the beginning of December.

I put them in hard-to-find places; some were in spots they would only find if they did some extra chores. Sounds mean? Nah, it just made it more fun… for me. Ha ha.

You could also do this as a Christmas party activity. The young and maybe some older guests, too, would enjoy looking for the elves. I would certainly have fun going on an elf scavenger hunt.

Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt printable: find nine Santa's helpers.

My kids are all teenagers or young adults, but I think I’ll do the elf scavenger hunt this year. Perhaps there will be a reward for finding the most or little gifts hidden with each Santa’s helper.

1. Hide the Santa’s Helpers

Christmas elf scavenger hunt printable. Nine Santa's helpers.

It’s super simple, just print the images. Cut and hide.

I tend to forget where I hide things, so it’s really helpful for me to write down the hiding places. Perhaps it will help you too.

Hide little gifts with each Santa’s helper. Need ideas? These advent calendar filler ideas for kids come in handy.

It can get quite competitive if everyone is looking for the same helpers. So, if competition is not what you are after, then hide nine or any amount of helpers for each child.

2. Find the Santa’s Helpers

Christmas scavenger hunt for kids: find the Santa's helpers.

Give each person the scavenger hunt page or attach one to the fridge, pantry door, or your child’s bedroom door.

When a seeker finds Santa’s helper, he checks off the one he found. They should also bring to you the elf they found.

Here is the link to the Santa’s Helpers Scavenger Hunt.

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Have a fun Christmas!


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