Stocking Stuffers for Women

Shower you wife, girlfriend, sister, mom or any woman in your life with these awesome stocking stuffers for women.

Great ideas for small gifts, white elephant gifts or advent calendar fillers for women.

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Stocking stuffers for women who are active, romantic, booklovers, fun, outdoorsy, musical, artistic

Get ready to fill those Christmas stockings with the awesome ideas!

Woman Who Loves to Cook

Stocking stuffers for women who loved to cook.
  1. Pot clip (keep the spoon or ladle off the counter with a pot clip)
  2. pot strainer
  3. collapsible funnel
  4. Egg peeler (I didn’t know these exist but they do and this one is a bestseller.)
  5. cooking magazine
  6. cookbook
  7. recipes
  8. Pinch mitts (nope, they are not for pinching people)
  9. Cute apron (with pockets and ruffles)
  10. Herb cutter
  11. Butter spreader (great for hard butter)
  12. spices
  13. cake pop or lollipop sticks
  14. silicone baking mat
  15. meatball scoop
  16. bag clips
  17. silicone molds for candy making
  18. cookie scoop
  19. cookie cutters
  20. food coloring
  21. sprinkles
  22. cupcake liners
  23. spatula
  24. pie weights
  25. dough roller (Roll dough right in the pan!)
  26. piping tips and bag

Artistic or Crafty Woman

  1. charcoal pencils
  2. metallic markers
  3. small sketchpad
  4. mini canvas
  5. mug for the artist (The earth without art is just “eh”)
  6. beret
  7. scarf (if she likes Van Gogh, she’d be delighted to receive one of these… not exactly cheap but not expensive either)
  8. modge podge
  9. pin cushion
  10. fabric markers
  11. sewing patterns
  12. stamping set
  13. stencils
  14. fabric chalk

Music Woman

  1. “When words fail, music speaks” Guitar Pick
  2. guitar string
  3. guitar neck shaped cooking utensils
  4. music book clip (page holder)
  5. foot tambourine
  6. finger resistant bands
  7. musical themed note cards and envelopes
Musical Themed Note Cards and Envelopes
Just a note from Amazon

Cozy Stuff

Lovely scented candle, blanket scarf, and hot chocolate create a cozy feeling. And they make great stocking stuffers for girlfriend or wife!

Cozy stocking stuffers for her.
  1. slippers
  2. fuzzy socks
  3. socks with a message: “If you love me, bring me some chocolate”
  4. hot cocoa mix
  5. milk frother
  6. gourmet chocolate
  7. tea
  8. tea infuser
  9. spoon with a message: “drink tea, read books, be happy”
  10. blanket scarf
  11. coffee candy
  12. coffee
  13. espresso keychain
  14. “Let’s have coffee together forever” spoon
  15. coffee bean shaped mug
  16. espresso cup
  17. journal
  18. small wine bottle
  19. wine stoppers with fun messages
  20. marshmallow shaped mugs
  21. bath bomb
  22. massage oil
  23. massage balls
  24. personalized candle (Give this beautiful candle with a heartfelt message to your best friend. She’ll love it. Choose from several lovely scents from Cinnamon Bun to Winter Sparkle.)
Personalized Candle for Best Friend from The Dancing Wick
Candle for Friend from The Dancing Wick, Etsy


  1. Bookmarks are for quitters” Mug
  2. feather bookmark (beautiful, inexpensive metal bookmark)
  3. reading light
  4. “My weekend is all booked” T-Shirt
  5. “Between the pages of a book, is a lovely place to be.” Pendant


Stocking Stuffers for women who love to entertain.
  1. fondue forks
  2. fun ice cube trays
  3. ice tongs
  4. sugar tongs
  5. wine stopper
  6. drink stirrers
  7. wine charms
  8. wine aerator
  9. cocktail picks
  10. cheese knife
  11. napkins
  12. glass rimmer
  13. rimming salt or sugar
  14. dip bowl
  15. mini dessert bowls
  16. appetizer tray
  17. conversation starters

Plant Lady

  1. plant mister (glass watering can)
  2. tealight succulents
  3. macrame plant hanger
  4. avocado tree growing kit
  5. plant notebook
  6. planters
  7. succulents
  8. seeds
  9. gardening tools
  10. gardening knee pads

Active Woman

  1. non-slip yoga socks
  2. shoelaces
  3. granola bars
  4. trail mix
  5. bug spray
  6. climbing chalk
  7. compression sack for stuff
  8. tennis balls
  9. jump rope
  10. “You never fail, until you stop trying. -Albert Einstein” Wall Decal
  11. collapsible water bottle
  12. yoga mat cleaner
  13. stretch bands
  14. volleyball knee pads
  15. cooling towel
  16. workout headband
  17. pouch belt
  18. shower aromatherapy steamers
  19. compact micro fiber towel

Home Sweet Home

Stocking stuffers for women. Something pretty for the home.
  1. pantry labels (These vinyl labels are awesome!)
  2. door stop
  3. hand towel
  4. command hooks
  5. pillowcase
  6. picture frame
  7. small lantern (This one is CUTE!)
  8. cinnamon sticks
  9. fairy lights
  10. basket for trinkets
  11. foldable shopping bag
  12. coasters
  13. fridge magnets
  14. phone or tablet stand (There are times when we need that phone to stay upright. Perhaps we are following a recipe or just want to keep the phone from getting lost on the desk in piles of paper. This wooden phone stand is a bestseller. You can choose the stain color to match her decor. This adjustable stand accommodates tablets too. )
  15. air purifying bags (Nobody likes stuffy rooms and with these air purifying bags she can have a wonderful clean space to hang out; organic, chemical-free.)
Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags
Air Purifying Bags (activated bamboo charcoal)

Office Stuff

Awesome stocking stuffer ideas for women: unique, fun, awesome, romantic...
  1. post-it notes
  2. pens
  3. letter opener
  4. paper clips
  5. binder clips
  6. stapler
  7. coffee sleeve
  8. usb coffee mug warmer
  9. flip calendar (Maybe one with funny stuff, or encouraging notes.)

Tech Stuff – Not Only For Geeks

  1. cable ties
  2. ear buds
  3. memory card
  4. cable organizer for desk
  5. screen protector
  6. phone case
  7. phone charm (Protects the charging port from dust.)
  8. screen wipes
  9. wireless charger
  10. phone ring holder/kickstand
  11. selfie ring light
  12. waterproof case
  13. phone wallet
  14. phone lanyard


Whether the woman in your life travels for work or leisure she’ll appreciate these thoughtful travel gifts.

  1. jewelry box (A small carry-on jewelry box for a couple of necklaces, ear rings, and rings.)
  2. RFID passport case (Lots of color options)
  3. And So The Adventure Begins luggage tag
  4. toiletry bag
  5. leak proof travel bottles
  6. travel hangers (Foldable, how cool is that!)
  7. eye mask
  8. travel shoe bag
  9. foot rest for air travel
  10. curling iron travel case
  11. compression socks
  12. ear plugs
  13. travel size toiletries
  14. international plug adapter
  15. money belt
Stocking stuffers for her: unique, fun, practical.

Everyday Fashionista

  1. scarf
  2. shirt extender
  3. boot straps
  4. slip skirt or shorts
  5. boot cuffs
  6. gloves
  7. boot socks
  8. foot pads
  9. shoe polish
  10. sunglasses
  11. bra clips
  12. shoe horn
  13. sparkling clutch
  14. heel grips
  15. camisole
  16. wallet
  17. phone bag
  18. beanie
  19. cap
  20. key ring
  21. lint roller
  22. cleaning cloth for glasses
  23. umbrella
  24. purse hanger (Keep the purse off the table but within your sight.)

Beauty Stuff

  1. bobby pins
  2. hair clips
  3. make up bag
  4. volumizing hair root clips
  5. microfiber hair towel
  6. hair band
  7. makeup
  8. body brush for exfoliating
  9. tweezers
  10. makeup brushes
  11. scalp massager
  12. nail polish
  13. cotton ball holder
  14. hair brush
  15. loofah
  16. moisturizer
  17. razors
  18. shaving cream
  19. makeup remover cloth
  20. nail clippers
  21. makeup organizer
  22. comb
  23. nail file
  24. nail art
  25. hair products
  26. earring backs


Thoughtful stocking stuffers for her.
  1. movie tickets
  2. theater tickets
  3. cooking class
  4. Awkward Family Photos (a game)
  5. dance class
  6. sudoku
  7. gift card to coffee shop
  8. Skip-Bo
  9. comic books
  10. gourmet pop corn

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