Awesome Christmas Party Themes For Home or Office

Holidays are filled with family fun, friends and parties, and lots of memories.

By choosing a cool Christmas party theme you’ll be on your way for making awesome memories that last a lifetime.

I’ve got here Christmas party themes that are great for home or office. Some of them are perfect for large groups and some for smaller family gatherings.

Check out also 15 fun Christmas party games including Christmas mafia and gifts down the chimney.

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Best Christmas Party Themes

Holiday Party Themes

Loving the holiday parties! Sometimes I wish December was longer so I could do more fun stuff with relaxing days in between.

This Christmas party theme list has fabulous ideas especially for those who are looking for other than ugly sweater themes.

Are these the best Christmas party themes ever? I’ll let you decide.

1. Christmas Around the World

Celebrate the Christmas with various traditions from around the world. If you have friends who are from these foreign lands, ask them to bring a dish, or prepare a game.

Decorate the party area with mini flags, ornaments and other Christmas decorations from various countries.

This holiday party theme is perfect for young adults, millenials, and the generation Z who often have connections around the world.

For fun ideas check out the Christmas Around the World book by Mary D Lankford.

2. Scandinavian Christmas

Decorate your Scandinavian Christmas themed party with gnomes and straw ornaments.

Scandinavian Gnomes (homegnomestore)
Scandinavian Gnomes from Home Gnome Store, Etsy

These are adorable! Sit them on a shelf or place them under the tree.

Straw ornaments are very typical Christmas decorations in the Nordic homes. These cute little ornaments are great for the dinner table. Use them to decorate the napkin rings or place cards.

Straw Ornaments for Scandinavian Themed Christmas Party
An inexpensive set of straw ornaments from Amazon

Prepare Scandinavian Christmas crafts either to decorate or as a fun Christmas party activity.

In Scandinavian Christmas book you’ll find ideas for table decorations, cards, ornaments and Scandinavian Christmas baked goods.

3. Christmas In Paris

To continue with the around the world ideas, let’s go to Paris: the City of Light.

Eiffel Tower Centerpiece For Paris Themed Christmas Party (KimeeKouture)
Eiffel Tower Centerpiece from Kimee Kouture, Etsy

Your guests will love this elegant Christmas party theme. Decorate the party area with lots of lights: candles, lanterns, string lights.

Serve mulled vine or champagne (sparkling grape juice for the kids), gingerbread and roasted chestnuts. And chocolate yule log as dessert.

An Eiffel Tower is almost a must for this party. Get a big one to stand on the floor or smaller one for the dessert table like the Eiffel Tower from Kimee Kouture (comes in various sizes).

4. Hawaiian Luau Christmas Party

Mele Kalikimaka!

From the elegant Paris to the aloha filled Luau. Put on your grass skirts it is time to Hula!

Holiday Luau Invitation (BeccaLeePaperie)
Holiday Luau Invitation from Becca Lee Paperie, Etsy

Until I saw this invitation, all I could picture was a colorful Hawaiian Luau. But this one looks very festive and perfect for a Christmas party in the office or at home.

You can get this lovely Holiday Luau invitation from Becca Lee Paperie as a digital file or printed and sent to your home.

If you had something more colorful in mind, check out this Luau Christmas party invitation.

And what would a luau be without yummy food and awesome luau games.

You’ll find all that and bunch more in the popular luau party ideas. They will make hosting your Christmas party a breeze.

Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas. Summer fun with friends!

5. Gingerbread Christmas Party Theme

Gingerbread theme is quite delicious for a Christmas party. Everyone will love it!

Gingerbread Decoration: gingerbread couple (onthewallcharm)
Gingerbread Couple from On the Wall Charm

Go with the traditional gingerbread theme or decorate with the modern rustic looking gingerbread stuff like this adorable gingerbread couple from On the Wall Charm.

Make your home look like a gingerbread house with candy decorations.

As fun activities, decorate cookies, play tag (gingerbread man tag) and have a gingerbread scavenger hunt.

6. Candy Cane Party

To continue with the sweet ideas… host a candy cane themed Christmas party.

Candy Cane Christmas Party Theme. Candy cane balloon (Fabfunctionsbykelly)
Candy Cane Balloon from Fab Functions by Kelly, Etsy

Turn your home or office into a candy cane land. Red and white decorations with a touch of silver and green create a perfect atmosphere for your party.

Get jumbo candy cane balloons from Fab Functions by Kelly for easy decorating.

You could also make giant candy canes with pool noodles and small ones with pipe cleaners.

Drink hot cocoa and use candy canes as stirrers.

Turn mini candy canes into place card holders: you’ll need three candy canes. Two on one side to hold the place card and one in the back as a stand.

7. Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s workshop. Elves wanted!

Santa's Workshop Christmas Party Backdrop (photopropfloorsdrops)
Santa’s Workshop Backdrop from Photo Prop Floors Drops

This is a Christmas party the kids will remember. They get to be elves in Santa’s workshop!

Create the prefect look for your party with Santa’s workshop backdrop from Photo Prop Floors Drops. It provides also an awesome background for elf photos!

Set up a few stations where the elves can work to make gifts. They will have a blast preparing and wrapping Christmas presents.

Play Christmas music in the background, take a break to have a cup of warm cocoa and to eat brownies (decorated to look like wrapped gifts).

Give the guests an elf hat (These are cute!) and an apron or t-shirt (Green for the perfect elf look!) to protect their clothes.

It would be so cool if you could have someone dress up as Santa and make an appearance or stay for the entire event.

8. Santa’s Ho Ho Hoedown

Instead of rockin’, you’ll be line dancing around the Christmas tree in this fun filled country style Christmas party.

Red Truck Christmas Party Invitation (partymonkey). Country Christmas Party.
Red Truck Christmas Party Invitation from Party Monkey, Etsy

Join us for Santa’s Ho Ho Hoedown! A cute red truck Christmas party invitation from Party Monkey will get the guests all excited.

This is a great Christmas party theme for large group.

Serve pop corn and trail mix along with other Christmas goodies such as red truck shaped cookies.

9. Pancakes and Pajamas

A fun Christmas brunch party idea for family.

Pancakes and Pajamas Holiday Brunch Invitation
Pancakes and Pajamas Invitation from Tidy Lady Printables, Etsy

This would also be a fabulous finish for a teen Christmas sleepover.

Go to see Christmas lights the night before and enjoy a pancake brunch in the morning.

10. Christmas Masquerade

Host a holiday masquerade! A great Christmas party theme for adults and a large group.

Holiday Maquerade. A stunning Christmas Party Theme for work or home. Masquerade invitation (BellaLuElla)
Holiday Masquerade Invitation from BellaLuElla, Etsy

Invite your guests over to a Holiday masquerade with this gorgeous masquerade invitation from Bella Lu Ella.

This invitation gives you plenty of inspiration for decorations:

  • Anything peacock blue, white, gold, purple, pink
  • Beautiful snowflakes (you’ll love these golden shimmering snowflakes; hang from the ceiling or place on tables)
  • Peacock blue ribbon (looks great in a vase with the pearls)
  • Purple velvet (use as backdrop, or make bows for the chairs)
  • Masquerade masks
  • Pearls (place in glass jars, or lay on purple sateen table runners)
  • Pink gems (put a candle on a mirror tray and sprinkle pink gems on the tray)

With all these pretty things, your party will look stunning!

You can have a grand event with fancy costumes or just simply provide everyone with a simple mask.

11. Christmas Movie Marathon

Choose a few of the beloved Christmas movies and host a movie marathon. You could have an all day open house with set movie and game times.

Serve movie theater snacks like candy and popcorn. You could also prepare sweet and salty snacks inspired by each movie you watch.

It will be a fun day with family and friends.

Check out the easy ideas for barbie Christmas movie marathon. It includes fun games and food ideas based on the movies.

12. Christmas Characters

Costume parties aren’t just for Halloween! Dress as a Christmas character! You don’t need to limit yourself to Santa and elves, choose a character from your favorite Christmas movie! SO many options!

13. Christmas Carol-Oke

Christmas Party Themes: Carol-oke. Fun with Christmas Karaoke!

How about a little club feeling to the Christmas party. Bring out the Karaoke machine and do your best Christmas carol performances. Serve specialty drinks, sweet and salty snacks and have a fabulous time.

14. Cookies Extravaganza

Christmas party themes: cookie extravaganza

The scent of freshly baked cookies will entice the whole neighborhood to come by!

Bake or decorate cookies together or simply ask everyone to bring their favorite cookies to the party.

Decorate with cookie themed decorations, play games with cookies (pin the nose on gingerbread man, cookie scavenger hunt, cookie relay race); and have a cookie tasting. No other food is needed… unless it has the name cookie in it.

15. Charlie Brown Christmas

Christmas Party Themes: Charlie Brown

I love Charlie Brown Thanksgiving so, Charlie Brown Christmas party sounds awesome too.

No party needs to be perfect, especially this one, after all we are talking about Charlie Brown.

Watch Charlie Brown Christmas movie together; play minute to win it games such as decorate a tree, or toss a red ornaments into a basket; play the soundtrack while eating dinner; display the tree with one red ornament.

I wonder what would be served at this party… let’s not repeat the Thanksgiving food but do something else simple. For example, strawberries and whipped cream, and sandwiches cut into tree shapes.

If you are a Peanuts fan, you will so like the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving party.

16. Christmas Sock Exchange

Cute, comfy or funny socks belong to Christmas season.

Host a Christmas sock exchange party!

Decorate with stockings or Christmas socks. Make stocking cookies and coasters with sock images. Tie a Christmas sock tag to the napkin rings.

Ask everyone to bring Christmas socks to the party and use those as white elephant gifts.

17. Christmas Carols

Christmas Party Themes: Christmas Carols

This is not like the Carol-Oke, though, it would be awesome if you sang together!

Let the various Christmas carols inspire you to decorate the party area.

Put up signs with song titles, frame lyrics.

Create themed displays or use them as place cards, coasters, napkin ring decorations etc.

  • Let It Snow: snow flakes
  • Silver Bells: well… silver bells of course
  • The Chipmunk Song: chipmunks
  • O Holy Night: stars

Celebrate the Christmas with a fantastic Holiday party. Keep it small or make it grand. Either way you’ll make great memories that last a lifetime.

Don’t forget to check out the Christmas party games that fill your party with fun and laughter!

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Fun Christmas Party Themes You'll Always Remember

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