16 Fun Christmas Party Games for Family

What makes a Holiday party awesome?

Fun Christmas party games that are also easy!

Fill your party with fun and laughter with these Xmas party games. You’ll find here games that work for Christmas parties at home or office.

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Need a Christmas party theme? Check out the ideas.

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Fun and Easy Christmas Party Games. Fill the party with holiday cheer.

1. Reindeer Antler Ring Toss

You’ll have a blast with this fun reindeer antler ring toss game!

Wear the cool inflatable antlers and try to catch the rings your teammates throw.

2. Massive Christmas Challenge

Massive Christmas Challenge Party Game, power point (Pamspartyprintables)
Massive Christmas Challenge from Pam’s Party Printables, Etsy

What would a Christmas party be without a Massive Christmas Challenge!

The game has fun questions like “Name a toy living on the Island of Misfit Toys,” “Give me a phrase with the word ‘cold’ in it.”

This PowerPoint Game with 70 rounds will be a hit at your Christmas party.

It works well for large groups. Use in classroom, office, or at your family Christmas party.

3. Christmas Mafia (the naughty list)

Christmas Party Games for Teens. Christmas Mafia. A fun Holiday party game for large group.

Have you played Mafia before? If yes, then you know how the game goes. If not, you can find the instructions at Ice Breaker Ideas. They explain the game well, so I won’t even attempt to do that.

What makes it a Christmas Mafia is that you will have

  • Mrs. Claus (detective)
  • Santa Claus (doctor)
  • Elves (Mafia members)

Also, in Christmas Mafia, you don’t kill anyone… the Elves put the nice ones on the naughty list. Mrs. Claus tries to figure out who put them on the wrong list, and Santa can add them back to the nice list.

Christmas party game for a large group.

5-25 players.

Teens will like this game too!

4. Christmas Bingo

Christmas Bingo, Christmas Party Game.
Christmas Bingo Game from One Creative Mommy Shop

Christmas Bingo! Always an easy and fun way to entertain the party crowd. You could also include it as a fantastic activity for an advent calendar. Your kids will love it.

I really like this bingo game because it has 30 unique game boards so you can play it with a large group like a classroom full of kids.

5. Christmas Table Game

Twist And Sprout Christmas Party Trivia Game. (supersweetparty)
Twist And Sprout Game from Super Sweet Party

Twist and Sprout Game is a game of acting, humming, and general knowledge.

Keep a box at your dinner table and play a round or two after dinner every day in December.

Or use it as a way to entertain your guests at the Holiday party this year.

6. Christmas Gift Exchange Chaos

Presents! We all love to receive Christmas presents.

Whether you have awesome or white elephant gifts at your Christmas party, you’ll have a fabulous time exchanging them with Christmas exchange cards.

80 Christmas Gift Exchange Cards. For example: exchange gifts with someone whose name has the letter J, O, or Y.

This set has 80 Gift Exchange Cards!

Take it slow or create chaos. It’s up to you.

Take turns picking a card and doing what it says.

Prefer a more chaotic experience? Give a few cards to players and let them scatter looking for the people to make the exchange with.

However you decide to play, it’s going to be a blast!

Take a look at the Christmas Gift Exchange Cards in our store at Shop Relaxed Hostess. (Currently, only available to customers in the USA.)

Digital pdf file. Nothing will be shipped to you. Product currently available only to customers in the USA.

7. Christmas Trivia

Holiday Trivia Game. Fun, easy Christmas party game. (adorablyallie)
Holiday Trivia Game from Adorably Allie

Test your Christmas knowledge with Christmas trivia. Play as teams or individually.

You could ask the questions one at a time and give a point to the group that answers first.

An easy game for home or office Holiday parties.

Do you want to have Christmas gift exchange excitement this year?

Of course you do!

These Christmas gift exchange themes and games bring fun and laughter to your Christmas party!

8. What’s In the Stocking

Who has not tried to shake the presents or feel the stockings to find out what’s in there?

Now you get to do that with permission!

You’ll need stockings and an item to put in each stocking. This advent calendar gift list will get you started.

Number the stockings and give everyone a list to write down what they think is in each stocking.

This could also be a fun way to do a Christmas gift exchange. The one who got the most correct can pick a stocking as a Christmas gift. Then the one who got 2nd place gets to pick a gift next and so on.

9. Finish My Phrase

Finish My Phrase Christmas Party Game. Image of a gnome in a red truck. Presents in the back. A snow covered Christmas tree behind the truck.

How well do you know the thoughts of your fellow party guests?

  • Pick someone to fill out the game sheet.
  • The players guess how the chosen player would finish the Christmas words/phrases.

This game is included in the gorgeously illustrated Christmas party game set. Take a look at the printable Christmas party games. (Currently, only available to customers in the USA.)

The game set has the following 10 games:

  • Name the Christmas Song (answers included)
  • Christmas Categories
  • What’s On Your Phone
  • Christmas A-Z Challenge
  • Christmas Movie Charades
  • Find the Guest
  • This or That
  • How Merry Is Your Christmas?
  • Finish My Phrase
  • Merry Christmas

Digital pdf file. Nothing will be shipped to you. The product is currently available only to customers in the USA.

10. Toss The Gifts Down The Chimney

Christmas Party Games. Toss the gifts in the chimney. A fun game for large group.

Perhaps you won’t ride in the sleigh with Santa, but you can certainly deliver gifts down this chimney.

Make a chimney out of a cardboard box. 

  • you need a big box
  • draw bricks or glue on paint sample chips on the box

You could also use an inexpensive cardboard fireplace. Tape a piece of cardboard behind it or place it against the wall so you can tell whether the gifts went to the “chimney” or not.

Other preps:

  • Wrap boxes.

How to play:

  •  See who can toss the most gifts in the chimney.

11. Pin The Nose On The Reindeer

Younger kids love the “pin it” games. This pin the nose on the reindeer game is super cute!

I think teens and adults will find this fun if you use a photo of the hostess or one of the players. You could pin a Santa hat, red nose, or antlers on the picture.

12. Christmas Carol Pictionary

Christamas Carol Pictionary. Awesome Christmas party game for family.
Christmas Carol Pictionary from My Computer Is My Canvas

The worse you are at drawing, the more hilarious this Christmas Carol Pictionary is.

You’ll get 30 cards with lyrics. Pick one and draw it. The others try to guess the lyrics. If they also know the song title, they will get an extra point.

Interested in a Christmas Movie Pictionary? Take a look. You’ll love it!!

13. Scavenger Hunt

Christmas scavenger hunt clues for older kids. Images of ornaments, sleigh.

You’ll love the fun Christmas scavenger hunt clues! (Currently, only available to customers in the USA.)

Some of the riddles are easy, some harder. They are great for older kids, teens, and maybe even adults.

With 32 clues, you can create different scavenger hunts. Comes with a scavenger hunt planner!

Digital pdf file. Nothing will be shipped to you. The product is currently available only to customers in the USA.

14. DIY Decorations

Not exactly a game unless you make it a competition.

I’ve got few EASY DIY Christmas decoration ideas that would be perfect for a Christmas party.

15. Minute To Win It Games

The pressure. The clock is ticking!

Anyone can play these cool minute to win it games. Laughter and excitement is guaranteed.

16. What’s On Your Phone

What's on your phone Christmas party game. 1 points for 0 unread text messages. 5 points for today's event on the calendars and so on. An image of a gnome in a red truck. A snow covered tree behind the truck.

What’s on your phone?

A simple Christmas party game for work or home.

Get points for the things you have on your phone.

Take a closer look at the What’s on your phone game. (Currently, only available to customers in the USA.)

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