13 DIY Christmas Decorations Anyone Can Do

These DIY Christmas decorations are awesome BUT they are easy to make. Who wouldn’t like that!

Have fun with these Holiday decor ideas. They are simple; you’ll feel like you saved time. We all could use extra time, right.

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Easy DIY Christmas Decorations You Can Make At Home

At home, at your friends house or wherever. It will be great. Hang out with friends enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and make Christmas decorations together.

Your kids will have fun with these ideas too. A great way to entertain teens at a Christmas party.

1. Wood Block Gifts

DIY Wood Block Gift. A cute Christmas Decor Idea

They look amazing but are so easy to make. All you need is:

  • wooden blocks
  • ribbon
  • embellishments (tags, twigs, cones, holly etc.)

If you own a saw you can get a big wooden piece from Lowes and cut it yourself. For those of us who like the easy way out we get pre-cut wood blocks like these from I Make Blocks.

You can also find wood blocks at craft stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Amazon carries various size wooden blocks that are perfect for this Christmas craft.

Paint the blocks or leave them as is. Do whatever goes with your style.

This is a cool Christmas craft for teens and tweens. They will have lots of fun making these while chatting with friends.

2. Cinnamon Stick Candle Holder

Cinnamon Stick Candle Holder. A fun Christmas decor or gift idea for women or teens.

I could never do that!

Of course you could!! It is super easy.

A simple project to do at your next Christmas party or give them as gifts to your friends.

This is an easy Christmas craft anyone can do.

You need

  • glue gun
  • glass jar
  • cinnamon sticks
  • embellishments (optional)

You can find cinnamon sticks at craft stores and Amazon.

Just glue the sticks around the glass jar. Make sure you line them at the bottom. Don’t want to have a crooked candle holder.

3. Wrapped Canvas

I love Christmas decorations but there is always the dilemma where to store them for the rest of the year.

So instead of getting lots of new stuff, turn your all-year decor into Christmas decorations.

Maybe you have pretty flower canvas art on the wall. But it doesn’t say “Christmas”.

What to do.

Wrap them!

Wrap your wall art with Christmas wrapping paper.

I’ll show you pictures of what we did this year.

Decorate the wrapped art with ribbons and other Holiday items, like ornaments, cones, and holly.

Gift Wrapped Canvas. Easy DIY Christmas Decoration Idea.

My daughter attached photos to hers and they look pretty cute. I like how she added a large ribbon on the wall to make her room festive.

Teen Bedroom Christmas Decor Ideas.

4. Holiday Frames

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas. Easy Christmas decorations on small budget.

Be creative and adorn your everyday frames with ornaments.

You could also add a piece of Christmasy fabric or paper in the frame.

5. Santa Hats

Don’t feel like taking summer photos down.

No problem.

Add a little Santa hat to the photos you have on the wall. Voila! You now have Christmas themed pictures!

Easy DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas.

Seriously, I love easy decorating.

I do admire those who can do detailed projects but those just aren’t for me.

6. DIY Christmas Pillows

You probably have already a ton of pillows on your couch. If they are somewhat neutral colors you could simply add Christmas ribbon or sparkly tulle bow on them to make them just perfect for this Holiday season.

DIY Christmas Pillow Idea. Flannel Christmas pillow.

The one above was made by a friend. I love it!

To make these pillows you need a sewing machine and

  • flannel in three patterns (one plain if you want to write on it)
  • fabric marker (or Cricut)
  • pillow insert or stuffing
  1. Write Merry Christmas on the top piece
  2. Sew it to the middle piece
  3. Sew the middle piece to the bottom layer
  4. Attach the front to back. Leave one side partially open to add the pillow insert.
  5. Stuff the pillow
  6. Hand sew it closed

7. DIY Santa’s Sleigh

Santa's Sleigh. Easy Christmas Decoration Idea. A fun Christmas craft.

I didn’t make the sleigh in the above picture but you can!

I found an unfinished sleigh at Etsy and it would be perfect for this Christmas DIY project.

  • Paint it, decorate it.
  • Fill it with tiny presents or candy.

It would make a lovely centerpiece or place it on a shelf with fake snow. Add twinkling lights for extra sparkle.

8. Bowls Filled With Ornaments

Bowls Filled With Ornaments. DIY Christmas Decor

I’m going to add some lights in this bowl thing to make it sparkly. I like things that sparkle!

Fill triffle bowls, apothecary jars and cake stands with ornaments, bells, cones, and beads. Use them as centerpieces or place on shelves.

Dollar stores carry cylinder vases that work well too.

9. Glass Jars

DIY Christmas decorations on budget. Vases with twigs.

Anyone else out there who likes easy decorations?

These little glass bottles are in my daughter’s room. They add a nice little touch on a small budget… practically free.

Glass Jar with Wrapping Paper Inside. Easy DIY Christmas Decor for Teen Bedroom.

This little jar is a spice jar. Just put a piece of wrapping paper inside and it looks festive. A fun alternative to having a ribbon tied around a jar.

10. DIY Fireplace

DIY Cardboard Fireplace for Kids.

We have had this DIY cardboard box fireplace for many years. It’s pretty beaten up. Gets thrown around and mashed in the storage but here it is again this year.

I was going to throw it away but my teenager still wants to have it in her room. The childhood Christmas memories.

The fireplace is made out of a couple of cardboard boxes.

The bricks are paint sample cards.

And the mantle is made of cereal boxes wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper.

Logs are simply paper towel rolls. Red Christmas lights work as the fire. I made a little opening in the back for the cord.

Who would not enjoy sitting by a cute fireplace in a cozy chair!

11. Wooden Block Letters

Christmas Block Letter. DIY Christmas Decoration Idea

These cute blocks are in my oldest daughter’s room. She bought them at a fundraiser and they are just lovely!

In the background you see a Holiday Barbie. Toys can make fun decorations too.

Talking about Barbies. If your kids like Barbies, they will love this Barbie Holiday Movie Christmas party. Watch movies and play games based on the movies.

Back to the blocks. You can easily make those yourself!

You need

Here are basic instructions how to apply paper to wood with mod podge.

12. Easy Holiday Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath. Christmas Craft.

Wreaths and holidays go hand in hand. Can’t have one without the other, right?

I’ve seen some amazing wreaths that would take a looong time to put together. Not so with this cute DIY Christmas wreath.


13. Advent Calendar

How many more days till Christmas?

The countdown is even more fun with cute DIY advent calendar ideas.

No matter how old your kids are, they will love to get little surprises every day in December leading to Christmas.

And wouldn’t you like an advent calendar as well?

Be excited, feel the butterflies in your stomach as you eagerly countdown the days.

See all the easy advent calendar ideas and check out also the cool list of advent calendar fillers for kids.

Holidays should not cause stress and make you fret about decorations. You can make great memories in your home decorated the easy way.

These DIY decor ideas are fun little activities for a Christmas party in addition to these fabulous holiday party games.

Give yourself a gift of receiving awesome ideas for making memories the easy way. Sign up below!

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Easy DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas. Christmas Crafts. Holiday decorations for teen room.

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